Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by TrulyVexed, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    A fresh phantom sea zone popped up this afternoon, so I played around in it.

    At first, there were lots of Wandering Skeletons up. At the same time, I could get no fallen warriors to appear from bone piles.

    So I slaughtered every wandering skeleton in the place, and then fallen warriors started appearing regularly from bone piles.

    It appeared very much as if the two were related, and killing wandering skellies advanced it to the next trigger. After that, I have no idea. I slaughtered a whole lot of fallen warriors. I tried dragging them around. My last thought was that to have a battle, you need a bunch of warriors, so I tried spawning as many as I could without killing them. No luck there either, although I couldn't get very many up at once before someone else ran them over.
  2. Marina Mawr New Member

    Well.. three point five hours later.... On Crushbone Server, I have tracked and killed wandering skeletons in Phantom Sea 3.... Phantom Sea 1. I have yet to find a Non-aggro High Elf Skeleton... I have stepped on every single pile of bones in the zone and triggered the skeletons not once, not twice.. but three times with no event triggered. Soo.... the mysterious triggering of the event? It's not any of what was suggested.

    I don't mind working quests and figuring them out.

    Another issue I have is someone not on the quest line able to trigger the event and then not have the event available for the people on the quest.

    I am also wondering if the event is bugged such that it will trigger once and only once after a server reset and then won't trigger again until the next server reset. No one seems to know when the last time the event was triggered... Who knows.. At this point... I am pretty disgusted with the way this quest is "working as intended.."
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  3. Ferji New Member

    This quest is a real headache :D

    I'm trying to finish it since days now. Looked for all the stuff that was mentioned here. Never found any wandering skeletons or something similar. Killed a few corpse beetles and other stuff but nothing seems to trigger that battle. Also found three of those bone piles. They spawn fallen warriors occasionally, but only during nighttime. Killed lots of them, but nothing happened. I haven't found anything else that could relate to that battle so far.

    It's really frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I really like quests with riddles and when you have to think a bit. Loved the investigation quests in The Secret World for example. But we need some kind of (better) clue or something. At the moment most people don't even know if the quest is bugged or if we just haven't discovered the right trigger.
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  4. Oriathan New Member

    Still broken at this time. Nothing shows up day or night game time. Killing mobs all around the area does nothing. Suggest kindly that devs claiming it now works have yet to test it or watch a player try and conplete this one.
  5. Spunkel Member

    I've spend 16 hours in a row at that area and nothing spawned there. If it's a random trigger somewhere in the zone, it's got to be that rare, that noone else triggered the event during this time. That makes this part stupid.
  6. Arrarik New Member

    The first 6 locations are bone piles, I Figured i'd help a little and see if we can get somewhere with this. I don't know how to spawn the event, and i've spent a lot of time trying to figure out something. Still looking for more clues. If anyone has more bone pile locations feel free to add them

    1,034.89, 24.37, 1,206.06

    964.22, 24.07, 1,281.58

    650.93, 13.51, 941.15

    625.00, 12.73, 925.06

    672.39, 29.78, 1,037.51

    656.19, 17.80, 1,073.32

    319.21, 53.66, 974.64 (Grave of J.S. Fallen Ranger) Game of thrones reference perhaps? Jon Snow

    Add POI is a great tool btw.
  7. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    actually I think that might be a tongue in cheek refferance to Jethal Silverwing, myself heh
  8. Des hen Member

    This is the worst quest ever.....if it requires somebody to trigger something in the is even worse for us who are on servers with low pop.
  9. Aludaru New Member

    This quest is about as vague and rumor-laden at getting it to trigger as it used to be in EQ1 in getting the ghoul lord to spawn and drop the short sword of the ykesha (I can't be the only one who remembers spelling out YAK in copper on the ground because someone's best friend's brother's roommate said it worked...)
  10. Tahuti New Member

    Over the past few days I have been able to consistently spawn this event by killing 6-8 wandering skeletons in the general vicinity (tracking is helpful). Kill all the "a wandering skeleton"s, event starts, every time.
  11. Hijinx Well-Known Member

    I love this quest! I love that we haven't figured it out yet. I hope it takes us a few more weeks to figure out. Really, I don't want everything to be attainable in game within the first week of an expansion.
  12. Ellimist Active Member

    i have no problem with a difficult riddle that takes weeks hijinx but its entirely another when there isnt even a clue as to where to start. its also worse when its clearly not working the same for all servers. i.e. wandering skellies are not showing on all the servers.
  13. supernova Member

    As I noted in another thread, I killed every wandering skeleton I could find over about 3 hours with no luck
  14. Des hen Member

    I had track going for an hour today, not a single Wandering Skeleton on track. I found the group of bones and occasionally a warrior skeleton would pop out, but no Wandering Skeleton.
  15. Arrarik New Member

    So, Are the people that saying Wandering skeletons in fact meaning the Bone Rot skeletons? Or do the Wandering Skeletons actually exist. Because that would shed a lot of light on killing skeletons around a bonepile that seem bugged on multiple servers and are never up.
  16. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    There are actual mobs called wandering skeletons in PS. I did try and kill them along with the bone pile spawns to spawn the ring event. Once the event was up, I had to kill the spirits in order to spawn the non-aggro essense to collect.
  17. Des hen Member

    So this morning there were seven Wandering Skeletons around the area that I could find on track.....I killed all seven of them, ran across skull bones on the road and hill near the quest area.....nothing popped.
  18. Wintir Active Member

    Hi Kaitheel,

    I'm all about a good mystery or challenge, but a clue can usually be defined as a piece of evidence that leads one toward the solution of a problem.

    You've commented earlier on this thread that "It's something on Kithicor that anyone can do, whether they are on a quest or not. It is something players may do without even knowing that it is connected to the event. It is not associated or limited to time of day."

    All facetiousness aside, I don't think even Hercules Poirot could get any traction off of that puppy ;).

    I know you meant well and didn't want to give all of us a "gimmee" clue from the onset, but can you throw us a bone, please? :)

  19. Oriathan New Member

    I only hope for the dev's sake that folks ooh and aaah when someone in game on any server finally figures it out. Otherwise folks are going to just say that the effort was not worth the build up. I am only glad that there was no need to do this quest and the reward wasn't something that everyone will want.
  20. Arrarik New Member

    There was progress made last night on Antonia Bayle. I came back from supper and checked the bone piles. None of them would spawn a fallen warrior, which I had checked twice to make sure. I figured, why not check the battlefield. Even though the Event had not triggered I tabbed and saw "a wandering skeleton". I enlisted the help of a friend and we soon found out they were trackable. We proceeded to kill 10 "a wandering skeletons".

    Unfortunately the Even did not trigger like some others have had after killed less or the same amount of npc's needed for said trigger. After that It went back to Fallen Warriors spawning from bone piles. And, I'm not sure if the "a wandering skeleton" npc's are the first part or if we killed too slowly or it just decided to start the event over.

    At least I got to see the next part I guess.

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