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  1. scourn77 New Member

    yeah all this is from the original game is the isle of refuge. No starting as a archtype then class then advanced class. I ran the isle quests and remembered the nostalgia of 2003 and 04 then I got to freeport and was instantly disgusted and went back to DCUO. Very VERY disappointed with the direction and how this was handled and seriously voting for a new expansion to unlock? So what in 6 months everyone will be 100 and it be a regular server? Good idea but def a sub grab for old players, nothing more.
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    you see I never played early on so I did not know about the armor quest I did not know about many things even so that I have still low level characters on the regular servers so at least people tell me all about those things now
    I don't know about the villages I think I started playing when they still were around and they seamed to be just more houses
    I don't know did Freeport ever have any ?
    So excuse my ignorance could somebody please enlighten me what was so special about the inside of those houses ?
    I just got lost in there running around.
    But I was just a new player I am sad if I missed out on something spezial
  3. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Considering EQ2 didn't launch until November of 2004, it's very impressive that you would remember the nostalgia of 2003. I don't think the game was even finished in 2003. If I remember correctly, it was still undergoing some massive changes.

    To be fair, had I gone in with no concept of what the TLE servers were supposed to be, I'd have been just as disappointed to run through the ship and Isle of Refuge only to come face-to-face with a modern Qeynos/Freeport. However, those who beta tested this whole shebang weren't expecting either the Isle of Refuge or the Far Journey boat ride. That was a complete surprise to everyone, and for that, I am grateful. It was just enough nostalgia to help me remember how EQ2 was at launch without turning me off completely.
  4. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    they said they can't do a 'complete rollback'. basically the 'old freeport' code was overwritten with the 'new freeport'. there's no old freeport code to go back to. there's no old Qeynos code to go back to. the suburbs are gone. deal with it. they've done the best they can with the limitations they have due to it being a 10 year old game and much of the old code completely overwritten or lost.
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  5. Melli the Bard New Member


    curls up in a ball no WORTs no WORTs no WORTs no WORTs
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  6. Pumarah Member

    What you suggest in 6 months is highly improbable, maybe in 6 years, and even there it may not be likely. Many have flocked to the retro server AKA Timelock because it does hearken back to the old days and lower levels and less land, when the voting comes up, it is my belief, a large number of these same players will dig their heels in and vote down any rapid expansions preferring to keep this in the early stages.
    I mean come on, you want level 100 fast? Go play on the regular servers instead and allow us the enjoyment here of the old school EQ2
  7. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Too bad they could not have locked out the Marketplace to make the game more like the game was in 2004 and not have people twinking there toons by using it!
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