Test Update Notes: Friday June 3, 2016

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Diveris Well-Known Member

    The current population of this game doesn't support all the no trade items. Currency should be heirloom. Reason for it is simple, I may main a class; but that class may not be needed for a group. That's why people have alts. If I spend the time making twenty characters group worthy and not ****, that should afford me the ability to earn things faster..

    If items and coins are no trade people will get them for their mains and not play their mains in groups anymore. Since they will have no use for the excess coins.

    With the way one patch can make any class irrelevant at any time it's really a good move to have at least two backup characters at the ready. One day everyone wants a chanter, the next it's chanter lfg for hours.

    If this goes through like this most anyone who tries will have runes for their mains, but if their mains get nerfed then what? They would be forced to play a **** main or a **** rune less alt.

    Just a suggestion going ahead. Take the rune effects and make them focus choices and NEVER make game breaking items such a grind. For some people the fun of the game is playing a ton of classes...
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  2. Monstuhr Active Member

    I think the ethereal plan proposed by the devs is spot on. I am one of those people that have an alt army and would love to expedite getting the eths but I completely understand why the Devs chose to make the coins/items no trade.

    I do kind of wonder if maybe the set bonus is a placeholder for something a little more exciting (hopefully...)

    Finally, I think the million dollar question is when is this expected to hit live? I know my whole guild is pretty ramped up about this new system and can't wait to get rolling on it.
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  3. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    The current weekly includes Scourge keep and 4 other heroic zones (5 zones total) requiring to kill the following:
    1. Mawz Harak
    2. Black Bolt OR Cugdava & Gavitzle in Maldura
    3. Slay Xacx-Kahda OR Xoth OR Mrwar in Kralet Penumbra
    4. Annihilate Yothshaval in Kralet Penumbra
    5. Defeat Maknok OR Yegigoth in Scourge Keep
    The Daily quests consist of 2 heroic zones:
    Yesterdays DD was DoA and Master's Chosen
    Today's DD is both Stygian zones
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  4. Ratitz Active Member

    How many coins does weekly/dailies give?
  5. Talduke Active Member

    Can we get a discussion going about the items themselves while they are still on test. Rather than just complain I will offer a few suggestions. This is purely from a dps standpoint so tanks/heals may not agree. I feel with the slots these ethereals are meant to replace you need to look at what is currently avail and at a minimum match those effects. The current items have nice base stats but there will be many classes thst won't even get to wear them because of the overall loss to the group or raid. So here are my suggestions to atleast match those effects.

    Wrist: currently the collection wrist with aura share and collection reward from CT are what most raiders wear. Adding an aura share upgraded effect to this ethereal would allow people to maintain that group required effect while giving the player a nice boost to personal dps.

    Ear: most classes that are non t1 are asked or required to wear an ear with the 1.4-1.5 increase to all damage or inc to nox,else damage by 1.4-1.5% this means that raiders are equipping an item like high hold ear in favor of personal dps gains because the effect is that good. Adding this effect would allow people to replace an outdated item and enjoy a boost to their class.

    Neck: most bards are required to wear the masters strike effect item to get stronger VC. Adding this to the neck would allow them to replace that without being game breaking. This would also add a bump to the t2 scouts and mages that badly need it.

    Finally the set bonus. There are a lot of ways you could go with this but I was thinking the same or similar effect of the 100m status neck could be a viable option. With 2 people in a group having the 15 fervor neck it is up full time. This would not be game breaking as it is already in place.

    None of these suggestions create an "omg wtf my class will dominate now" feeling but they all would let everyone including tanks/healer have a reason to farm and therefor play/group more. Currently as it sits some classes won't even bother grinding to get all 3 because the will lose the aforementioned buffs/procs.

