Time-Locked Expansion Server FAQ

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I spend money on level 12 gear and I was quite happy that I did when I was attacked and lived to tell the tale
  2. Yvonnell New Member

    I agree.. votes should be one per account and shouldn't be level based at all.. the whole reason to play on these new servers is to enjoy the experience of how it was back at launch.. not be forced to race to cap every time just so you can cast the vote on the direction the server takes.. everyone who plays on it should help determine it.
  3. Seefar Well-Known Member

    The only argument I can see for having a level restriction on voting would be to minimise any potential 'griefer' action. But I too don't see why it should be level-based. Time played on the server (a summation, where an account has more than one character) would be a good indicator of how committed one is to it... personally, I think that might be a better determinant for enfranchisement.
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  4. Blaupunkt Active Member

    Maybe there does need to be some sort of voting requirement, like many I don't agree with the proposed current system, why not have a minimum level, 15 or 20, also agree about limiting the vote to user account, so you only get 1 vote, don't see why an alt-a-holic should get more than 1 vote.

    Also in agreement with the 30day between voting being to short.
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  5. Liliun Member

    There seems to be a lot of folks who are on board with the voting time increased from every thirty days, at least the initial vote per expansion. Considering the number of folks on the pve server in the middle of a weekday is heavy, what are the chances of having a second pve TL server opened up with a longer voting period? Again, this is what happened with the EQ TL servers, and the feedback has been very positive. As long as there is a week or so for the folks who want to transfer from one to the other at no cost, I really don't think many people would holler and scream too much. You always have a couple of poo-flinging monkeys, but for the majority this would address any future issues now, with minimal fuss, and people can choose which server they would prefer based on their own play styles. This would probably need to happen sooner than later so that it gives time for the transfers prior to any expansion releases.
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  6. Mowse Active Member

    level 15 - 20 shows at least you are involved with the server. takes a bit of time and effort to get there. My understanding though about votes is they do pay attention to taking one vote per account, so I have not been using all my alts when I vote. If this is not the case, maybe I need to change my ways :)
  7. jaqs New Member

    Why would you want to spread out the population again, its finally nice to be able to actually play with people. I am still not sold on the idea that this server will stand the test of time anyway. 30 days should be enough time to at least choose. Its only been open a week and folks are 50 already. From what I remember of launch there wasn't a whole lot to do at 50 anyway.

    Some things are very tedious, and why they pick and choose what to put in and what not to put in doesn't make much sense. Like the bells, or lack there of, why make it harder to actually group with people. I've been in several groups where by the time one person gets there, its breaking up, or the person just finally says screw it, not running all that way.
  8. Blaupunkt Active Member

    The best way to break up the game and make it harder to do groups would be to rush through the release of the expansions after 30 days, the locusts at the top demanding new content every month, the people who for what ever reason desire to be like them and try and keep up and the the rest of us all at various levels who no longer wish to play like that all stretched out, If I want to burn through the content might as well play on the live servers, pick your class, in my case a SK get a merc and away you go, your so over powered with AA's that you don't even need good level gear or spells in the first 60+ levels all dungeons and some raid mobs can be easily killed.

    Regarding voting, personally I am just talking about voting to release the main expansions, nothing else.
  9. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I hope everyone playing on the server gets one vote per account, regardless of level. Some people work, others do not. Should those that work not get to vote, simply because they have RL responsibilities?

    Only thing i am finding aggravating, at this point, is that they opened PVP everywhere. The reason that most of the MMO's with PVP have safe zones is that there are some activities players do alone. Some of the Crafting areas have turned into Gank Zones.

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  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    that's just the way the rowdies like it kill that toon wile they sit on the private thrown
    kill that toon wile he's asleep
    why not wile they go to the bank or wile they craft in a hostile area
    but if you give to much safety you might as well bring in the chromo mages and your back where we all came from
    People my fighting stinks but if you make it tooooo save it gets boring
    fine give the " evil " faction immunity wile they do the level 15 crafting quest
    but I have played a pvp on line game where the higher levels protected the low levels so they could do their thing
    that way those people that want to be level 50 in 4 days have something to do at least on the pvp server
  11. Charlice Well-Known Member

    The life of the TLE servers will be cut short if it advances too quickly.

    I don't think 30 days is long enough between votes. I also don't think we should be made feel like we have to rush to get to level 30, (Adventure ONLY) before we can vote.

    Some players are on TLE just be be first to achieve 'stuff' on a new server.
    Some players are actually on the server to get away from live and to explore, group, and smell the roses along the way.

    The majority of the PvE server are all in the same level range. It is the minority that are 30+ currently. I'm sure many more players will get to 30 before the first vote, but if they don't I hate to think the minority will be deciding the future of the server.

