What does your ranger look like?

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Andrin-Tunare, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kala Asuras Guest

    I don't care for my mix-mash of armour right now so this is what I look like while i'm running around. That or in the vampire illusion.

  2. ARCHIVED-Judist Guest

    Easy girl... I just wanna ride ya!
  3. ARCHIVED-Torrin Guest

    Yes, he's a Tier'dal Ranger. on a PvP server. and a mean one at that.

    Ruin Tier'dal Ranger
    CEO Ruin Your'day Enterprises
    We make your day, a bad day, every day
  4. ARCHIVED-Naku9 Guest

    that weapon I'm guessing is one of the pvp merchant faction items
  5. ARCHIVED-Demlar Guest

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  6. ARCHIVED-wvorster Guest

    Correct ! PVP Merchant weapons. Sadly the katana has no effect :(

    [IMG] [IMG]
  7. ARCHIVED-Naku9 Guest

    I love how the items for killing stupid noobs are 5x better then the items you get for defeating the hardest encounters in the game
  8. ARCHIVED-wvorster Guest

    hardly ... one thing which is REALLY cool is the bow tho - 10% chance to summon a Grandmaster T7 random poison on deathblow. 15mins in Oakmyst and my inv is full of em.

  9. ARCHIVED-Crychtonn Guest

    PS - SOE sucks for never going back and adding a unique graphic for the Kilji.

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  10. ARCHIVED-Its Da Ranger Guest

  11. ARCHIVED-thalus Guest

  12. ARCHIVED-Guy De Alsace Guest


    Nonraider. Slow leveller lol. Well he was my first toon.
  13. ARCHIVED-Somethiing Guest


    Ranger and the Paladin
  14. ARCHIVED-Velius2820 Guest

    Hey Rain420 what shoulders are those, they look like plate?
  15. ARCHIVED-RinionX Guest

    ooo plate graphic shoulders to go with parasitic Curiass.. ya what are those i want a pair
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  16. ARCHIVED-vochore Guest

    this is what my 44 ranger looks like in full ebon with an ebon stiletto.

    but it sure would be nice to have a high level full set of ivyetched armor like we had back in eq1 with just killer stats
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  17. ARCHIVED-brandi7920 Guest

    Ok I'll play..if I can figure out how to post a pic.. hehe
  18. ARCHIVED-Lesca Guest

    Whilst running round Elddar Grove...
    And one full length. Don't ask why I was doing this /sad, just accept that I was...
  19. ARCHIVED-RinionX Guest

    Half Elves for the win, My Sig was made from screen shots and I dun wanna take anymore atm so look down please!
  20. ARCHIVED-Gerdos Guest


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