Requesting a Complete List of Your Designs!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Niboota, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Oourgh...thanks for reminding me how few I actually have... :-/

    Though this will inspire me to do more! :D

    I'm guessing Uwk would be the designer for all of these, since they're all his alts, but the decorators vary...a lot. Often, all the alts on the server pitch in to help out with stuff. ;->

    I've done stuff in the past for the Santa Glug house swap stuff, but they belong to other folks, and I can't vouch for what's going on with them any more. ;-> I've also been blessed with wonderful ones myself, though I can't take any credit for them other than suggestions in the House Book. ;->

    ANTONIA BAYLE: nothing really, ironically (was my first "tour" server), though Atramentous has a rent-free place in Freeport
    he keeps threatening to do something with...or was that to...

    HALLS OF FATE: so far, the only one with anything really finished over there is Vdova, with her now award-winning entry for Niboota's Frostfell in July...Gone Wrong! contest, (FGW) No Escaping the Frostfell Blues! It's in a Snowy Dwelling in Freeport, and she did the grand majority of the decorating (level 100 Carpy).

    MAJ'DUL: my first server (well, Crushbone was...)! Arglwyddes has a little place (literally; it's only a two-room Gorowyn Lower Tenements place) called Captain Hook? HA! which should still have rent paid on it. She also has a bigger place in Neriak, but it's still a WIP and not published yet.
    Peklochlapec, theoretically, has a place that was going to be for the shrine/temple contest for Brell, but while it's mostly done, it's not published yet. You can still visit if you want (especially you, Niboota! I think a cousin of yours is working for Pek!): six-room Manor of Erollisi in New Halas, called, if memory serves, Pek's Place.
    His twin brother, Pirupoika, has a seven-room place in Kelethin, but it's been so long I'm not sure what the title is or which specific aerie it's in. I'd have to go back and check. I'll try to keep it updated for the holidays (or at least the seasons; he's a Ranger), but it's not published...most of mine aren't, usually, since I'm always poking at them. ;->
    Uwkete himself has a lovely place, but he didn't decorate a lot of it himself, so I'm not sure he can take full credit for it. ;-> Plus, it's not published, though you can visit (I only take credit for his basement, the little breakout spot, the outhouse out on the balcony, and the Young Male Human Wizard Under the Stairs): Magical Mystery Tou-- in a rent-free six-room place in New Halas (right by the crafting area, sort of tucked away).

    SKYFIRE: nothing yet, really; this was an orphanage server, basically, for most of my Silver toons.

    STORMHOLD: nothing yet; this is another touring server, and will probably remain that way.

    TEST: my second server! Abrahm has a few places he keeps saying he'll get around to some day, but the only one he has finished is the Niboota challenge one (see, Nib? Run challenges and I might actually get off my rump and finish projects! :D): Not in Our Backyard. It was for the Punkcalypse Challenge, and built in a Researcher's Sanctum off Qeynos. I think I've unpublished, mainly to try to make yet more stuff to fill in those four rooms at the upper level when you come in. Once I do, I'll replace the current Vampire Mirrors with Wispy ones, so Niboota can go in there. ;-> The main decorator on that was Spiritmaker, my level 100 Carpy there.
    Anuma's is another work in progress, pretty much; he and his family just moved to a six-room Manor of Erollisi in New Halas, and they're still working out what to do with all that space. Gotta put in the kids' bathrooms and fix the flooring and... You're more than welcome to visit, but it's not published or done yet.
    Branwyn is working on a restaurant, if not a chain, to go with her Dwarven Provisioner Conjurer persona. Watch this space for the grand opening(s)! ;->
    Ironically, Spiritmaker herself doesn't have much of anything to brag about, home-wise. She's been way too busy decorating for everyone else on Test! :)
    Tenebrae, being a li'l Arasai Shadowknight whom I deliberately made to test the "new" procedure for Betrayal, is now a Paladin with a seven-room acorn in Kelethin, still very much a work in progress. When the Batcave is finished, Niboota will be the first to know! :D