    Feel free to add to these ideas or if you have better suggestions let's hear em. I would love to help get these items to where they could be without breaking the game.
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  6. Yards Well-Known Member

    Nobody should wear aura share, the ear is still an upgrade to all current raid ears, bards should be wearing fervor neck not master strike neck.
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  7. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I am unsure of how many, I am "guessing' the DD rewards a single coin and members get double, making it 2 a day and the weekly is either the same or a somewhere in the ballpark of 3-5 that would double with membership to 6-10?
    The DD would reward 14 coins a week to members which sounds fair.
    The weekly will be a bit harder as it requires 5 zones and I do hope it is more than 1 coin (2 for members).
  8. Talduke Active Member

    Aura share accross 6 people is higher potency gain at 1140 vs every current item available and it has 7 resolve. As for the neck I agree but most of the population don't have the play time to farm an extra 100m status and those that do want to buy the ring after the faction grind :-(.
  9. Monstuhr Active Member

    Talduke do you mean the Furious Barrage collection item? (38 potency boost increments5 times stacks with everyone that has one in the group)?
  10. Talduke Active Member

    Doh! I'm sorry yep that is exactly what I meant. Thank you for that correction!
  11. Xyno Member

    First of all - I appreciate the envisaged loot system for the summer ethereals! Good job.

    If I remember correctly it was mentioned in the producers letter (May 2016) that it will be the first wave of Summer Ethereals. In respect to that I have two questions and one recommendation.

    - Will we see the items of the other waves before they will be released? I could imagine a situation where somebody will buy at the end of the first wave (with all his ethereal coins) an item but with the start of the next wave he might probably see another ethereal item which would fit better to his requirements. Something like this should be prevented.

    - Will it be feasiable to trade the etherals items (which we bought with etheral coins) back to the vendor to get the same coins back? Some feature like this could be a solution for the scenario which I mentioned in the first question.

    Instead of creating a new set bonus it would be probably highly appreciated if these ethereal items would fit to the Terrors of Thalumbra sets. Please think about it.
  12. Zanger Member

    the only important thing at the moment is that they make sure you can get the 3 runes and 3 jewelry in that period of time if you farm it every day
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  13. Talduke Active Member

    Not exactly true, there are several important discussions on the table right now. I do agree that getting all 3 items with constant farming is important during the event I don't think it is realistic to expect to get all three items AND all 3 runes. I would think you should be able to get all the items and all runes by the end of the summer after all ethereal waves have hit. It will be interesting to see how many pugs will be formed for zones since everyone will be rolling on every ethereal that drops to get the 15coin trade in value rather than letting someone who needs the item get it. This happened anyway last eth summer but only caused hard feelings as often the items lost where for someone's pocket book or scrub alt.
  14. Xyno Member

    Sorry Talduke - I am afraid you misunderstood the loot system for the summer ethereals. They will be drops from your own quest reward. So - nobody will role for your item.
  15. Talduke Active Member

    For some reason I was thinking it was mission rewards/coin purchase in addition to boss drops with the coin being an option for people with low RNG stats. Thank you for the clarification.
  16. Yards Well-Known Member

    Personally I am a fan of the non proc jewelry, it has lowered the lag of raids exponentially and I am in no hurry to see it come back. Thank you for jewelry with no procs, I appreciate it.
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  17. kluxor Well-Known Member

    People needing on items they don't truly need to salvage for coins is mostly a non-issue. For the most part, people just don't do it and generally follow the socially accepted looting norms, and for the most part someone in the group will indeed need an item that drops, which is it even confirmed that mobs can drop them too rather than just the mission crates? The salvaging is going to come from a duplicate you may get in your reward chest.

    And as lackluster as the set bonus is, please please don't make it a ToT raid set....the idea is to get rid of jewelry procs. Putting some CA doublecast as a set bonus would be amazing and help bridge this ever widening gap between scout and mage dps
  18. Sylke Well-Known Member

    Probably the best way to work around the alts and no-trade piece would be to make the items/runes heirloom. That would allow folks that "have to" (we won't go into discussions about greedy guildmates) play an alt for groups to still get the items for their mains.
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  19. kluxor Well-Known Member

    One other thing....I personally believe there should be at least one item for each wave with some tank stats. This entire wave has zero items with mitigation. All three look very pretty on a T1, but tanks don't want to lose the 15% mit theyre seeing on items now.

    My suggestion: Pull one of these items out of this wave and add a tank piece in.
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  20. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Runes are class specific currently so they would have to change mechanics altogether and I don't think they are going to do that:oops:

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