What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kradun Guest

    thats awsome nisox! Gratz on your armor! It's awsome you showoff! <3
  2. ARCHIVED-nirav21 Guest

    I may not be as good of pvp ranger as u and blackmaw, but i am definitly the sexist ranger on nagafen 8)
  3. ARCHIVED-Kradun Guest

    awe you make me all giggly inside Nisox. What a sweety! And yes. You are now the sexiest ranger alive... NVM YOUR NOT A BARBARIAN RANGER! :p Barb>all
  4. ARCHIVED-Kradun Guest

    also on a side note my character has a pony tail. So u can be second sexiest character on the server.
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    What is the molton lava style shield Rewbear, it looks awesome.
  8. ARCHIVED-LordNiptuck Guest

    round shield of the tempest drops of hurricanus
  9. ARCHIVED-stryker268 Guest

    [p][IMG][/p][p][IMG][/p][p]Huror- Lvl 70[/p][p]Vox server[/p]
  10. ARCHIVED-Runewind Guest

    I finally have a decent outfit that matches so here ya go! [IMG] and a close up! [IMG]
  11. ARCHIVED-Runewind Guest

    By the way, Billi, what's that shield? It looks AWESOME!
  12. ARCHIVED-Kradun Guest

    Barbarian rangers.... the only real rangers... Teachings of Tundra Jack: +5 Tracking! If anyone remembers those old school racial traits : )
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    this is my rainja, there are many like it, but this one is mine :lol: [IMG] Dragonetti of Splitpaw *sorry for small pic*
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    My ranger monokee with my new toy bow from Mr mayong thankyou Mr mayong ...

  18. ARCHIVED-Chayna Guest

    [IMG] Maei Fayre is still just a baby at level 38 but still sassy!!!
  19. ARCHIVED-Sinful One Guest


    for now ... wait till i get home, i got a few upgrades since then xD
    added recent pics :) [IMG] [IMG]
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