Test Update Notes: Friday June 3, 2016

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Retrebution Member

    Dev what you did to address the rune issue is great! Could we germane a piece of jewelry or two added for tanks? For what ever the reason good tank items (jewelry) seem scarce since zek update. Arguably most of the best appear to be legendary which means low resolve and resist which is sad for those who raid. It would appreciated to maybe see an item or 2 similar to mibble's ring or the high priest wrist from CT since there aren't any prestige tank items with increased pot (200-300 range). Keep up the good work guys !
  2. Diveris Well-Known Member

    More I look at this, more p.o I get. If people can't easily switch to alts to fill group roles; there will be even fewer groups going.

    Unless these runes will be dropping like candy that's the situation being set up here.

    Also a secondary question? What happens to those who ding 100 after the event is over?... will they be stuck grinding irrelevant content (kp contested, and zek keys) before they are allowed into groups?

    Items like these become requirements, like war runes, myth buff ect. I mean new players will have to do epic repercussions, grind or buy war runes, get their resolve to reasonable levels... and grind eth runes?

    Curve is getting pretty steep for no good reason. I get wanting to keep people occupied, so they don't get bored. But I mean items that basically change how a class is played or double it's damage output?.. Easy to see how they can divide the population.
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  3. Jrel Well-Known Member

    Please change all prestige AA conversions to 12 pot > 1 pot before adding more massive potency items. Class balance became unbalanced with ToT and is now broken with GU100.
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  4. Retrebution Member

    Lol just reread my above post. Forgive the typos, i am posting from my phone :p
  5. Deezknives New Member

    Nice. ty Dev's for more of a chance to get the purple runes.... Also Please FIX SCOUT CONVERSION...We are just falling more and more behind Mages... and with lag? its not even fair anymore..ive never even seen cap on CB.. and all the mages in my guild see it capped every night.
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  6. Jrel Well-Known Member

    To add, it is melee conversion in general. That goes for tanks, healers, bards, etc.; anyone needing melee stats from gear aren't getting the same benefit as those with straight 12 pot > CB/Pot conversions.
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  7. Deezknives New Member

    mhmm... has anyone even done the math as to how long it would take a person who hits these every day to get all three runes? Considering you dont get an eth and can trade in for a boost?
  8. Talduke Active Member

    I tried to find a way to mirror my toon on to test so I could run some zones and see how this quest thing works. Unfortunately there is not a way to do that and you have to create a new toon on the server. If anyone knows how to do this I could probably get a few guildies to join me so we can get an idea for how these items will drop.

    On a semi side note To DBG in general, can you please implement a way for characters to either mirror their toons to test server or have a free item that pushes the toon to max lvl and aa and a npc that has high end items for free so people can actually test the new content meant to be tested. If this already exists ignore this message :)
  9. Montag Well-Known Member

    Please just make them all heirloom. Who cares if altaholics get them faster. They are now required items for class balance, without them scouts are pretty much garbage. Inb4 "lfm need tank or heals" all day.
  10. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    I play 2 tanks and a healer so I guess getting groups should be a snap for me lol :)
  11. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Don't know how many you get for a daily and weekly, but if you assume 1 and 3 then:

    Max of 20 for all access per week.

    Just over 4 weeks to get 1 rune.

    If weekly is 5 coins, then max weekly coins is 24. Less than 4 weeks then.
  12. Montag Well-Known Member

    it will be. 100%. Gonna be scoutmania in pugland guarenteed.
  13. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    yeah it will.. but hey, atleast the increased grouping activity for a month will be nice, even if it dies off later.
  14. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Just use scouts to tank zones, problem solved!
  15. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Such items should never be tradable or heirloom, neither you should be able pick up the second item.
  16. Yahku Active Member

    Another set of important, mighty items without def stats. I really want to know whether there are plans to remove these stats from game. Or are tanks always forgotten? No def stats on mythicals, no def stats on class cloaks, none on these ethereals, . . . just curious.

    I do like offensive gear, but would be nice to have at least a choice. And btw, trading 600 potency for def stats is not a choice like for some of the zek items, in case of doubt, remove autoattack or something like reuse for that ;)
  17. Diveris Well-Known Member

    Why? They literally always have been... you realize with SLR someone who wasn't even in the zone can get the item right?

    Not sure why someone with alts (who's willing to put in the extra playtime to obtain said items) shouldn't be able to obtain them faster.

    I have 28 level 100 characters. Most on the same account. The sole purpose of the heirloom tag is so I can use stuff. I the person behind the screen spent time obtaining currency or items.. like the only reason it exists.

    My characters don't play themselves.

    It's fine though. If devs want people to pick a character and use only that one. At the least do a graphics overhaul and give us more interesting guild halls, since most of our time will be spent there. Once a player has every bis they can obtain, choices are really raid, help others (which becomes taxing in time) or alts.

    And alts without game breaking effects will collect dust.
    I've been playing this game since APPRENTICE III's were super hard to come by. And know the cycles. When you make it hard for alts population slides. When people think of the GRIND they would have to put in just to play another character. Cancellation of sub till next expansion starts to look mighty nice.
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  18. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    I can agree with this 10000%... Everytime you see something incredibly unique added, they tend to leave out tanks.. No Tank Myth Weapons and Tank Class Claoks without Defensive Stats kinda burned me awhile back..
  19. Nkito Well-Known Member

    It's fairly obvious ethereals were never supposed to be on every character in Norrath, they are powerful, rare items. This coin system is a step toward opening them up to more people, that's good.

    Alts can earn these things, just go get them, nothing is stopping that.
  20. Enigma Active Member

    They should make the eth runes/jewelry heirloom but keep the coins no trade imo. This way if an alt character of yours happens to get a rune/jewelry you need on your main then you can at least transfer it over.
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