What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

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    With the new appearence tab they recently put in I have 3 looks for my ranger that I switch back and forth.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    [IMG] [IMG]

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    Kala,what hood is that?Looks really nice
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    The silver armor is Quellathian Assassin armor from Vaults and the helm is the Praetorian Hood from the contested Pumpkin Headed Horseman in Loping Plains.
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    Kala Asuras wrote:
    Is the hooded mask still attainable?
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    Came back with RoK and having spent a week in some low level generic iron chain I just kitted my appearance slots out in this stuff, looks pretty nice in my opinion :)

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    oooh wow what is that armour called Nul?
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    If you do an advanced broker search for name of 'opulent' and item type of 'chain armour' it'll list it all :)
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    ho wow thanks, very nice stuff! :)
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    How can i let my bow show ingame?

    I want that my Ranger wears a bow on his back. How can i get this like the screen on the top....
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    I pondered the good ol' scary frog legs in a dress, but figured I could give some recent ones

    Here's me looking cranky


    There's Gouda in the background. This is right before I accidentally shot the Qeynos guard....


    Just even THINK the words "Frog legs"

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    Sunday@Valor wrote:
    Make sure you have cape turned off on your character. Then just click your ranged auto attack button on something that will put you into combat. Then when you turn off ranged auto attack (or kill what you had targeted) your char will "sheath" his weapon, in this case, your bow.
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    My Standard Looking Good/XP Gear (trout pout mandatory)


    My SH farming gear just in time for Frostfell. Only Lvl29 atm but getting there eventually
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    Where exactly do I get the hoods that are shown? Only way I can go for the hooded look is to put a robe in my appearance tab, but then I dont see my armor. I look like a wizard with swords!
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    Giland@Guk wrote:
    Tadaaa , since today with LU44 it is a box <show range weapon> that can be checked in the options tab of the Personnae window.
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    Elmoras@Everfrost wrote:
    There are chain items for the head slot that have that look. But I think the ones that are avaible are all lvl 60+. Could be they have introduced lower level ones though.
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    Known "Ranger Hoods":

    Cowl of the Trickster - Level 50, drops from heroic brownies in LFay (And good luck hunting, took a few days of 52-55^^ and ^^^ smashing)

    Cowl of the Pathfinder - Level 67 - Drops from Vaults in KoS

    Hoo'loh's Hunting Cowl - Level 67 - Signature "Hat Quest"

    Kithicor's Hood (Can't remember proper name atm) - Level 69 - Estate of Unrest, Priest of Fear drop.

    Praetorian Cowl (sp) - Level 70 - Pumpkin Headed Horseman x4 Contested in Loping Plains (This is the 'assassin'-masked hood)
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    This is my toon in his "parade/formal" gear:

    This is what he looks like normally especially while traveling...
    yes he travels w/out the horse...the clopitty-clop just becomes annoying especially if there's no benefit from it...don't need to tell you guys.

    oh and here's some mystery wear:
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