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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. SeaJae Member

    Has anyone actually tested the experience solo without vitality and the exp pots? It's extremely slow starting out. The experience originally was too fast, but it was the closest to what it should be. Remember, it won't be level 50 cap forever. The cap will change relatively fast. We need faster experience to experience all of the content and move on.
  2. Lord_Delita Member

    Any idea how much exactly they changed exp? Got to level 10 on Thursday then went out of town until today. Loaded up and I'm getting something like 2-3% per quest in DLW now. Much, much, much slower than my 1-10 experience.
  3. Gninja Developer

    Thanks all for keeping the feedback mostly constructive :)

    Just a quick update based on the feedback we have been receiving:

    We are looking to add a way for those who want to be dumped in Freeport/Qeynos instead of DLW/FFS if you are so inclined. Just know that if you choose that option we are not going to be changing any content that is available at those locations. So, you will have to fend for yourself at those destinations if that is where you choose to start your character's adventure.
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  4. Teags New Member

    Since Queen's Colony/Overlord's Outpost is confirmed working on live servers. How bout allowing us to be dumped off there to start. Since from there we get a call to home that puts us in Freeport/Qeynos as well.
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  5. SeaJae Member

    I'm actually perfectly okay with our current starting locations, the experience needs to be tweaked is all. Just experience, loot, and class balances are really the only issues I have with it. But if this were to go live tomorrow, I'd be okay with it.
  6. Nuhvohk Active Member

    sorry to interrupt complaints about xp and whatnot, but summoner pets need a serious nerf. my friend here is soloing the lvl 80+ guys in lavastorm with no problem at all.

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  7. Odyssey Active Member

    The fact that the level will be raised eventually is not a good excuse to increase xp rate now. If when DoF is released they want to increase 1-50 xp that is fine. If it takes 2 days to get to 50 there is a very slim chance this server lasts.
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  8. Syneofeternity Member

    Right now Plate Tanks are good for nothing but there dashing good looks. I understand debuffing mitigation in order to make content more difficult but I don't think it can be a straight mitigation debuff without making plate tank wearers 100% useless. And I don't think it can be straight across the board.

    Plate Tanks pretty much get destroyed by blue ^^^ right now even if in BiS gear for their level. There needs to be a debuff based on type of armor worn. Plate would take the lowest hit - 25% mit debuff. But the highest avoidance hit debuff- 20%? Where leather takes medimum hit on both ends - 35% mit debuff followed by - 15% avoidance debuff . While casters get a 45% mit and 10% avoidance debuff.

    These numbers aren't representative of what they should really be but Plate Tanks should be good at what they do. Mitigating damage without avoiding it as often as avoidance tanks. But when avoidance tanks get hit they take they extra damage. And finally cloth wearers should be smacked down when they are hit,

    If something like this isn't possible I think the stats should be reverted back to normal and how mobs hit should be tweaked. Would like to see some plate tanks being played at some point and time.

    Side Note: Please nerf summoners pets. Right now they can tank x2 content, with ease.
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  9. Syneofeternity Member

    Yea if these guys don't get addressed its going to be a server full of all summoners. They currently are way more over powered than mages on Ragefire
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  10. Gninja Developer

    It already on the list to get taken care of. Hang in there!
  11. Amendale New Member

    Well, since this is a feedback thread, here's mine: bring back the isle

    Hey, that's multiple times somebody's said that!
  12. Dixa Active Member

    enough with this balance or slow down crap. have any of you even grouped up in dungeons yet, where you can do 15-30 in a matter of about 2 hours?

