What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-dtierney77 Guest

    [p]Ive noticed alot of green armor. Where can this be found the only green armor ive found was the the emerald ones and now im at lvl 41 and i still cant find anything? any help?[/p][p] [/p][p]DT[/p]
  2. ARCHIVED-Nuladen Guest

    Relic Armour is Green as is EoF Fabled stuff I believe. Anyway, onto the picture... [IMG]
  3. ARCHIVED-dtierney77 Guest

    where can it be found?
  4. ARCHIVED-Stormwind Guest

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    OK, so ive noticed no one has any Halfling rangers, well, here's one for the books and the coolest. He is kind of on the shelf right now so his gear isnt up to date but yeah its what i got.
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  7. ARCHIVED-Superiorxgodz Guest

    Shalla what BP and leggins they look cool, im tired of the green.
  8. ARCHIVED-Beldin_ Guest

    Redhaze Chain Tunic and Redhaze Chain Leggings .. just klick on the link for "Shyleene" im my sig ;)
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    My new ranger!
  10. ARCHIVED-Rekidens Guest



    This is my lvl 70 Ranger on Najena, named Rekidens.

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    Guerrilla@Venekor wrote:
    what sword is that? anyone know?
  13. ARCHIVED-sinuz Guest

    the sword is a qeynos side pvp reward called living stone blade


  14. ARCHIVED-pseudocide Guest

    Marcuz@Permafrost wrote:
    why does your MoA still glow? i want to glow :(

    p.s. nice cheldrak pic
  15. ARCHIVED-Hamervelder Guest

    I don't know what my ranger looks like. All I ever see is a little green and brown ball with a pair of ferny wings sticking up in the air, because the tank lost agro and he went squish. The next time I see him up and running around, I'll make him stop long enough to get a shot.
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    and a good picture of him with his face

    Yeah, barbarians pretty much rule!
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    Heres a new(er) version of my beloved Ratonga. Note now he has full relic set for his appearance. I just don't think I'd get a better shot of that tenderwood arrow, though.

  19. ARCHIVED-Calissa Guest

    Aw Kittsune you are so cute!! Ratonga are adorableee
  20. ARCHIVED-Disaronno Guest

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    My 70 ranger, didn't care for the green look so went purple and red for something different

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