    THURGADIN: a place with many, many ambitious decorating folks...who really need a good contest to sink their teeth into properly, I think. ;-> I did do a little place for Otocolobus that Niboota visited, called Ride at Own Risk -- Cube Petting Zoo, and was in a Valor Homestead in New Halas. I think I unpublished it to fix/tweak something, and haven't put it up again since? I'll have to double-check. In the meantime, if the rent's been paid, welcome! Be sure to sign the waiver at the front desk... ;->

    I'll check out the title for Pirupoika's place and see if I can't have something more definite about it; same with Anuma's. Watch this space! :D

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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And Nib, far be it for me to criticize your wonderful site, but did you have to get video ads...? Regular ads are fine, but video ads do horrible things to frame rates, especially when Flash Player rears its ugly head. :(

    fastest Flash Player killer in the West ;->
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  3. Niboota Well-Known Member

    I didn't "get" ads. That account is free. If I want to remove the ads, I have to pay for the account, and I don't want to pay for another account. I have considered it though.
  4. Aabari Member

    Currently I only have 1 completed and post on the leaderboard Maj Dul server Massive "New Refuge" Aabari
  5. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I don't want you to have to pay to remove ads.
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  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Me neither; that would suck. :-/

    I guess I should blame the provider, if you don't have any say over what the ads do, Nib. :(

    Hugs! :)

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  7. Merriel Well-Known Member

    When I learn how to use Excel, I will consider this for certain. It is one of my reasons for returning to school. :)

    Edit: My apologies for taking so long to get to my list, Niboota. I've been very busy with school and I have to prepare not just one, but two presentations for Nov 1. The actual preparations are not an issue's the trying to memorize my speeches in such a short period of time that presents a problem for me. I am feeling quite overwhelmed. :D
  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Excel for just list making is super-simple; I could probably walk you through it in PMs or something. :)

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  9. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Quiarrah and her alts on THURGIDAN:

    Bed & Breakfast - Halas Magical Manor
    Jacuzzi & Spa - Personal Dojo
    Theatre - Private Opera House

    Haunted Star Bucks Café - Fright Manor

    Oakmyst Vale
    Vale of Halfpint Delight

    Uncanny Estate
    Dress Shop - 12 Lucie St. NQ (?) (I get the housing district mixed up with the other one.)

    Quidditch World Cup - Tenebrous Island Refuge

    Snowy Dwelling (downstairs is unfinished)
    ACCESS TO ALL (prestige) HOUSING AND TROPHY HOUSES: Maj Dul Astronomers Tower!
  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Correction: Peklochlapec's place on Maj'Dul (Manor of Erollisi, New Halas) is properly called Pek's Place to Brell. ;->

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  11. Niboota Well-Known Member

  12. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you!!
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  13. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much!! Your page is up! Let me know if there are any mistakes.
    Also... do any of these homes have names?
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  14. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Page up!! Please let me know if there are any mistakes!
    Also... is Misery's Clubhouse located in South Qeynos as well?
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  15. Niboota Well-Known Member

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  16. Rivenly Well-Known Member

    You are awesome!!! Thanks! Misery's Clubhouse is in Maj'Dul - it was made before prestige housing was available :)
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  17. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you Uwk!! Page updated!
    Also... Magical Mystery Tou - who was the other designer for that home? I'd like to add their name!
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  18. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Is Aabari also your designer name? Is this home in Qeynos or Freeport? And in which house is your home located?
    Your page is up! I will update it any time you provide me with new information or I come across something on my own :) .
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  19. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Oh duh!! Of course it's in Maj'Dul :rolleyes: Thank you!
    Page updated!
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  20. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the update!! Please let me know if I made any mistakes!!
    Couple questions...
    Who owns Housing and Trophy Houses?
    Does Quiarrah's Snowy Dwelling have a name?
    Does Kiannarose's Uncanny Estate have a name?
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