Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by TrulyVexed, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Brennin Active Member

    Don't know. Wigin posted 5 days ago that they would be patching a fix soon -- which, considering this is the newest expansion and has the most player traffic right now, should logically be a high priority and actually happen soon, not the "soon™" that devs often use in reference to maybe-after-the-holidays-eight-patches-later fixing of an obscure bug that only affects one spell and a single class.

    P.S. I agree with the poster who said quests aren't awarding enough experience. Kinda sucks to work through the entire signature line and get a mount whose stats are useless for another whole level of grinding. Maybe "Sustaining Souls" experience could be boosted, since we've wasted enough time on it for ten quests.
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  2. Wintir Active Member

    If you can complete the SQ line, then you should be able to equip the reward mount with all stat benefits.
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  3. Akina_Storms Active Member

    the SQ line???
  4. ColorsFade Active Member

    Is this fixed, or are we waiting for a Thursday (Frostfall) patch on this?
  5. Findis New Member

    This is an excellent question. They usually push patches through the test server before production (I know it isn't ALWAYS like that) and it hasn't been listed there so I say there is a 50/50 chance we will see it pushed with the next patch.
  6. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    There is a fix for starting the Bloody Battle of Kithicor that will be in the patch tomorrow.
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  7. Hexfyre New Member

    Three cheers for Afista_SOE...

    Hip Hip Horray!
    Hip Hip Horray!
    Hip Hip Horray!
  8. Ellimist Active Member

    I can confirm this is now fixed on Unrest. I just completed the rest of the quest line. Kill the wandering skeletons to spawn the event.

    Also as a side note the Wandering skeletons were never up when I have searched for hours at a time before.
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  9. beagley Well-Known Member

    I've reached the end of my patience with this frickin quest. It's allegedly fixed. I've camped it day and night. I've killed wandering skeletons, I've killed bone rots, malignant shadows and ents, I've killed the fallen warriors that now spawn in piles of bones...


    Do I have to delete the existing quests in my journal and reacquire it in case its bugged? Alternatively would someone please PM this simpleton explicit instructions how to finish this sodding thing.

    SOE - this IS SuppOsEd to bt entertainment, not torture...
  10. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    For what it's worth, there are wandering skeletons a bit beyond the actual battle area...we ended up killing about 10 of them before the event spawned [some right at the battlefield, some near the druid ring, some below the battlefield]. Not sure what the exact count is yet, but you definitely need to look a bit away from the battle area to find them.

    One thing to make sure people know: hold off killing the grouped mobs and names as long as you can. The individuals on the outskirts [the ones you need for the quest] respawn quickly so you can get the updates you need in one shot, but only as long as the named groups aren't killed. Once the names are gone, the event poofs and needs to be restarted.
  11. Ellimist Active Member

    There's also on screen text when you kill the wandering skeletons now.
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  12. ColorsFade Active Member

    Interesting, because reading the forum posts yesterday, before the patch, I was going to give this quest one last go. I read in another thread a person posted "I think I've figured it out!" that they thought it was the wandering skeletons.

    So... being a class that cannot track, I purchased the tracking scroll from the Marketplace and gave it a go. Only... no wandering skeletons were up. Which made me think perhaps the person who posted that was a bust.

    But no matter. After patch today I logged in, the ghosts were up, the battle raged on, and a bunch of us were able to do the quest (and go get the shoulders after from the Phantom Sea vendor).

    Kudos to fixing it SOE.
  13. Laita Well-Known Member

    It is fixed, I just did it on all 3 of my characters.. It took 7-10 kills of wandering skeletons to spawn it on each toon.. just have to keep killing them until it spawns.
  14. Brennin Active Member

    I was able to finish this (and the subsequent quests) on Freeport. The named ghost and a hoard of heroics popping during the encounter was initially a bit of a quick-death surprise, but with careful pulling and keeping merc from auto-attacking I was able to pluck out the normal human spirits and get it done. I'm sure folks working in groups and/or raid gear wouldn't have a problem.
  15. Mysstie Well-Known Member

    I was able to complete this today. When I got there, nothing was up. Killed a wandering skeleton and the event started. I just stayed on the outer edges and picked off 1 dark elf at a time. I did it without my merc so she wouldn't do anything I didn't want. :)
  16. Oriathan New Member

    Still nothing to use the blessed salts on. Sad to say this quest was brilliant on paper, but implementation failed.
  17. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Just answered this in both of the other threads [here and here], but posting here as well in case it helps someone:

    Look for the single [non-grouped] mobs around the need to kill them first, then a soul/defeated mob will spawn. Target that, use the salts, and you've got a quest update. As long as the grouped/named bunches aren't killed, the individual mobs will keep respawning for a while, so it's possible to get all 12 updates from the same event.
  18. barbapapa New Member

    I try it today. It is still not fixed on AB. I try to delete the quest and redo it without success :(
  19. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    I just did it on 6 toons, and was unable to quite do it as precisely as you describe.

    A) If the field was empty, I was able to start the event, move on to step B

    B) If the field was full of just spirits, I was able to pick them off one at a time, and or in small groups, and salt or snatch their souls after they were killed. After I killed 'too many', (which was less than 12), elites and echos of nameds spawned. Proceed to step C.

    C) If there's a mix of spirits/elites/echos up, snipe the spirits for their souls, and leave the elites and echos up. Eventually you run out of spirits, proceed to step D

    D) There are only elites and echos of nameds up. At this point, you can get no more souls - I never saw respawn. I typically had 10 of 12 souls at this point (it varied), if there was no competition.

    Once you're at point D - you gotta clear the field and start over. If someone stumbled across the event in point D, and can't kill the nameds, they're seemingly stuck. I noodled around the outside of the event for 30 minutes with no luck. (I suppose I could have resumed killing wandering skellies, maybe they respawn as spirits... an experiment for another time...) But end result, I had to slaughter everything in sight to clear the event, and start a new one to continue.

    E) Once the echos of nameds die, the event despawns, and can be restarted fairly rapidly.

    In the end, it took me 9 events to finish 6 toons. I'm not saying it can't be done more precisely, but this was the best I could do.
  20. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I don't agree with all what you wrote, but some of your remarks/complains are real issues. You should open a post about it, but to stay constructive you should propose solutions ;-)

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