Summoners: Broken Mechanics

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Aniathor, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Treejay Active Member

    did you just compared the surviability of a necro and a warden and a paladin?
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  2. Kalika Well-Known Member

    LOl sort of ..

    From 1-90 with tainted heals, good magical skill (to bypass resistance) and Aas for tank pet agro/hp and mitigation
    necros solo as well as warden/paladins. Indeed the necro can beat mob that would kill the paladin (due to him getting oom even with manastone) or 1 shot the warden.

    Note that i'm considering doing heroic with no mercenary, otherwise not much can beat vitia + a healing class
    or janis with a fury.

    I had almost no issue doing AS and It was way faster than with my paladin and warden.

    Survability is extreme with feign death, AA that let your pet grant you a death prevent (i don't have it currently). You can get mage or tank pet to tank, tainted heal will crit for 100%. I don;t actually play that way
    since this would mean me lowering my dps (sadly hate tranfert and hate mode do not scale enough to make the tanl pet as good as it was).

    In groups/raids it's very different, necros do have suicidal tendancies. Some are experts at using lifeburn
    at the worst possible moment.
  3. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Since I raid, I always carry 100 of each potion for cures, power regen, and health regen. This is not perfect, because the heal potion doesn't heal a lot, but sometimes it can save you. I was able to get my pet up, put it on passive, then use Sacrifice, which makes it feed you small amounts of health and power over time, which was really the only usefulness of the pet. And since my health pool was a gazillion points over my usual, I spent time reading email between fights waiting to heal up.

    The "Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears" fights were less difficult than the thing where conjies have to dodge the elemental to get our class epic weapon, but were much harder than they SHOULD have been, as compared to what other classes experience.
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  4. Aniathor Member

    The sig quest final instance buff not sharing with our pet was just a reminder of what was to come this xpac, brokeness. It's also a perfect example of what will eventually happen if things continue not to share!
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  5. Beee Well-Known Member

    I know a wizzy who is able to onehit the nameds (~ 400.000.000 hp) in the sig quest final instance. Because of the non sharing stats something like this is impossible for petcaster
  6. Kalika Well-Known Member

    gratz on making it with a conjurer, for my necro it was bordeline.
  7. Grisweld Member

    Fair enough loldawg. And yes it was mr mackey. I just look at things in a way that if others can, why cant i? But your perspective makes better sense. I agree conjys should receive full benefit from items... but i stand firm on that they arent broken. Game mechanics are :p
  8. Aniathor Member

    I have seen 0 dev solutions offered since the conception of this thread, and have been posting and PM'ing about these problems since release. So sadly to say, I am probably done in a month or less,
  9. Gosh Member

    Can confirm (possess minion) that
    Eye of Sontalak's effect (+123 pot + 123 cb) is not shared with the conjuror's main pet while
    Offered Jun'Rah Heart's effect (200 CB) is shared.

    So the code for sharing stats from clicky item effects with the (main) pet is in game.
    It just has been forgotten to be activated on some items (or their effects).

    If the will was there, this issue looks definitly solvable.
  10. Tabri Well-Known Member

    SOE is slow at doing things we know this why would you quit now we have suffered far worse than this with the conjurer and you do have other classes for now that you could play instead if this bothers you so much atm Ani?
  11. Kalika Well-Known Member

    This remind me a player whose signature remains almost unchanged during several years (like 4?)
    it was
    "Fix the summoners in 200*" and "Fix the summoners in 201*".

    They did something (with shared stats) but all stats should be shared and it should be dynamic.

    As example if I use the Aerlyn charm clicky it should affect my dear pet, my % hp should affect it (it often dies after souldburn even if i react very quickly and try to use a tainted heal, i actually love being with a druid since it usually means constant group heal helping a lot with pet survival). Potency/CB should affect swarm pets (it probably does but i'm not sure), hate mod should affect pet.

    And the list could go on.

    I don't mind doing less damage than a wizzard, and to be rather weak for aoe damage, i picked a summoner because i prefer a more versatile and involved gameplay than being a pure nuker. But conditions for that particular gameplay to be reasonnably efficient must be met.
  12. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Yes, i got Eye of Sontalak too, and it doesn't share, joy of spending the dkp, just to test it out and find out it doesn't work !!!
    Not a happy summoner !!! :(
    If things work on some items but not on others, how can they do this ??? How are we supposed to know ?!?
    This is very unfair to summoners to say the least.
  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Remember that a development cycle is at least six months. They are working now on the next major release, and the stat-sharing may or may not be trivial to fix. I do know that this has been passed to the development team, and I hope they'll post back here Sometime Real Soon to discuss the mechanics.
  14. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Bump for this cause the trolling in the lock thread wouldn't stop, summoners actually do have a real issue.
  15. Mae- Well-Known Member

    You always use this as an excuse not to fix broken stuff. "Well they're working on new stuff!" That's great and all, but the broken stuff can't just be ignored.
  16. Sylke Well-Known Member

    Development of new content should not affect maintenance and support of current content.
  17. Gosh Member

    i didnt read every post but i think we are missing one topic:
    Can (at least) my main pet please share my resists as well?
  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    That doesn't mean you should threaten to hold your breath until a fix is in, or throw out the "I'm gonna quit the game" threat. The developers do not get to set their own agenda, their project manager does. Any software development shop has a limited number of man-hours, a new development schedule, and they try to fit in as much in the way of bug-fixes as possible along the way.

    FROM THE DEVELOPMENT VIEWPOINT, the only serious bugs are those that allow data loss, game crashing, or exploits. In those situations, you drop whatever had priority and do a crash fix, which usually has very little testing behind it. While all of us play Summoners think the lack of stat sharing is super major, it's unlikely to be triaged that way for the development team.

    RadarX and I have both brought this thread to the attention of SOE. I don't think RadarX can make them respond, and I am certain that I cannot.

    What Summoners CAN do while we wait is to document exactly what is not sharing as it should. Aniathor made some very good observations already. If you know of a case where gear or spells are not playing with our pets as they should, let's get it posted here... the more data the devs have on an issue, teh easier it is to reproduce it, which is a necessary prerequisite for fixing it.
  19. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to see my pet stats other than using the possess pet skill ?

    I have a mercenary window, but i don't see a pet window. May be it's due to some outdated custom UI (yeap this is why i want unquestionnable UI improvement to be included in the default UI).
  20. Sylke Well-Known Member

    Use Profit UI. It has a tab in the Persona window for pet stats.