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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Pariel Active Member

    I agree with many of the points made beforehand
    • Halas/Darklight shouldn't be starting zones - Qeynos or Freeport would be good, the Isle of Refuge would be better (its a home, surely that can be adapted??)
    • Exp gain is too high
    • My Wizard just doesn't get hit - i stood there at lvl 2 taking on 5 orcs for the quest, health didn't drop below half
    • Bags - go away, lets get some interactions going with TS'ers
    • To add my 2cp in - Freeblood and Aerrkyn shouldnt be in the game yet. BL and Channeler shouldnt be in the game.
    • Froggies - unlockable.
    My own thoughts during an initial 30 mins session
    • Map fog should be back
    • Encumberance should be back (havent managed to check this yet)
    And other things I am thinking of but unsure of the outcomes
    • Stats - as a Wiz its telling me STR, AGI has no benefit to my class..didn't they used to back in the day, when you had to play a balancing game?
  2. Dauvien Member


    As this thread gets longer we are starring to see people requesting things that have already been answered (new posters not reading the thread). Any way to modify the opening post with version change logs and Line in the sand yes/noes (eg: weight/encumbrance isn't being added back)?

    Great work so far... was pleasantly surprised to see the Sunday changes (new characters lacking any armor/bags).
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  3. Nuada Active Member

    1.The problem is also all quest items are 3-6 lvl over my char lvl

    2. boost XP gain

    3. take all XP bonus stuff out of the game

    4. if you make not point 3, then you can give us all the ved bonus pots back, but for Money is a Bad way!!!

    5. 15$ is enough for a month, best is make full Marketplace out of the game
  4. Dixa Active Member

    none of this will fly. you vocal minority clamored to get devs like this to go f2p with cash shops. this is the result. they are not going to ignore a potential trove of incoming cash just because a couple peopel think 15 a month is enough. think rationally about this, and look at recent history of this and other games with cash shops.
  5. Dixa Active Member

    asked dozens of times and answered - frostfang and darklight are here to stay. isle of refuge is not coming back and honestly it is not THAT many people clamoring for it. it does not make or break the game. you spend such a small amount of your characters lifespan in those level ranges that if this is the one and only thing that is affecting your decision, then you don't understand the real advantage of playing on this server - joining a community that is all starting at ground zero together.

    when was the last time this game had a new server open?
    for solo players it is too slow. for groups in dungeons it is obscenely far, far too fast given the apparant difficulty of those mobs (scouts tanking)
    good. dying too easily at level 2 would be bad for player retention. and you are level 2, nobody cares. that is not the level to judge ANY PART of this game other than how long you are stuck there
    did you just completely skip the eq1 tlp? bags were there. they will be here. they are cash cows for a cash strapped company.
    negated by an addon anyway
    for the same reason that the eq1 servers have weightless coin, there are some underlying changes to the game that can not be undone.
    this is not a classic server. read the FAQ before you post again on the subject.
  6. gqwild New Member

    Can we get the original Qeynos and Freeport Music back? It is extremely important to have original soundracks for the major cities.

    Take a listen!

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  7. Nuada Active Member

    1.The vote is 100% fake, i know not one person who like pots from 100ppls on my friendlist from 10 years EQ time

    2.and you support it

    3.Be ashamed of yourself!
  8. Belenos Well-Known Member

    This^^^. I have only went from 1-10 so far, and only after the exp nerf, but the exp gain seems entirely appropriate for the starter areas, but as was said, the gear needs some real work. At level 1.5, I was awarded gear that required lvl 4 to equip, and at level 5 I was given shoulders that were required level 8. At level 6, I was given (and looted) lvl 10 items.

    Changing the bags to only have one 4-slot bag makes this problem only worse. What am I supposed to do, destroy my quest reward armor before I am even high enough level to equip it?

    One four-slot bag only? Getouttahere! Some of you people just need to go don a hair-shirt and self-flagellate or something.
  9. Pariel Active Member

    Ahh, forgive me, I thought this was for feedback, not just your slant on it.

