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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Alenna Well-Known Member

    that is exaclty what it is supposed to be not live but a server that goes back to when it was harder if you want it just like it is on the live servers stay there.
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  2. Nadasdy New Member

    Great points. I decided to try out the mobs on my 50 necro to see how well it worked. I had to use Awaken Grave and Blighted Horde (Master) with the Nightshade (Expert). Barely was able to kill it before my Nightshade died but still doable.

    Compared to how easy it looked like the Conjuror did it, huge difference in pets/survivability there.

    PS: Apparently testing on a beta server equates to exploiting and 10 year olds threaten to send in video footage to get me banned. Less so than every person playing a scout or fury.
  3. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    Are you also looking at the problem with broken pathing? Many many mobs are not pathing where they should. I watched the river snakes in the Feerrott spawning and then going off into the jungle. The gryphon in commonlands flew off over the sea. Yesterday, King Zatan wandered all the way into the giant tunnels. My son's character was attacked and killed by him there. In all my experiences in that area, I have never seen him not on that ice flow. Epics should be staying put, not wandering all over a zone.

    Late last week my son observed several epics on docks, on the world globes. I am wondering if their pathing is broke too, and they eventually gravitated to those spots. It is not uncommon for mobs with broken pathing to gravitate to a particular spot. This may be happening here. I am concerned that in the process of ubering so many mobs, some mobs got their pathing broken.
  4. Alenna Well-Known Member

    I agree about new halas and darklight. actauly it is a bit slow now ,
    wizard may be a bit op.
    Nor should frogloks, fae, arasi and sarnaks be in game till later. which would make a friend of mine unhappy since he made a fae conj
    as long as there is an option to turn the fog off.
    not going to happen because there is no way with out putting the stats back( which the devs have said they aren't going to do) ther is no way to get str up to handle the encumbrance and weight.
    yes the stats used to but the devs have already said they can't put it back what they are trying to do is give the feel back best they can without breaking the game.
  5. Adevil Well-Known Member

    From a thread in the "In Testing" forum. I suspect you two crossed paths.
  6. Finora Well-Known Member

    How'd they manage that one? The Windstalker Rumbler is still epic X 2 on Everfrost server (standing in front of him right now because I had to go check that.)

    Did anyone check Anguis and Landon on the TLE yet? Did they get bumped back to epic x2? Because I know those are only ^^^ on the live servers.
  7. Gninja Developer

    Yeah, the script that increases tiers goofed up on Windstalker Rumbler. We got it fixed, should be coming next update.
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  8. Finora Well-Known Member

    I think the fog is going to be one of those things that isn't going to be added back because if I remember correctly it was removed for performance reasons..
  9. Dauvien Member

    Catching up on the thread... outside of the identified bugs/concners (fighter mit/summoners OP and the exp feedback)... I'm a big fan of the classic soundtracks for Qeynos & FP. I listened to the poster's youtube of Qeynos and had a muscle memory rush.

    Another point... are the Vitality Pots & Exp Pots are causing some discrepancy between the feedback (creates a 4 way gate too high/low and pot/no pot). I'll assume there is data mining on the back end that shows playtime vs speed of leveling but not sure if that would take into account the pots.

    K back to it... been a treat watching the thread continue to grow here.
  10. Dixa Active Member

    waiting 3+ minutes to kill a level 80 trash mob. the problem is actually the dumbfire pet dps and not pet mitigation.
  11. Jaden Well-Known Member

    ****And there's more than a 'handful' of us ;) Look to the EQ TLP servers for an example of the numbers of RESUB's from RETURNING vets which brought scads and scads and SCADS of new subscriptions! Keep a close eye on us and our Sub Rates Devs!!!!
  12. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Good point about the Dungeon exp needing looked at closely Dixa - was just adding in my anecdotal blah blah blah ;o).
  13. Caith Developer

    I want to give everyone a heads up that we will be wiping the beta server in the next day or two to begin the next round of testing for the Time-Locked Expansion servers. Once we do this wipe we will be closing down the current feedback threads and opening new ones, with summaries of issues or feedback that have been addressed, or are currently in process of being addressed.
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  14. Jubileet New Member

    I understand this is necessary for beta, just be careful with the timing since you're going to lose a lot of participation. Especially end game testing/feedback. Even if beta buffers are included, most won't return until live.
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  15. Syneofeternity Member

    Have read majority of your posts and don't remember well but during launch **** geared summoners couldn't sorry heroic ^^^. I'm not isolating conjy's or necros, they both need equally looked at and balanced correctly. Solo experience was always five or six times slower if not worse during launch than finding a group. As it stands I can literally kill white to yellow ^^^ naked with apprentices spells as a summoner while my guildies were duoing with a guardian/inquisitor having a more difficult time than I was.

    Mages can't solo reds in Ragefire because their pets die to quickly and majority of there spells get resisted(I have a 50 mage). In this game its not the case. While I agreed mages are extremely OP on EQ seeing that if you have 2 or 3 you can burn down white and yellow cons in seconds they still can't solo super out of level content. Here summoners can solo out of level content while the holy trinity that this game was built around is getting destroyed due to the recent changes.

    Also the first 50 on the server was a necro that solo'd a majority his way up.

    And if you don't believe me from 2004. Soloing wasn't a thing, the mob had to pretty much be green to you to even attempt ^^ or ^^^ content and even then that experience was a snails pace. And oranges solos would trash people.
  16. KorvenusCrushbone New Member


    I have 0 intention of leveling to 50 again after busting *** to test out lvl 50 content.
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  17. Hyiero Active Member

    I would suggest that you put vitality pots back in or give us a way to create 50 level characters just to test end game stuff as well. I will be happy to level again in the name of testing but won't be getting to 50 again. Only to do it again on live heh
  18. Thinwizzy Active Member

    Yeah, beta buffer will be important. I'm not sure who really wants to level up all over again.
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  19. Pikaboo Member

    they still need to tweak everything from low to high, so id imagine we are re-leveling again. which is fine imo. But Beta buff will be needed AT least the week after to test high lvl content. I'm not worried, willing to help test to make the game better since it is only Beta after all.
  20. Syneofeternity Member

    Lol was talking to guildmate and he's bruiser has 57% avoid and 35% mit after mit debuff. My guard has 17% avoid and 41% mit. Guard is in steel crafted and bruiser is in the frostfang quest gear. I know the developers know about this because of several posts about it.

    But a more elegant solution needs to be approached to the debuff other than just a straight mit debuff. Or I feel the plate tanks will always feel it the most.
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