Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by TrulyVexed, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Yeah, that's false.

    ~ Kaitheel
  2. Akina_Storms Active Member

    there's a bunch of thing i can do in Kithicor.
    so first part doesn't help.
    and last neither.
    and if you can't relate to the event...
    how the hell are we suppose to discover the trigger?
  3. Trickykell Member

    Yeah this is kind of absurd, I even read up on the story of Kithicor... didn't make a damn bit of sense.
  4. Whisrosa New Member

    I was able to complete this quest on Butcherblock Phamtom Sea 2.
    I also received an "out of range" message when I tried to engage, but I used a ranged weapon and was able to bring them out one by one.
    The "soul" mob needed to use the container did not spawn on any mobs other than the human ones.
    The "elite" ghosts mob you if you hit one, so be careful when solo (Feign Death rocks).
    As for the trigger, I kept killing specific mobs and going back to the area. Right before the event spawned, I killed 3 non aggro corpse beetles in a small area. I can't be positive this is the trigger as Kaitheel said anyone in the zone could have "happen" on the trigger just after I killed those beetles. But, no ghosts were there right before I killed the beetles and when I killed them, the event spawned. It is worth checking by someone else.
  5. Lenolian Active Member

    There are a few locations around the plateau of the battle of kithicor that looks like a battle happens there. Some mobs related to the battle also spawns at those place. So far i have found 4 of this locations, there are maybe more.

    Cant guarantee it is the trigger but i manage to finish the quest (its hard to know if its something you have done yourself or something some of the other people around did at same time).
  6. Evalaine New Member

    Maybe the quest should read this way as it gives the clue to the event trigger:

    The Battle of Kithicor. How could it ever be forgotten you say. Lanys T'Vyl led the Tier'Dal to meet Firiona Vie and the forces of Tunare in the Kitchicor Forest. The intense battle that ensued outside the entrance to Highpass cost countless lives. The evil of Innouruk was unleashed on that very patch of ground that somber day as fear gripped the hearts of all that were present. Those who were lost are left wandering while cursed with the everlasting memory of the bloodiest battle in the history of Norrath.
  7. Kickya Active Member

    Seemed to work for me too

    Kill 8 or so wandering skellies
    updated from killing blue if your evil and red if good

    elites and 3 named gave loot but take a long time to kill
  8. Occam Well-Known Member

    This is stupid. Either the quest is broken or the trigger is so obscure and unrelated that nobody has actually figured it out.
    I've been reading everything I can and I've tried every suggestion people have made.
    NOTHING has worked.
    I've killed every mob around the hill
    I've used the ranger merc to track and kill every malignant shadow I could find.
    Ditto skellys (including wiping out every one in the skelly ranger village).
    Ditto beetles, treants. spiders, urzarachs, armapines, wolves, centipedes, and anything else I could find!
    I've looked everywhere for possible clickables.

    Before the "fix" the spirits were up probably half the time I went by.
    Since then they have not been up a single time, and believe me I check constantly.
    Every time I'm there, other players are also trying to do the same thing and NOBODY I've spoken to has been successful.
    Something is broken, at least on Permafrost.
  9. Erak Member

    I think this even start when ANY player in the zone harvest Essence of War froma mysterious crystal
  10. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    this is one of the worst "Trigger" script ever. not ideal format to play with less clue.
    tried several kills and nothing works as others said.

    from what i heard, triple ^^^ heroics when someone soloing get rude surprise when they dont have group, and more likely for other "grief players" to steal the kills and preventing updates.

    in my opinion, find something to click on if it drop a mob and you get zone into old battlefield in solo or group mode zones.
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  11. Vampcat76 New Member

    Okay, on Butcherblock, someone said that killing Wandering Skeletons will get the ghosts to pop. That seemed to work. BUT, I was only able to kill one Dark Elf. The rest were "Too Far Away". So, I tried using AOEs and that only got the humans to attack me... the dark elves (the ones I needed) were still too far away.

    The other player who was there was a dark elf he needed to kill the humans and had no problem at all.
  12. Vampcat76 New Member

    Hmm taunt seems to work!
  13. Vampcat76 New Member

    Stuck again. As soon as the named guys come out around 7 kills in. Anything you attack from that point on, everything comes at you and you are dead in 2 seconds.
  14. Aventus New Member

    This event is still bugged checked hundreds of times, this event still need still needs to be fixed. (BUTCHERBLOCK)
  15. Derfel Active Member

    I ran the event after finding it up midstream (no idea what started it). Vampcat76, you can still kill the generics after the names show up, just don't clip the names or you'll get dogpiled (use singular focus if necessary).
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  16. Xyza Member

    My character is good, but the battle keeps telling me the dark elves are not an enemy. Will let me attack the humans & high elves....
  17. m4v3r Member

    when I got to the marked area for this quest the event was just up and I didn't even realize then, that it's an event...
    I started pulling mobs and the whole bunch came, now with me being an Inquis accompanied by a brig merc we managed to kill everything, but I only got two (out of twelve) of those souls that you need to put salt on.
    While killing the last mobs I saw someone from my guild coming along (we weren't grouped or anything) and when everything was done I realized that they needed it too.
    This situation with this quest definitely needs fixing, I was just glad to read on here that you don't actually need it to move on with the signature.
  18. Akina_Storms Active Member

    I search and pass until i had better clues...
    so i arrive at castle highhold, kill some akhevan in it, and see an 'aura' when they died...
    so i go to check, and the event was up.
    don't know if it's really related.
  19. Tianari New Member

    I did not know I needed to get the quest before Sustaining souls before finishing Woulan and Opal, so now I have no belt and Destora won't give me quests - she just says nasty stuff to me basically telling me to go away. Is there any way to do Malicious Obsession without the belt, or to get the belt back? I can't even get to there point where I can get THIS quest because I can't get the one before it. :(
  20. Sharann Well-Known Member

    Okay, this seems to be bugged still (Phantom sea 2 - Splitpaw). I removed my illusion and deleted the quest, took the quest again. I go to the location and nothing happens. No mobs, nothing. The quest doesn't mention this is on a timer. Therefore, could you please have it fixed? This is certainly one of the most confusing quests I've encountered.

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