What's up with hate mages?????

Discussion in 'Mages' started by sycla, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Veta Well-Known Member

    Read further. Reset rune does reset daggerstorm, but it doesn't reset unda.

    Edit: Weren't you a necro?
  2. Brightlyz Active Member

    Was a necro middle of last xpac. Both spells are on a 15 sec reuse, a reset every 2 minutes isnt gonna benefit dagger storm much unless hella lucky.
    Not even playing the BL atm (dps got real boring with only fillers to cast).
  3. Rondo9 Active Member

    Dagger Storm double cast now with the new Ability DC.. Unda doesnt!
  4. Brightlyz Active Member

    Speaking of ability DC, is it a duration buff from the runes now or does it still only effect one spell per trigger?
  5. Aniko Member

    DB why you hate mages?
    Why you don't need equality in EQ2?
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  7. Nero Active Member

    playing a BL and crushing everyone on the parse isnt good enough anymore?
  8. LisciaSF Member

    Acaidian just got bored playing his BL and swapped to Channeler for a more interesting type of character to play - I can see that with the reset nerf, 2 minutes is ridiculous to wait for.

    For those who have reset runes, it sort of developed into a playstyle over time since the 30 second proc basically gave a second rotation to toss in with temps and stacks, right?
  9. Brightlyz Active Member

    It was really fun to play when i wasnt just casting fillers(like now) crushing everyone on the server was just a bonus :p
  10. Jrox Well-Known Member

    @Brightlyz... right? cause that fit here?

    @Nero I agree completely

    @Anjel Then the BL is useless and I wouldn't need them in any of my grps, a good BL can out parse any class. There is the occasional Necro or Conjy or Warlock/Wizzy that can try to compete but BL should be top of the parser.

    Taking the reset rune from me reduced me to feeling like a buff bot and made my class a lot less enjoyable to play. Even in raids where it is obvious the script calls for crowd control it is handled in a way that excludes those abilities making it ever more prevalent that my class is becoming more like window dressing. I feel like I do well for my class, and would never presume to call myself top of my class. But, should the "Game" be that hard?

    Over time the BL is able to keep and even increase DPS while all other classes drop in DPS. Finding a truer average of DPS.

    [Challenge Mode](01:41) A Residual Slime: 2510059861 Beastlord-Claw of Khati Sha-1,825,285,403
    BL | 736800421
    Warlock | 554141973
    Sin | 475518719
    Jrox | 349121087
    Troub | 303628751
    Chann | 90848910

    [Challenge Mode](02:19) A Residual Slime: 2095738137 Warlock-Septic Strike-2,296,631,764
    BL | 762959748
    Warlock | 513297730
    Troub | 293181021
    Jrox | 287788013
    Dirge | 133202186
    Chann | 105309439
    Honestly I think being between third and fourth on the parse as an illy with two or three (good) T1 DPS'ers in the group is where I should be. But this was before the loss of my reset rune...

    Now that the rune is worthless, The BL sits where it was for the most part and the Troub, Dirge and Sin have stayed fast but the Warlock and Illy have dropped tremendously.

    I don't call for nerfs, and would never. Nerfs hurt groups and raids not individual classes. But I would like my reset rune back. I dont care about anything else. I was having a ton of fun last xpack and the first part of this one, but I have since started to feel like a buff bot again. Not to mention, thanks for obsoleting something I spent my summer building!

    Nerfs suck and should never be called for. Only Haters do that! Ask for your class to be boosted and explain in good detail why you feel that way. Get more with honey than you do with rotten tomatoes!
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  11. Protips Member

    Beastlord is good and overpowered people all agree, but unbeatable is a little overstatement. You havn't seen anyone beating the beastlord in your parse linked?
  12. Pitta Active Member

    Not only that, but if it triggers on it, the 2nd 12 hits go into vc!!!
  13. Jrox Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say never. I have seen Warlocks, Necro's and Conjy's beat the Beastlord. I am speaking more on an average. In most cases the Beastlord wins. Not in a few but in most.
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  15. Anjel Member

    Those are his parses. Where does he sit in relation to the other dps in his raid force? For all we know he could 3rd or 5th on the parse.
  16. Jasmin New Member

    3 times the gap from the closest
  17. Brightlyz Active Member

  18. Veta Well-Known Member

    You can see his group setup in the parse by the procs and knowing what does what. He clearly has a tank (probably monk), troub, chanter, mystic, beastlord, and 1 other.
  19. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Weak, honestly
  20. kluxor Well-Known Member

    I could post some parses of me beating a solid beastlord BUT I have combat mastery in my group. Without it, doubt I'd win many parses. Could also post parses of a hammerless necro beating everyone else besides the two hammered t1's on the parse also. If scouts were to lose their fervor procs, necros would win 100% of the parses hands down.

    Everyone is getting killed with reset and critical hit nerfs, but I suggest we all wait until we see how epic 2.0s effect class balance before we're all needed into oblivion and can't even kill the raid mobs for our mythical 2.0s.

    And to the person who said 100% CA damage would effectively double our parses....not true, particularly for assassins as we have a lot of scripted damage that 100% fervor is much more effective for rather than double casting