Test Update Notes: Friday June 3, 2016

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Rondo9 Active Member

    The only problem is when someone is required to a play a tank/healer because everyone wants to stay on there mains to earn ethereal coins.
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  2. Enigma Active Member

    Now if you can implement a system like this for the myth hammer/myth staff that would be awesome.
  3. Ratitz Active Member

    Are the ethereal jewelry class-specific? or the same 3 options for all archetypes?
  4. kluxor Well-Known Member

    Has anyone mentioned what the quests are like? how many zones per daily/weekly? Personally i'd prefer 2 zones for daily and even more for the weekly.

    Since its only once per day, there's really no rush so running more than one zone before a group disbands would be nice.
  5. Cutcha New Member

    I am thinking that they will be different. I don't think scout and fighter jewelry will be called Bonecaster.
    I was wrong. Just ran a scout over to the vendor on test. It looks like the scout jewelry is the same as mage. I have not looked on a fighter or healer though.
  6. Cutcha New Member

    It looks like the fighter jewelry is the same too. Its still early. They may have future plans for the other classes.
  7. Talduke Active Member

    Sounds solid! thank you for the quick reply on this one Caith. If the new eth missions are similar to current setup with 1 event heroic and 1 heroic daily, and one event heroic/heroic weekly it should be doable to get multiple items during the event. anyone know if contested weekly and raid weekly will also feature coin rewards?
  8. Flatline Active Member

    Can we rethink it somehow? i mean we have over the years concluded that people with alts also tend to play what is needed to make groups viable, what no trade currency does it makes people only want to bring their mains, and im sure you already knows this makes grouping not only a chore but a bloody pain in the bum.

    Im aware that the influx of items would be higher, im aware it would people with multiple alts at an advantage accumulation wise, however if the items are no-trade the difference for those who DO run multiple alts will be very neglectable, what you might see - and lets be honest, what you WILL see - is certain characters having all items instead of them being spread out on multiple toons. Logic would suggest, that 10 toons with 1 item each, would have the same rate of ... influx of items as 3 toons with 3 items each.

    Or did my morning rant miss something?
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  9. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    On this I agree. If the currency were to be changed to heirloom, the cost would undoubtedly have to increased drastically.
    This would create angst for those without multiple characters, making the chance at actually getting an ethereal impossible if the RNG is not kind.
  10. duckster Active Member

    Gratz on being penalised for being the flexible one to suit group needs !
  11. duckster Active Member

    I think an alternative to this would be the dropped runes being part of an heirloom pattern. Least that way the grind option isnt as harsh on folks who are after all 3 archetype specific runes. Would also be in favour of increasing the cost if heirloom but i dont know how often you can get the coins on a daily basis. As it stands they should be well attainable before the next expac however anyone without rng gods on their sides may still be looking their final rune come next expac.(On assumption of 2 coins a day and new expac likely in november...)
  12. Nkito Well-Known Member

    I like that the coins are no-trade, and the items are 45 or 90 coins to purchase.

    I definitely wouldn't want the cost to increase so people run these like key quests have been done, running 8 alts through on a daily basis. Then come to the forum and complain how much they hate key quests.

    The only possible suggestion I would see to appease the alts is if these daily/weekly missions offered a choice of currency as a reward. The no-trade ethereal coin we see now, or a heirloom ticket.

    Heirloom tickets could then be exchanged at a 10:1 ratio for the ethereal coin used to purchase the item. People will say the ratio is harsh but this is not supposed to be an option for equal treatment, this would just give you something toward your goal.

    imo this is unnecessary extra work but if you're trying to please everyone.
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  13. Jarek New Member

    so how long would it take to get 90 Coins btw ?
    how much coins we get for daily/weekly and which zones will grant the missions ?
    do scourge/varsoon and cazic will give coins aswell ? or just thalumbra/maldura ones ?
  14. Moostafoo Active Member

    Full set gives us 75% Pot and 10,000 health. Oh boy DBG, dont over do it now, We only have 2 to 10 million health as it is, that 10k hp will definitely make us so OP and break the game.
    Only stat on those items that make it worth it is 961 POT. Sad times ahead of us.
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  15. Rondo9 Active Member

    At least they're not game breaking items like fervor and resets!

    Something that hasn't been asked, is it guaranteed to at least a coin from the reward?
  16. Thechurchofgixx Active Member

    I was excited for the ethereals coming just like the LON marketplace items.. but these aren't even that good not gonna be worth the time.. also about the marketplace items.. just plain silly.
  17. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    If thats REALLY why people want it heirloom they could make the daily/weeklies an account restriction like loyalty token dailies.

    But then people would complain they can only get enough tokens to get all the items for one character when they are using multiple characters. If they increased the amount rewarded then people who only have 1 or 2 characters would be done quickly with the event while people with alts to gear would still be trying to group.

    The other problem is there are people being disingenuous, saying they just want to help everyone out and do w/e it takes to get a group going when their actual plan is to duo/trio the zones on their 4-5+ alts and get the items in a fraction of the time. Evident by the fact they keep wanting them heirloom yet don't offer alternatives that wouldn't let them get rewards at a higher rate.

    Making the rewards heirloom just shifts the problem and doesn't solve anything. It would just mean the alt characters would have to keep running stuff until they get enough for an item instead of trading over the tokens as soon as they are gotten. Making any part of this heirloom instantly gives a multiplicative advantage to people running alts proportional to how many alts they use. 2 characters, 2x as fast. 4 characters is 4x as fast, ect.

    I suppose they could make heirloom variations that cost ~5 times more than no-trade, at that point someone would have to run 10 characters a day to get it twice as fast which i imagine is a bit of a minority.
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  18. Nkito Well-Known Member

    This is perfect.

    Or left the way it is, agreed any amount of heirloom creates as many issues as it addresses.
  19. Ratitz Active Member

    I am kind of miffed that there aren't tank versions of this jewelry, or even class specific ones. Feels bad for my tank friends that want tank stats. Hopefully there will be multiple rounds of ethereals, but still.
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  20. Jarek New Member

    so how long would it take to get 90 Coins btw ?
    how much coins we get for daily/weekly and which zones will grant the missions ?
    do scourge/varsoon and cazic will give coins aswell ? or just thalumbra/maldura ones ?
    dev answer would be nice :)
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