    Can we get this arrogant smart *** to go please?
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  10. madent Member

    *hail banker... can i deposit my stuff pls ?*

    ow sorry i forgot not even bankers should exist nowadays coz you work too much and u dont have time to :

    *hail banker... can i deposit my stuff pls ?*
  11. Jaden Well-Known Member

    A few hours ago I started a Dirge in DL --- perhaps an adjustment has been made.

    I was doing those starter quests and getting gear only one or one and a-half levels above. In fact, after the third quest reward I started doing what I did as a lass back in the day. I distinctly remember - I would finish a quest and then before turning it in I would grind a few extra mobbies, or if close to leveling would continue til I did level and then go turn in the quest(s). Now if one has to level four or five levels to wear the reward, yes that is cruddy. But quest rewards one level above isn't terrible and ya got something in your bag you're working toward and looking forward to equipping.

    Some say these early levels should just be sped through blah blah blah, again, there should be a balance. Why should the early levels not set the stage for what our characters are going to experience as they go along instead of it just being a bump in the road reinforcing the idea that the first 15 or so levels are unimportant?
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  12. madent Member

    also i dont get the point why people wanna reach last level in 1 week ? so aint it better to just ask for them to put instant high level char like in live?
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  13. Loudshirt New Member

    After playing for a couple hours a day for the last few days here is my feedback:

    I have only done FFS to lvl 10, however I think a better option would be to start people in Q or FP. There are plenty of quests in the area to get them to lvl 10 and then out fo Ant or CL for 10-20. Having a starting zone that levels you from 1-20 on a server that has a lvl cap of 50 is just silly. Yes it is not a "classic" server, however it is a Time locked expansion server. DLW and FFS should appear when there expansions are unlocked.

    During questing in FFS i was routinely under level for the next quest. I would also get quest rewards for 1-2 levels higher than my current lvl. Plenty of people get to lvl 17 and have to grind out a couple of lvls before they can even continue the quest line. If you are going to force us to use certain starting zones then you should allow us to level at the rate that the areas were designed for. If you do not like the rate we are leveling then change the starting area.

    Quest and mob xp outside of the starting areas seems to be quite a bit lower from 1-10 than inside the starting areas.

    I like plenty of people would love to see the isle of refuge come back. I know it most likely will not happen, however we should not have one or two people shouting us down for wanting the area. There seem to be more than the "vocal minority" that would like to see the Isle back.

    The market place needs to go away. players are buying vitality and xp potions which skew the xp rate for people not using marketplace items. On a live progression server this will amount to pay to win.

    Over all I am really enjoying the experience and like seeing everyone grouping at low levels again.
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  14. leannel New Member

    The Isle of Refuge is nice, but since there is so little time spent there, to me it's not that important. What I would like to see (but it's probably not even possible) is to go back to the time when you started where you were just a mage, or just a scout, etc. You were only able to choose your final class after completing about 20 levels and and a trial.
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  15. Loudshirt New Member

    That would be a lot of fun. You have a choice to make every couple of levels. It makes leveling at lower levels feel like an accomplishment.
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  16. Cochy New Member

    Obviously a Qeynos or FP start would be idea but my only real issue with the starter zones is the 29% mount for finishing the line. This invalidates all other mounts in the game currently. Mounts should be special just like they were at launch. You knew someone was a badass if they had a mount.
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  17. Adevil Well-Known Member

  18. Chemdawg New Member

    I agree, they should bring back map fog and encumbrance, but definite no to the old-school stats system. They won't do it anyway, it's too costly in time and money to do that. Plus all the items have been itemized specifically to certain classes. The only upside is there wouldn't be as many crusaders because nobody wants to max out every stat lol
  19. Chemdawg New Member

  20. Chemdawg New Member

    Exp for solo is fine, if anything they can make it slower, but group dungeon xp definitely needs to be WAY slowed down. Mobs should be buffed as well. This game utilizes the holy trinity (Tank, DPS, Heals/support) so please, grouping with at least one of each archetypes for group content MUST be mandatory. Otherwise, nobody will play fighters other than to power level them to raid content. Fighters/healers must be a necessity.
    And for the love of god, let Guardians do what they do best...guarding. They are supposed to be a t1 ability damage mitigating class. Crusaders are t2 as they are hybrids, and brawlers are t1 avoidance tanks.
    I don't care about Isle of Refuge, but please make fighters necessary.
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