Terrors of Thalumbra Beta Starts Tuesday, October 20

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  1. Roshen Well-Known Member

    That time is almost here! The beta test for Terrors of Thalumbra starts on Tuesday, October 20, 2015. This will be ready for players on Tuesday in the early afternoon.


    Everyone that pre-orders Terrors of Thalumbra gets immediate access to the beta server once it goes live. Playing Terrors of Thalumbra on the Beta server also has perks for your live server accounts! There is more information coming soon about the rewards players will be able to earn by testing expansion content on beta.

    Here is some information to help you get started in Beta:

    How to provide testing feedback:
    • Use the /bug or /feedback command in game to open a window and submit information
    • Post issues and suggestions in the Terror of Thalumbra Beta Forums (Note: You have to be active in the beta to be able to post on these forums)
    How to set up a test character for Beta:
    • Beta buff merchant is available on the Freeport and Qeynos docks or at character creation points in Halas, Neriak, Gorowyn, and Kelethin.
    • Beta buffer will give you the option to teleport to the Village of Shin to start your tradeskill questline, or to Neriak or Greater Faydark to start the adventuring quest line.
    How to copy your character over to the Beta server:
    • Log in your character and then type the /beta command. Beta copy will be available after the beta server is ready
    To patch and get into the Beta servers:
    • Open your station Launchpad
    • In the top-left corner, click the 'Version' link which will open the 'Select Game Version' panel
    • Choose 'Beta' in the drop-down menu and then hit 'Apply' to begin patching
    • Hit 'Play' once the patching completes
    Other Key Points:
    • Beta installs into a subfolder that takes about the same space as your live game version.
    • Remember to set the 'Version' back to your regular setting to access your normal server.
    • The Beta server may not be accessible at all times, as patching occurs when it is necessary.
    • The Beta server is wiped periodically, meaning Beta characters may be deleted with or without notice.
    We look forward to hearing your feedback about Terrors of Thalumbra and seeing you on the Beta server!

    Pre-ordering gives you immediate access to the Terrors of Thalumbra beta servers and Altar of the Ancients, a special housing item that grants daily XP gain. If you haven’t already pre-ordered Terrors of Thalumbra, you can do so here.
  2. Uncle Active Member

    Will beta forum's be set up on main board up this year and not on reddit??
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  3. Roshen Well-Known Member

    Correct. Beta forums for Terrors of Thalumbra will be a subforum of these forums.
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  4. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    I can't hold my breath until the 20th! :p:p

    Make it sooner! OMG I can't wait! Really enjoy the few days before beta/expansions, so exciting. Palpable even :p

    Thanks for the announcement. :)
  5. Nantoh Member

    I love central American ruins flavor like classic EQ Temple of Cazic-Thule or Kunark.
    Not a fan of real lizards though.
    Announced zone seems to be central America ruins flavor without lizards!
  6. Edelphia Well-Known Member

    Seriously!?! you start merges and ask us to play on beta while servers are down, then start beta up the SAME DAY! How in the name of heaven can we copy a toon to beta if our servers are down? Smooth move Daybroke.
  7. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Please do open /beta copy on Monday if at all possible? I know we'll have a beta buffer, but our own characters with everything set up exactly how we like it means we can hop into testing right away. Beta buffing a new toon can take forever.

    But just in case they don't open beta copy early, a suggestion to everyone - save the AA layout for your favorite characters, then move the saved layout to the Beta folder. Then when you beta buff a character you can get their AA set up quickly.
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  8. silamdarr Member

    Are we going to be able to /beta on Monday so those of us that will be displaced on Tuesday due to server merges will be able to log in beta?
  9. FriggaWitch Well-Known Member

    Quick question, If we have a beta copy already there from previous beta testing are these gonna be wiped. I don't wanna have a X at the end of me name and missing stuff.
    Last beta there was some issues with beta copies not actually copying. It may be a good thing to do any toon beta copying while out of the GH or private home. Also during the last beta some houses copied and some didn't leaving me without a crafting house and no depots Is there a foreseeable problem with this?
  10. Anastaise Active Member

    I was able to get to character select and my old beta copies were wiped. There were lvl 1 placeholders there instead. I really hope we can /beta before the server moves. I tried this weekend and it is still disabled.
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  11. suka Well-Known Member

    please tell us how to get a character copied to beta when our servers are down for merging. i know you must have thought this through before putting this on the same date that you bring our servers down.
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  12. Tabri Well-Known Member

    I will be on Beta but I do have a couple of questions.

    If you default download the Beta to your machine will it put any files into the main EQ folder that already exists or do I need to force make a new entire separate folder for it not to do this? Also I just want to Beta then delete all of it I am limited on space I use an SSD HDD for gaming on this machine and I have a few games now so Is there and easy way to delete all of the Beta content? Just delete the folders afterwards?
  13. Taiyla Active Member

    I have to ask the same question as others have asked. Will we be able to beta copy on Monday before they take our server down? I know I'm not alone in wanting to test the new content with my currently geared toon not one that is bauble leveled. Please allow us to beta copy on Monday even if you don't open the beta server for play until Tuesday. Cut us poor merger guinea pigs some slack.
  14. jbc1948 Well-Known Member

    Any perks for Beta Testers this time around? Like the TS carpet that folks got for Beta testing the Tradeskill line in AoM
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  15. GuMeshow Member

    It adds a Beta folder inside your EverQuest II folder, you can delete the Beta folder afterwards.

    If you want to have the Beta folder on another HDD / partition, you can use the EQ2 Installer as if installing it a 2nd time (make sure to change the path to where you want it) but as soon as you get the launcher open click the 'Version' - Beta - Apply (I would recommend Full version be ticked so you don't get lag from streaming the assets).

    PS: The 'Version' link in the new Launchpad is on the Bottom-left now ;)
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  16. GuMeshow Member

  17. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list of folks who would like a way to be able to use one of my current characters in beta on Tuesday while my home server is merging! It would have been so convenient to be able to be on beta while the merger is happening!
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  18. Rolo Member

    Is the Beta folder going to be called BETA? I would like to copy EQII game to that folder first and not have to download 14gig to play.

    i.e. c:/users/public/sony online entertainment/installed games/everquest II

    Will Beta be
    c:/users/public/sony online entertainment/installed games/beta

    c:/users/public/sony online entertainment/installed games/everquest II/beta
  19. GuMeshow Member

    IIRC it is called Beta, located inside the everquest II folder :

    .../everquest II/beta
  20. Roshen Well-Known Member

    I've been told that it's "extremely unlikely" that beta copy will be ready on Monday.

    The team understands that it would be more convenient for the players on servers that are merging to be able to beta copy. If this isn't ready before merges, players will still be able to use beta buffers if they want to explore Thalumbra on Tuesday while their main server is down.
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