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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Gninja, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Syneofeternity Member

    Maybe when xp was broken op they went from 15 to 30 in 2 hours...they aren't doing that with current experience rate. And why again should solo leveling be faster or even close to ask fast as an entire group?
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  2. Xephane Active Member

    I wasn't saying the exp is faster, I was saying exactly what you just said. People did not get behind in Isle of Refuge, so we need it back. If the exp is scaled to match FS then it's too fast. If it's scaled to match original content exp, then it's way too slow FOR FS. So we need Isle back.
  3. Xephane Active Member

    And no, they did not say it WONT be coming back. There has been no confirmation whether it will or wont that I have seen. They have said it would be difficult to bring it back, but there has been no confirmed no. They are listening and they can do it if they really want to.
  4. Yanan Member

    All I see is a bunch of cry baby's on this thread. Seriously stop crying about isle of refuge it is gone! Good BYE never coming back. If you want it back! Go dream about it because that's all you will get! TOPIC OVER!

    These servers are made for more then one player so giving advice that only suites your self does nothing at all. The servers will never be the way they where at launch so get over it! What we should all strive for is a server with good population that listens to our polls and responses to create a living breathing social game like everquest was meant to be.
  5. Odyssey Active Member

    I really hope this is a troll post. You should be able to xp faster in a group than solo. It encourages grouping which is a good thing in an MMO.
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  6. Dixa Active Member

    this is happening today
  7. Dixa Active Member

    that much faster though? the vocal minority kept crying that the leveling was too fast, but NONE of them are speaking to being able to do 20-45 in a few hours when grouped in a dungeon.
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  8. armawk Member

    Jeez this thread turned real nasty real quick.
    Come on guys, can we keep it calm and friendly so the devs can actually follow our feedback without wanting to cancel the whole thing?
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  9. madent Member

    again lack of thinking...

    comparin the 60 baby chars in new zone with the 20 players already testin dungeonns...

    so yea based on numbers u arent gettin much feedback of higher tiers...
  10. Dixa Active Member

    stop talking if you aren't going to at least read what you quote
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  11. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    If you were to travel out of the starter zone, you would find that there are other quests and areas to discover. There is far more low level content than is necessary to advance. It would work better if there were a suggestion that one could go to Freeport or Qeynos to get more quests, but that would require a change in dialogue. If we end up keeping the xp rate down at low level, there is going to have to be some effort from the community as a whole to tell people about other opportunities to gain xp.
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  12. Glida Member

    From my experience with the game so far, soloing exp seems fine. Frostfang and DLW quests are way too easy for leveling to keep up so I don't know why people are complaining about that. I honestly don't think it should be any easier to level through 1-10. Haven't had a chance to do group content yet so can't speak to that yet.
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  13. Glida Member

  14. madent Member

    monks are viable tanks in classic ? like tankin even raid?
  15. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    It's not the leveling that's the problem now. It's that too many quests in Frostfang and Darklight are set at too high a level now, and the gear is also set at too high a level. All that needs to be done now is to change those levels to lower levels. To me, XP is fine now. Slow but not infuriating slow...
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  16. Yuudai Member

    Will fighters get the pure offensive stance? And will 2handers become the strong versions again?
  17. Dixa Active Member

    the groups I speak of doing massive xp in a short amount of time are using scouts to tank

    so yes, monks/bruisers are more than viable. raiding? dunno. my guild drops ladon regularly with on-level sk's though
  18. Slant Well-Known Member

    Mages have full mit still. im sure thats been mentioned. Just consider this a bump. My guilds conj is tanking instances for us.
  19. Dixa Active Member

    scouts are tankings dungeons with stun lock. summoner pets are tanking epic x2 for groups.

    there are some underlying issues that likely may not be addressed just as they were not really addressed on eq1. I mean, the solution to mage pets on eq1 was to make raid bosses despawn them. that would really, really suck for summoners on this game who are not going to have high caster damage without aa's and obscene stats.
  20. Dixa Active Member

    this is clearly bugged, although my necro takes a pounding as is doing quest stuff.

    I think there could be a couple issues at play:

    1) dungeons are not hard enough - I know groups that have been using scout tanks since before the mit nerf

    2) dungeon xp is too high given number 1

    3) overland quest mobs must be tuned differently, because they thrash my necro hardcore if my pet is not johnny-on-the-spot with threat.

    4) the server-wide mit nerf is not appropriately affecting chain/leather/cloth, and affecting plate far too much
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