What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare Guest

    post some screenshots of your character....to show off
  2. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

    Okay, but remember that you wanted this


  3. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

    Darn double posts

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  4. ARCHIVED-Renolas Guest

  5. ARCHIVED-djcinder Guest





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  6. ARCHIVED-djcinder Guest

    Bah, still figure out posting pics here on boards.
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  7. ARCHIVED-BSbongo Guest

    tons of pics of Bongo on my website :)
  8. ARCHIVED-Jayad Guest

    Imagine a closet... now imagine a mothball... ;)
  9. ARCHIVED-Ibixat Guest

    took these this morning


    And that's it
  10. ARCHIVED-USAFJeeper Guest

    Photoshop skills are teh suck!

  11. ARCHIVED-Taubin Guest

    I'll post more when I get them, but, for now, this is me....

  12. ARCHIVED-Marcuzs Guest

    Here we go
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  13. ARCHIVED-Karlanth Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    [IMG]think of the bigest ugliest ogre u have ever seen that isis my ranger


    70 ranger

    defiance- permafrost
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    that was then this is the ugly ogre now in appearence gear
  15. ARCHIVED-wvorster Guest

  16. ARCHIVED-Ranvarenaya Guest

    Which sword is that shiny blue one? It looks sweet.
  17. ARCHIVED-jrisley69 Guest

    Here's 2 of me with my new Tolan's Darkwood BP :smileyvery-happy: [IMG]

  18. ARCHIVED-AChampion Guest

    Hanging out in Qeynos Harbour:

    Your resident Wanderer
  19. ARCHIVED-BSbongo Guest

    how did you get up on the roof? :)
  20. ARCHIVED-Toughone Guest

    Id love to know what this weapon is that thing rocks ;)

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