What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

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    In response to jerif. . .

    Gotta love the Barbarian Rangers :smileywink: Best look out there!
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    hehe, yes I do have the hover platform :smileyvery-happy:
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    Kerran Rangers FTW :). Yeah I don't have the groovy fabled weapons or bow right now, but I make good use of what I've got.

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    Had an incident on the last raid...

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    This is finae on beta, since nda is lifted wanted to show the cloak too, well some of the cloak,
  8. ARCHIVED-Prandtl Guest

    that looks nice. What kind of stats do the cloaks have?
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    since the NDA is lifted, post screenies of the cloaks too and the stats (if none) on em.
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    and what about those armour sets... are those ANY good for ranjas?

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    The Legendary sets should be nice for players that dont raid.. I saw a rouge set (sorry, didnt see any ranger ones) and they had 2 stat around +28 for each piece, 3 pieces of the set gave them a % to crit melee/ranged and I think the full set gave a % to double attack. It wasnt high, maybe 5% or so. Im looking forward to seeing the fabled set.
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    For no other reason then to remind us what a ranger we all played used to look like, and maybe one day will look like.

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    Dude that ranger above me looks kick [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]! is that a ranger? or a assasin?
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    She's a ranger, but the screenshot was taken from the Tunnare prophet live event quest. Anyone from Qeynos can do the live event, and basically your soul enters the body of this ranger during the event. I posted the screenshot, because i loved the look and it was 100% unique, armor set, weapons and hood/mask ... and wanted to remember that look long after doign this live event.
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    That is freakin' awesome, now if we could just get something that looked that good all the time.
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    Holy cow, some of you guys have some fantastical video cards!
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    the weapons from that god event are the ranger epics from eq1 pretty much
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    I thought I'de bring this back up.

    I don't have a picture but I'n only a lvl 15 Ranger :)
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    Froglok Rangers FTW! :D

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