What's up with hate mages?????

Discussion in 'Mages' started by sycla, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Brightlyz Active Member

    True, more so wanted to know his stats and temp buffs/ clickys. And to be clear im agreeing that BL should always top the parse in current state of the game, but those linked parses on the wire forums are wayyyy above average.
  2. Veta Well-Known Member

    Cianik has always been way above average for any class parse. Before beastlords were changed, he was the same way on assassin. I doubt you will get any info from him.
  3. Brightlyz Active Member

    Exactly, thats why his parses pretty much cant be used to say "hey look how far ahead BL is!" He would probably be doing that on any T-1 class.
  4. Jasmin New Member

    Now just one T-1 class and it beastlords.
  5. rutro Well-Known Member

    Has anyone thought the reasoning behind him going from Assasin to BL? Hmmm! Assassin used to be so OP it was sad...really! Now BL is...what a coincidence?
  6. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    ha-ha welcome to the dark side
    But warlocks need very serious boost - I'd change FC from giving lol CB to giving for 10s 100 fervor and it will do a trick (may be)
  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Frankly you are wrong - you can't come to any fights with 6 savagery. Its true that it do not take to build 6 stacks -may be 15 seconds or 10 seconds but it's not something you can have in advance so you can blow whole chain after you used your clicky on the pull.
  8. Brightlyz Active Member

    Actually you can, but its silly what you have to do to obtain it. savage blaze+Unchained fer+Brew of ready then repeat.
  9. Brightlyz Active Member

    Just no. Yes BL is the top, but why shouldnt it be? Wiz/lock need a boost for sure, but that doesnt make BL the only T-1 get real.
  10. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    How did blords escape the nerf bat even when my swarms were broken and had a following nerf there was still a certain ww1 blord winning on the parser all be it very close and why are we arguing about blords in our mage thread get out of here you stinking scouts. :)
  11. Zelox Active Member

    you guys have your hopes up if you think balance is coming, but i have no opinions because idk what class potential is now daysss
  12. Rondo9 Active Member

    Its ok Doomdrake you don't have to apologize for not knowing your class, next time know your facts. as for 10 seconds 100 fervor /facepalm

    Enough about beastlords lets fix sorcerers because summoners are is a fantastic spot atm.
  13. Jasmin New Member

    why do we need other dd if BL is always top?
  14. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    You all kinda need to wait till the epic buffs hit and go from there for class balance.
  15. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    A sorcerer gets to go into fight prebuffed max stacks wait for a proc and unload good for soloing stuff or massive spike. My view is they need to change stacks or get rid of that mechanic so your like every other class bar blord then adjust damage spells to match this so you can do a chain like every other class on incoming this is depending on yr new myth buff what ever it may be . Currently when the stars line up for sorc with procs stacks ect they are not well below in dps so a bit of tinkering would fix it.
  16. dish New Member

    lol beastlord own right now as long as they throw there fervor proc into act to ding them most sit at 50+ fervor with out the proc even going off yet then throw in rising tide wait for the ding of fervor (100 fervor, hat and belt fervor, plus fervor winch = over 150 fervor)) there built up savagery.... dump primals and you to can do 2billion in about 5 seconds is stupid ...there not even supost to be top teir dps high breds and the only thing that gave casters a chance was the reset rune and you went and nerfed us not sure which game developers is playing a beastlord but you need to lose your job.
  17. Nero Active Member

    In all seriousness though, i miss it too....
  18. Brightlyz Active Member

    You seriously could ask that about all the archetypes, each have 1 class that is far superior yet raids aren't made up of only those class's(even tho they really could be). I see what your getting at tho, but this game will never ever be balanced like that. One class in each type will always be better, thats kinda what happens when they have sooooo many diffrent class's with sooooo many abiltys, AA's, stats, ect ect. Even WoW has the same problem with a dev team 20x as big if not more.
  19. Jasmin New Member

    but did not break the balance was 10-15% between classes but not as it is now 100-150%
  20. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Sooo Fire seed ...... Slap some blords around with that bad boy.