What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Holy!! I have a clone!!! hi Gerdos!
  2. ARCHIVED-Gailstryder Guest

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  3. ARCHIVED-thalus Guest

    Whats the weapon you got there Gailstryder thats a cool graphic on it
  4. ARCHIVED-Gailstryder Guest

    Ezrae, the Render or something like hat 30str 51.5 dr 5% to proc like 50-150dmg x4, it is along those lines I'd have to log in to give you the specifics. It drops out of the adventure pack in Nizara. Dropped off the named mage lady about halfway through.
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    Ogres... OK, I'll accept that... Troll's are pushing it... but for TUNARES SAKE: Plaese NO GNOMES.... LOL
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    Just wanted to submit me aswell :smileyvery-happy:

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  9. ARCHIVED-Garlicyesterday Guest

    actually gnomes rangers 4tw =P
  10. ARCHIVED-athitchcock Guest

    Still like being an ogre. It's fun switching to DBZ mode.


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    Here's my beloved main:


    Mr. Lukiam Yurfather, 70 Ranger of Oasis
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    Bah, I am so going to have to get a screenie when I get home. Maybe 2-3 if ya'll are really really good!
    edit: removed pics.. crappy host I guess

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  13. ARCHIVED-BigPig The Destroyer Guest

    Learning my ranger trade :D

    On a holiday to the beach
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    Bah, I have no fancy weapons or shiny thingies, but I'll post my ranger anyway! Hailbringer, level 52.



    Sorry for the crappy picture quality >.<
  15. ARCHIVED-Haruk Guest

    Are you joking?
    Anyways-heres my ranger in his new cobalt armor!
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    Alrighty I've already posted my lowbie Tier'dal's pic but I'll post both it and my Main's pics here ya go.

    My Lv.34 Tier'dal Ranger

    My Lv. 70 Ranger

  19. ARCHIVED-Jeris Nefzen Guest

    This is the last thing mobs see before they die when I am around:
    [IMG] :smileyhappy:

    I took some shots in PoF just for the heck of it.
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