    We used to have a year between expansions. Whoever thought 30 days was long enough to do all the content we have now, needs a slap with a wet fish.
  12. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Are the servers going to advance individually, or together? Ie, if the PvE server votes to advance to the next xpac, but the PvP server votes against it, will Stormhold advance but Deathtoll stay, or will a 2/3 majority of all votes from both servers be needed to advance them both? From the FAQ I think they'll advance individually, but I'd like to be sure.

    I do think you've got the voting time tables reversed - it'd make more sense to be every 90 days, then every 30 after three 'no' votes. Or at least make the first vote after 90 days. Otherwise for each xpac the majority of voters are the ones who want fast advancement, which will probably not be the majority of the server population. This is going to make a lot of stuff obsolete much faster than many people experience it.

    I am glad Holly spoke up that lvl 30 crafters will be included in the vote, but it's still a very short time to get a char to 30. Even by crafting, because xp for writs/combines is reduced and we do not have some of the leveling quests that were added later in the game. Mind you, I don't mind that leveling is slower. I'm having fun doing it and currently finishing my teens by making gear for my guild (none of whom was above 12 as of last night). But the 30-day vote puts a lot of pressure on me and, I'm sure, many others to level quickly so we don't miss out.
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    about the mounts on the pvp server
    Manny people complained that it would be impossible to get around without a leaper or flyer
    Its like people that had a car available all their lives I did all my trade skill quests on a low level toon
    and I went out early to explore I tell all you car people there are buses to those islands in the sky
    I know I used them its just a lot easier when you can fly , but please I don't even want to talk about flyers now
    when I don't even have a horse yet
  14. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Kingdom of Sky has teleport pads (used to be cloud mounts), and Sentinel's Fate has in-zone transport as well. Both of those xpacs were released before players had flying mounts.

    Tears of Veeshan, however, does not have teleports between the islands. The content for that zone, both adventurer and crafter, is designed for characters well above the minimum flying level, so it was made under the assumption that anyone who had any business being there would have a flying mount. If flying mounts are unconfirmed on PvE and forever banned from PvP, teleport pads will have to be added to all the islands, with some having multiple pads so all locations on them can be reached.

    edit: Almost forgot Chains of Eternity also has areas in zones that cannot be reached from within the zone without a flying mount. Such as the upper and lower levels of the Eidolon Jungle, which do each have entries from other zones, but do not have any in-zone link to travel between them.
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and its a long way to go there for now so either the devs can come up with teleporting or we will see I hope for this server it will take at least a year if not more to get there
  16. Puckbone Member

    And...what about people who are either on the fence about joining the TLE or new joiners (I think there must be some out there who are completely new to the game)? If you increase the cap too soon (after only 30 days), that might be the straw that tips the fence sitters (and newbies) to decide that it's not worth it for them to join what will just, too soon, become another game that is nearly dead at beginning levels because everyone wants to race to the top. This game has a lot to offer at all levels. Let's take time to enjoy the path and not race too soon to the endgame destination.

    wadaya think?
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  17. Sharann Well-Known Member

    • 30 days seems too short between votes. 60 or 90 days is way better. Let us enjoy the content first as stated by Puckbone.
    • Hopefully guild halls will never make it live, ever. Cities are crowded again, crafting areas are full of crafters :) The world seems alive and kicking! Don't kill it by adding those GH.
    • I would love to see the old crafting model return, with the primary and sub-components; when you could actually die crafting if you didn't pay attention. (I laughed so hard when someone would die next to me that I ended up missing my craft and die as well). At least it wasn't button mashing as it is now. But I guess that code is gone now too.
    • Hopefully no flying mounts until very late in the game when zone design actually need them.
    • Shard runs. Yes they were painful but dying actually had a meaning.
    • Class quests. You finalized your class at level 10 (or was it 20?) and that was kinda cool! Pity that's not back either.

    The only thing I don't miss is bag weight. Back then it took me ages to realize I was moving so slow due to my bags.
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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    o well it for shure sounds like a lot of people want to take it slow
    lets than hope that the forum matches the gamers
    I also play the regular servers and have been already to long gone hmm wonder if I am still in my guilds
    So yes I like how the play style is different
    but I also love flying high up and playing around with my enormous home.
    so yet again don't hurry I like how things are on the locked servers even when I suck at pvp
  19. Mowse Active Member

    Dying has meaning without shard runs. Spawn points can be very far from where you were... and then you have to run back.. and with my crummy horse of 29% run speed... it takes a bit of effort. No shard runs please.
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  20. Kelvani Well-Known Member

    Adding my voice to the vote to slow it down. I do not think it would be unreasonable to push back the vote on Stormhold to 60+ days for the first vote. If that is not allowable then instead of a within 20 levels of cap requirement please consider a within 30 levels of cap for this first vote. I myself should be covered by the crafter clause, but alot of folks with jobs and families will be hard pressed to close the gap this quickly on a new server with the need to aquire gear and craft while trying to get to 30. 20 seems a reasonable expectation which allows them to put their real life and game life in balance.
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