What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Well here we go, finally got around to it

    And one from Pre-Kunarking
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  5. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    Not fancy maybe but I like it simple.
    All in black.



    Or even more simple with a loincloth on a full moon. (cursed coif effect)

    Ahooooooo !


    Corwin - Oasis - Cotw
  6. ARCHIVED-Muraazi Guest

    Zechariah@Mistmoore wrote:
    What hood is that in the last pic?
  7. ARCHIVED-Ranick Guest

    I'd like to see a screen shot of a Fay Ranger...I can't get my bow to show up, and it make me a bit angry. If I want to see my bow I have to use an illusion form.
    I've bugged it more than a few time and never get a response from Sony...which tells me they know that the display bow feature doesn't work on the Fay, and they just don't want to do anything to fix it.
  8. ARCHIVED-readili Guest

    All that gear in the last pic is what a GM was wearing at the time...its called something like GM hood of whatever. But this is what I look like now:

  9. ARCHIVED-daeneriez Guest


    There you have it. My ranger, Vyne. Admittedly she is an alt and doesn't get nearly as much attention, time, or love as she should, but she is really my favorite as far as looks. I mean, what other class could possibly pull off a bald, tattood, wood elf female that runs around with bare feet? Her house is decorated according to the character (I roleplay her on occasion), lots of greenery and trees. I adore her, I really do. :)
  10. ARCHIVED-FearDiadh Guest

    My ranger went to the darkside. This is him at home in Freeport.

  11. ARCHIVED-Boramyr Guest

    Here is my new look:

  12. ARCHIVED-Lark42 Guest

    Personally, I love this set of armor. It may be low-lvl but I think it looks awesome.
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    Ratonga, the superior race

  15. ARCHIVED-Vexil Guest

    Wood Elf, the only true Ranger
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    Neiloch wrote:
    I have to know what armor that is! Please advise!
  19. ARCHIVED-Zizzu Guest


    One pic with bow and other with my duel swords.
  20. ARCHIVED-guru0z Guest

    Linkdead_Phoenix wrote:
    Can anyone tell me what armor set that is?

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