  13. Nadasdy New Member

    Don't go overboard or they will be almost non existent on PvP servers as they were before EoF. Their low damage spells are meh at best atm with how much damage every other class outside of Wizards are doing.
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  14. Dixa Active Member

    loot? the minute i left dlw i found loot that trumped everything of the same level quest reward and zone drop from dlw and it was still treasured. all zone drops in the commonlands.

    there are some underlying things that the devs are just not going to spend the manpower to address, and people need to just get over it.
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  15. Darksavanna Active Member

    Whats the current standing on allowing Beastlords and Channelers on the TLP servers? I just did a search of dev pots for the last 2 months or so and havent seen anything official. Last i had hurd all classes/races would be playable. please dev's *doe eyed*
  16. Dixa Active Member

    they are not more powerful than mages on ragefire, not by a long shot.

    and the difference here is that summoner spell damage is atrocious, and they don't have their aa's to keep their pets alive. if the devs go overboard then a lot of content that should be soloable for this class will no longer be.

    as it was the heroic 3^ i was doing for my so-called "solo" armor quest timeline - the very first one mind you - required me to summon a new pet after every single mob encounter becaues it was down to 10% or less and I have no way to heal it at 23 necro effectively.

    conjuror pets are substantially tougher than necro, so if you are going to trash pets just trash theirs. that class gets a lot of extra mitigation buffs and damage shields and stoneskins for themselves and the pet that necros just do not. we get a lifetap and an fd on a 5 minute re-use. so whatever you do, you had better test necros properly before you do it or the class will be dead in the water and all summoner fans will just go conjuror.

    just as a point to go along with this - all of the necros in my guild are being advised to betray conjuror or go conjuror at launch. this is exclusive to conjurors and their toolkits. and that guy used the long cooldown temp pets for that one kill. show us chain kills and it will matter.
  17. SeaJae Member

    Was more referring to the end game raid loot, I should've been more specific apologies.
  18. Yuudai Member

    I want to say thank you..

    I thought with this server the devs would never care or even read the tons of feedback people are posting on forums and the reddit..But this has really shown that you guys actually give a damn..I've seen tons of devs reply to people asking about starting zones, quests and armor..
    Please..Please..Please keep doing what you guys are doing..This TLE could become the best thing that has happened to EQ2 in a long time
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  19. Alenna Well-Known Member

    it has been that way for all the classes for ian's qeusts in qeynos as well i've slashed bugged it every time

    please someoen fix this for live and the TLE servers before you go live on the TLE servers if you are keeping the stats the way they are there is no resaon for a fighter to have agi or wis. they need STR and Sta. it is that wasy with all the classes on teh boots and i'm trying ot remember what other armour just look at all of it.
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  20. Diskuss New Member

    Here you go Developers!

    Antonica mass dump of Non-Heroics that used to be heroic (I think).

    Drovlen Chip Tooth used to be heroic, but is a lvl 20 Quest mob now and is only ^ non.
    Animator Z'Apha ^, non heroic.
    Klicnick Queen ^, non heroic.
    Klicnick King kill the heroic ^ princes is but the King is a ^, non heroic.
    Holly WindStalker is only ^ Non heroic (Reasonably tough tho)
    The Windstalker Rumbler is only ^^^ <-- :(
    The Darkpaw Fanglord ^ Non heroic (near BB)
    Renux the Undying non heroic ^
    PH on The Forbidden Isle (just north of Qeyons, small building "The Tomb of Varsoon"). The PH used to be an toughish ^ (he isnt anymore) Doubt the named (Varsoon?) is heroic now either.
    Advisor Pandrus ^ non.
    Lord Risan ^ non.
    Priest of the Plauge Bringer (non) mini ring event non heroic.
    BlackBark (up by druid ring) is worth checking he is SUCH a rare spawn. I did see his PH and it was Heroic ^^^ (Still tough as nails <3 )
    "The Shatterd Veil" just a few bits of linked heroic trash, none of the rare names were up when I went in.
    "The Savage Platue" kinda hidden path south of TS door, "the den mother" is a PH (forgot the named's name) and it was heroic.
    "A sabertooth Hero" PH In the overland back entrance to BB. He was ^^^ Heroic and dropped fabled.. might want to check the named. :)
    Ghost of Vhalen ^ non heroic.
    "a Dark Coven conjurer" (a PH) is only ^ Non.
    Rotclaw (named rat in pond) is ^ non.

    <3 the Devs.
    Keep it up guys.
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