Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by TrulyVexed, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Findis New Member

    I've read through the entire thread here and I've tried everyone's suggestions. I would like to point out that the first POI listed for bone piles is in the water and the other points listed didn't have bone piles either, including the one for the fallen ranger "JS". This tells me that the bone piles possibly move? Can someone confirm this please?

    After the updates this morning I was one of the first logged back onto our server, Oasis. I killed all the wandering skeletons on Kithicor and had a few scouts do search pattern fly overs to confrm that they were all indeed dead. This didn't start any ring event. I also attempted to kill corpse beetles with no luck as well.

    I also cleared out Akheva around the castle area and waited for an aura to spawn with no luck after doing such.

    I fully understand that having a quest that is challenging is great but this quest is making me have flash backs to the days of the original Everquest where we had to camp long periods of time to start events or wait for quest mobs to pop.

    At this time I'm of the impression this quest is flawed mechanically and will just pass on trying to complete it until I see an update note or something from the developer(s) about it making it a little easier to understand and complete.

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  2. Bruce The Original Member

    I have to agree. Thinking about all the mobs that have been suggested as potential triggers, the wandering non-aggro high-elf (or if there is a dark-elf) skellie, fallen warriors, those would make sense to me as trigger mobs. The wandering skeletons, while not 'ordinary' for the zone, don't really scream out as an event mob. The piles of bones that trigger the fallen warriors either move or have increased, as one was not at its POI point, and a couple others were near it.

    On Freeport Server, I saw wandering skeletons for the first time since my character got to this quest. Killed all I could find on track, but no event. Started finding bone piles, but only got 1 fallen warrior out of all the bone piles I walked across. Still no event. Came back later, found no wandering skeletons, and found a couple new bone piles, only one of which triggered a fallen warrior. Nothing that will trigger the event thus far.

    If this quest were a car, I feel like I'm being told that in order to drive it, I need to travel to Singapore and buy a German sausage, then take a feather duster and use it to charge a cell phone. Could we get some kind of clarity? Or could someone verify the functionality of this event across all servers please?
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  3. Wigin Developer

    I found an issue this morning that was preventing the event from starting correctly. We will be patching in a fix soon and we will also be adding one screen text to help people figure out how to consistently trigger the event to help avoid confusion.
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  4. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Wigin my friend, I think you owe Kaitheel a big plate of cookies. ;)
  5. Wintir Active Member

    A big thank you, Sony!
  6. Findis New Member

    or Kaitheel owes Wigin!! lol
  7. Spectre Member

    Are we there yet? :eek:
  8. Oriathan New Member

    First time I tried this I said it was broken, I stand corrected. It never worked in the first place so wasn't broken, just not turned on yet.
  9. Sharann Well-Known Member

    Oh dear! At last! And I almost went banana trying to figure this thing out. :confused:
  10. Spectre Member

    Well it is not fixed yet =P
  11. Leeroy Well-Known Member

    That is because we haven't had a patch since Wigin found the issue. Patience, Grasshopper.
  12. Curmudgeon Active Member

    Consider yourself a minority then. I get enough of dealing with headaches at work, where I get paid money to solve problems. I do this for fun and relaxation. Enough other people are like me that games pandering to hardcore "we like beating our heads against a wall!" are struggling to stay afloat. Wildstar, anyone?
  13. Bumrush New Member

    I've got to be missing something....I still cant get this event to spawn no matter what I kill or what I run around trying to do to trigger it...Is it still bugged?
  14. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    I doubt Wigin's fix is in yet, so yes, it's likely still wedged in most instances on most servers.
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  15. Sunnova New Member

    I see what you did there!
  16. Stuk Puk New Member

    Kaitheel I also have mystery for you to solve.

    What's the name of the game, that even in 2014, 10 years after premier has quest that cause pain to players?
    Hint: all these quest should be able to do without running around the world like headless chickens, without looking for solution and waypoints on wiki. These quest should be done by even kids without leaving game for a second.

    Mysteries to solve? Seriously? Do I play Sherlock Holmes Adventures?
    Not working map? Why oh why, one quest can have a POI that is shown on map, and 90% of other quest can't?
    Why we are forced to run around whole map for looking one particular mob or clicky? Which hurts specially people without track.

    Same goes for quests that force you to harvest something.... Even in best graphics settings, they render if you are really close. Glowing is hard to see. But there are still things that doesn't even glow - hello to 'gather seewead'... which even doesn't appear on as harvestable on track.

    You talk about mystery, where maybe 10% of this game population read and cares about quest lines. I meet people everyday that keep asking me 'Hey, you do quests every expansion. Whats the story behind this year exp?' And I have no f.... idea. All I know, that:
    - current tokens are from Far Seas,
    - we have old zones that look like crap,
    - quests are broken, boring and painfull,
    - collections always spawn at exact same location,
    - and as it's fantasy game, we have lots of dinosaurs,
    - and you have to get Lumius Cluster to get mastercrafter gear for resists (doing heroics is pointless than),
    - and suprise - roots/berries can be found in stone mountaints, where clusters to mine can be found on beach and forest,

    Seriously, it's pain to do quests in this game. And still, you force us to do ALL quest, just to finish signature. So, this is the way to force players to actually do quests... because all quests are useless and 90% of us leveled in first days using bugged DM. And why? Because you can't get max level doing only quests... Thats another broken thing. Same goes for tradeskill quests.

    And if you go thru all the pain, you get reward to remove adornments without any cost, which ruins Adorning Dislodgers idea and economy.

    So as for me, you guy's need to start playing other games and learn from them. There are simple things that can make this game better, like working and usefull map, making story interesting, quest/items indicators in game that can be seen. That's bare minimum.

    As for this quest, I wasted already 5 hours on Splitpaw. You know - camping Gorlux in 2005 was better pleasure than this.

    PS. Even this forum is a fail - you can't edit even your own posts in quick window.
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  17. Des hen Member

    Well said Stuk Puk.....I love the classes in this game, but there is no depth, no major story....your other comments were spot on. I just returned to the game and was surprised that I only reached lvl 99 after starting with full vitality....and that is with finishing all the quests except this one.

    However, that being said at least they still keeping to the good old MMO style, which WoW and all the other have ran away from. I like the trinity style of classes needed in groups and where if you are a jerk everyone will know that on the server.

    On a side note, this quest fixed yet ?
  18. Findis New Member

    Stuk Puk you have a couple of good points, just one recommendation. Start a new thread, you'd get more people reading it, including the dev you've directed torwards. This thread is about ONE quest in particular which your post isn't directly related to.
  19. Brennin Active Member

    Event still not triggering correctly on freeport, FWIW.

    What irks me more than a glitchy quest is the rather smug attitude of certain devs who refuse to investigate a possible script error just because the event has worked for a few people on some of the servers... glibly acting like this is some big secret that must be maintained for immersion sake. (HI THERE: most of us know *exactly* how this event is SUPPOSED to work and which mobs must be killed.)

    Thanks Wigin for at least acknowledging the problem. I'll look forward to finally finishing these last couple quests in this expansion, hopefully after the next patch.
  20. Charlice Well-Known Member

    When is this being fixed?

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