Time-Locked Expansion Server FAQ

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  1. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Thank you for visiting us Holly! It sure added to the excitement. :D
    I do hope you include craft level 30. I like to get my crafting well ahead of my adventure level so it's of use when I need it. I'm sure others do the same.
  2. keyi New Member

    So does this mean someone is going to bring Ne Plus Ultra back? I'd settle for like some Impulse or Dissolution that I was in back in the day.
  3. KhaineUK Active Member

    I actually would have NO problem with subcombines being back if it was the second incarnation.

    So everyone could do it using secondary abilities. WORT's as they were when the game launched? No. Just all of my no. ;)
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  4. Awesomeo Member

    I also think that voting should be 1 vote per account regardless of level. I don't want to have to push 1 character to 30 just to vote before I can try out other classes. From reading the channels on SH and speaking to other players in general, this seems like something a lot of people want.

    I'm seeing players return from years and years ago for this, its the best thing to happen in EQ2 ever, good work.
    Please don't ruin it :)
  5. Reeja New Member

  6. Reeja New Member

    I agree thats when Crafting was really indepth and other crafters actually played a part. It was more realistic too. I don't care if people cried about how time consuming it was. Baby bump all you want. I loved the old everquest 2 crafting system.
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  7. Liliun Member

    I was kind of excited about these progression servers, but then I read more on the 30 day voting. I have to ask, why isn't the voting on this server set up more along the lines of the EQ progression servers, where the timer for voting starts after certain raid mobs have been killed? Maybe 75% of the players who want to experience this want to be through the first 5 expacs within a year, but myself, I want to meander my way through the content. And doesn't it seem a bit backwards to start with 30 day voting, and then revert to 90 day voting after a few no votes? I would think starting with 90 day, then 30 day after the initial vote makes a lot more sense. I vaguely remember pushing buttons for the vote on how to do the voting, but I really don't remember that even being an option. Also, having to be lvl 30 to even vote seems to indicate that, once again, the raiders/more hardcore players are being catered to. There is a reason that on most of the normal servers have such low populations, namely that for some time now new content has been designed entirely for specific player types. You have an opportunity to bring back some of masses that left, but it doesn't seem to be on the agenda. I don't think people should have to twiddle their thumbs for 6-9 months before each expansion is opened, but if you do it too quickly you are going to see the player base drop significantly with each expansion unlocked.
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  8. Bastiaan New Member

    Im loving the way the pvp server is going, over 100 people on at a time and plenty of pvp! That being said, I really hope that the vote doesn't go through to move on to the next xpac after 30 days. Ive been playing since the server opened and am only lvl16. Im grouping with people and just taking my time, including crafting stuff when I get the mats. This is a really great experience and a huge thank you goes out to the EQ2 team that made this happen. Hopefully we will get to enjoy the new beginning more than 30 days.
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  9. jZampage Member

    I hope. As an old member of NPU, this would be so incredible. I'd do it myself if I wasn't so busy with life anymore. But I'd gladly make the commitment to join, just don't have the time to lead I don't think...
  10. Poisonhawk Active Member

    LOL! It has not even been a month and already the new server is running into balanced issues! Vote only counts if you are within 20 levels of the cap LOL! The rest of you, we don't care what you think.
  11. Brelic New Member

    Super excited about these servers, and I as well as everyone here is a having a blast. Thank you very much for creating these servers. I just hope that guildhalls are never implemented because they segment the player base to much and take away from the community. I also hope that mercs are not added because it effectively eliminates the need to group with other players. Well there's my 2 cents hopefully it means something but if not I appreciate the servers.
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  12. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    to all those on deathtoll don't vote to expand just yet and anyway I think if you have to be level 30 let trade skill count too
    oh and please even if we don't get a guild hall please give us our guild bank back.
  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ok nvm just read more posts :D yes tradskill level will count
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    oh something about the appearance slots
    a guild member made me some armor and gosh its bright gold yellow:eek: very good for pvp ....... NOT
    so being able to cover this up with something more appropriate like black maybe would be helpful
    or I could just wear a shield around my neck saying
    " stick arrows, sword or spell here.
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  16. Mowse Active Member

    30 days of opening day will take us to about 8-14-15 right? If tradeskilling will be included that will help ... I do not want to rush to level adventurer. I don't have that many hours in the day to play. Hour in the morning and a few after work. Weekends a tad more. I did the horse mount quest over the last two days and all I could do was stay focused on that quest.. missed the rest of the "world" as I was pushed, albeit self pushed, but it definitely is not how I like to play.
    We talk about launch and nostalgia... it took a very long time in between each expansion.. lets keep that pace.
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  17. Elrohir New Member

    ditto here. 1 vote per account regardless of level. I'm taking my own sweet time lvl'ing
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  18. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Well, one thing I've noticed... People have forgotten how to sell things on the broker. They either list it waaaaaay below it's junk vending value, or they list it way too high. I'm seeing things that junk for 7 or 8 silver listed at 4s on the broker. I'm like, "Seriously?" And then I see some things listed at 5g that are only level 10. I'm thinking nobody has that kind of money to spare for a level 10 item yet!

    It's funny to watch. Hehehe.
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  19. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Depends how you look at it. One way is: if you see stuff that's below 'list price' by 'suckers', simply buy it up and sell it to the merchant for a profit. On the other hand, you may be torn, as I was the other day when I saw just such a thing: on that occasion I stopped myself taking the profit, thinking that maybe someone else -- especially newcomers to the game, (if there are any?) might actually appreciate being offered something at a price that's perhaps affordabubble.

    And as for 'nobody has that kind of money to spare'... sorry, but you're simply wrong on that. Some people (not me!) already talk about having amassed their first plat (and you can be sure that the ensuing ones will come more quickly).If memory serves, in the original Norrath, it was months before I even saw my first gold piece!
  20. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    I've got quite the stockpile of money as well, but I wouldn't waste it on a 5g lvl 10 item. Would you?

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