Terrors of Thalumbra Beta Rewards

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  1. Roshen Well-Known Member

    When you come to help test our content for the next expansion and share your feedback, we want to reward you for it!


    This mount will be your reward when testing Terrors of Thalumbra beta content. You’ll get a different version of this mount for testing different things.

    Completing all Terrors of Thalumbra Adventure Quests

    If you complete all of the Terrors of Thalumbra adventure quests on the beta server, you’ll be able to claim one “Kaeonos, the Dark Spirit” for one of the characters on your account on a live server.


    Defeating All Heroic Dungeons

    For each character you defeat all of the Heroic Dungeons with on the beta server, you’ll be able to claim one “Kryasaor, Bearer of the Dead” for one of your characters on a live server.


    Wait… There’s More!

    There are also rewards for completing all Terrors of Thalumbra Tradeskill quests on the beta server.

    Special Note: If you’re looking to earn these rewards for multiple characters, you can get an additional claim for your account each time you do this content on beta on a new character.

    Oh, and did we mention that the beta rewards are claimable NOW?

    So, what are you waiting for? If you’re not already in beta, pre-ordering gives you immediate access to the Terrors of Thalumbra beta servers and Altar of the Ancients, a special housing item that grants daily XP gain. If you haven’t already pre-ordered Terrors of Thalumbra, you can do so here.

    Want to learn more about how you can get set up in the Terrors of Thalumbra Beta? See the post here.
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  2. Jinksie Active Member

    Thank you! Very excited to try out beta and check out the rewards.
  3. Foretold Well-Known Member

    The twitch feed the other day led me to believe there was a mount reward for finishing the tradeskill quest line as well. All you mention is "rewards"... what are the rewards for completing all the tradeskill quests?
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  4. Yuki Member

    Act now and get burned out on the new expansion content before release!

    So do I wait to do the content when it goes live and be fresh and exited for the content, or burn through it now with multiple toons (that I will have to again after live release) just to get the rewards... decisions, decisions... I do not know what to do.
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  5. Liou_Unrest Active Member

    Just so people know, the regular Signature Quest line mount in the new xpac is slightly better than these rewards.
  6. Bloodguts Well-Known Member

    Would like to point out that the Heroic Beta Testing mount currently can't be obtained.

    We're still not getting the achievements from completing the Heroics, and those achievements are the ones that track which Heroics you've completed which eventually rewards you the Heroic Beta Testing mount.
  7. Madelinerose Member

    What about those who preordered but you have failed to copy their character over? Is there a special mount for that?
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  8. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Can someone please clarify this because I saw the video of the Beta Stream and it sure sounded like if we completed the tradeskill timeline there would be a version of the mount with different status? This post sounds like there is no version for tradeskillers. Is there only two versions of the mount or is there one for tradeskillers too?
  9. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's better not to test at all and let the content be something new and exciting after all how much new content could there possibly be if you can burn through it in a cpl days?
  10. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Yep there must be! The invisible catch me if you can mount!
    One minute my toon was on beta the next time I logged on it was gone now we are in the midst of a server consolidation and there is no way to re /beta so that's kind of a drag. I really don't even care anymore I think I have had enough of all this maybe til Frostfell
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  11. Anatha Active Member

    FriggaWitch, I don't know about you but I am actually testing and reporting bugs. That is why I am in the beta. When it goes live, I would like it to be as bug free as possible.
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  12. Rachael New Member

    Is there a reward for copy taking days to work and then finally getting in and then it resetting all my progress on me?
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  13. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Nice mount, but I have to agree with several others. I think I would prefer for everything to be fresh and exciting upon release, rather than getting burnt out on it in beta. That isn't to say that I haven't tested and done bug reports, because I have. But doing the entire quest line seems a bit too much in the amount of time we've had, at least if we also wanted to do NotD on the live servers.
  14. Nooloon Active Member

    I understand the desire of the developers to have the content tested, however this it far and away too much testing for far and away too little reward.

    To summarize... you expect us to PLAY THE ENTIRE EXPANSION's CONTENT - ALL OF IT in order to get a single mount, for a single character? Frankly that is insane. Why would we ruin our enjoyment of content that should be sufficient to last us a year, by burning out on it in a month? You're doing your customers a huge disservice by placing such an enormous burden on them, while dangling a single mount, however pretty it might be, as the sole reward for dozens of hours of work and frustration.

    I'd like to support DayBreak, but for me this is not going to fly. I've bought the expansion, guess I'll just wait till it goes live to play it.
  15. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    and no, there is no TS mount right now. it was a ts potion, infuser item, and a tithe item.
  16. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    My toons got a pack pegasus... but you have to click on Oliver again to receive it, IIRC.
  17. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    that's not what I was reffering too. the pack pegasus is a bought item in Mara too. this is supposed to be for one of those spectral horses that the adventuring side gets as a beta reward. the TS side beta reward right now is a tradeskilling potion, and infuser, and a tithe bonus coin. no mount in it. unless this is a brand new pack pegasus?
  18. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    If they say do x number of quests and everyone stops at the x then the rest of the content doesn't get tested. Makes sense to say gotta do it all. This isn't their first rodeo, they know how testing goes.
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  19. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Well on the plus side of things EQ2Maps ought to have a pretty good POI base by the time the xpac goes live. That will be nice for all the folks that didn't get to beta test I guess.
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  20. Vasciagio Well-Known Member

    I Completely agree with you. I am Beta testing to ensure we get the best expansion we can. And after the last patch, I noticed that it seems to actually be working. Some of the bugs I found - got updated in the patch. Yay my voice does count and my testing is helping. However, downside is it seems that this beta isn't really quite ready for "beta" testing. I t is more like Alpha. Too many blocks in progression to see how things work (to Test) and then the patch reset me and I had to go back and redo a large portion of the questline. Now - This can't get into server problem is really hindering the testing period.

    I figured, I could pause my live server tasks because those can be picked back up at anytime. Other than NoTD, which I am bored with ATM. I was excited to Beta test; not for a mount but to actually test and to see how the Lore plays into things. But now after trying everything from the exe from folder to repatching and full file scan; I can't get into the game. "No character Exists" errors and "no server exists" for the exsisting character errors; are stopping me from even testing. By the time it gets fixed, I will probably be reset again, lose my progress and have to start the questline over again. So frustrating that I think I am just gonna give up on beta and go back to live (if I can get in there - need to try) There are probably enough testers. It just seems so unorganized, unfinished, and so rushed that I am worried how it will be once live. If it is full of bugs when it is live (like other stuff people have been asking for fixes for years for) we might need another server consolidation.

    Fears the fleeing gamers,
    Vasciagio Bladesong
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