Requesting a Complete List of Your Designs!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Niboota, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    done and done. /e points up to edited post.
  2. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Here is my list of currently published houses:

    ~Player-studio Display!~ - Owner: Ocarinah, Tenebrous Island Refuge, North Freeport, Antonia Bayle
    Shark Attack! - Owner: Ocarinah, Researcher's Sanctum, North Freeport, Antonia Bayle
    Squeal- Owner: Acotta, Personal Dojo, South Qeynos, Antonia Bayle
    Hungry? - Owner: Fastrada, a large Maj'Dul residence, Maj'Dul, Antonia Bayle
    Raelah's Relaxing Retreat - Owner: Raelah, Glacial Villa, New Halas, Antonia Bayle
    Zzzap! - Owner: Bugz, Dimensional Pocket, North Freeport, Antonia Bayle
    Secret Knock - Owner: Building, Jade Tiger's Den Social Suite 01, North Freeport, Antonia Bayle
  3. Faeonara Well-Known Member

    Hi Niboota ::) here is my list for you at last ,
    All on Skyfire and all decorated by Faeonara a small but hard working Fae

    Owner Faeonara on Qeynos Faction

    Large Maj"Dul residence on HoF called A Maj'Dul Jewel

    Lion's Mane vestige room Greystone Yard on HoF called Maw and Paw Downsized

    Vale of Half Pint Delight currently not published but accessed via Qeynos prestige house portal ( Formally on HOF called You're All Invited to Tea ) planning on adding actors and republishing with same name .

    Dojo on HoF called Fishernan's Lodge

    Snowy Dwelling on HoF called Comfortably Cold ( best viewed with Flora disabled since grass seem to grow inside an igloo and the grumpy dwarf who owns it refuses to mow in winter )

    Rum Runner's Cove on HoF called Shipwrecked on Rata Nui ( flying gives a nice view but Telepads will take you to main featured areas Please be sure to read Scroll of the beach near entrance )

    Valor Homestead in HoF called Going to the Chapel of Love ( old school decorating no editor and very first published home )

    Aerie Kolmas in Kelethin this was Faeonara's first house to be decorated. Currently not published ( please be sure to read book on bench in entrance as it is both a confession and thanks )

    Owner Nirvannya ( my alt ) Tenebrous Island on HoF called Events R US ( this is a catalog house featuring all the crafted yearly event recipes .Please note that it does not have this years recipes yet I plan on updating it again after FF this year )

    Freeport Faction

    Owner Littlmissmouse (my alt ) Tenebrous Island on HoF called The Visible Carpenter ( this is a catalog house featuring all the carpenter crafted house items Signs have pertinent information about which recipe books etc).Please note that the ToT recipes have not been added yet nor have I added the triangles from Building on Sundered Ground or the Dhalgar items. I am fast running out of item count but hoping to add them when I get around to it .

    Owner Fallingdove ( my alt ) Jade Tiger Den room 04 on HoF called Jade Inn Gem

    Owner Amosa ( a friend who asked if I would decorate for her ) . 3 Walk of the Dead Neriak City on HoF called Amosa's Home Sweet Home .( this was the one and only time I ever took on a commission I found it nerve wracking to say the least lol )

    Owner Tacaido ( a friend who gave me free rein to mess up his house as he put it ;) ) 1 Integrity Road Freeport City (Currently not published but was on HoF called Integrity Restored )

    You are also welcome to visit my guild hall Harvest Home ( a T3 located at Commonland docks ) at anytime we are visitor friendly .

    A big THANK YOU for all you do to promote the house decorating community of Deconuts <3
  4. Gracey Well-Known Member

    Maj Dul Server... (all accessed thru Leaderboards - HoF)
    Pyxey (Owner) - Maj Dul by Gracee -- Large Maj Dul 5? Room (2011) (Breakout)
    Akojo (Owner) - Akojo's Freeport Apartment (by Gracee) (3 Integrity Rd Freeport house) (2012)
    Skarllet (Owner) - Skarllet's Diner (by Gracee) (Qeynos - Everfrost Summer Home) (2011)

    Gracee's Grandma's House - Uncanny (Freeport side) (2015) - Gracee Owner
    Gracee's Frostfell Retreat - Halas Magical Manor (2016) - Gracee Owner
    Gracee's Gallery - Lavastorm (Freeport side) This one is not in HoF... yet... Massive (2016) - Gracee Owner

    Guild Hall: Pirates - Tier 2 S.Qeynos

    Antonia Bayle Server
    Gracy's Cottage - Mistmore (Qeynos side) (2011) - Owner - Gracy (Breakout)

    The rest were so old that I denied access on them.

    You are free to do as you will with them! Thanks!!
  5. Niboota Well-Known Member

  6. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help! ;)
    Thank you!! List up! Please let me know if I made any mistakes!!
  7. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you Oaky!! List up! Let me know if I made any mistakes! :)
  8. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you Fae!! Entry posted! One home is missing a title - does it have one? Also.... Please let me know if I made any mistakes!
  9. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for adding your homes Gracee! I remember you from way back! I just have a few questions...
    • Akojo's Freeport Apartment (by Gracee) - Do you remember in which section of Freeport this is located?
    • Frostfell by Gracee - Is Gracee the owner?
    • possibly Gracy's Home or Estate - Is Gracee the owner?
    Also entry posted! If you see any mistakes, please let me know!
  10. Gracey Well-Known Member

    Maj Dul:
    Akojo lives at 3 Integrity Road
    Gracee's Frostfell Retreat - Gracee is owner (this is the corrected name also)

    Gracy's Cottage - Gracy is owner

    I updated my above post also... Sorry for the bad/missing info - all fixed up now
  11. Faeonara Well-Known Member

    Hi Niboota list is perfect thank you The Aerie Kolmas home is Faeonara's personal hideaway and has no formal title it is open to visitors though :) Looking forward to you visiting all the wonderful homes listed .We have such a thriving community of dedicated decorators I am so glad you decided to showcase them all :)
  12. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

  13. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Updated! Thank you so much Gracee!!
  14. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Oh I forgot one... who owns "You're All Invited To Tea"?
    NM that's under the Faeonara part! ;)
  15. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    Got a new one for your list of mine! hehe

    Lakeshore Shopping District - my new broker home. it's Shanette's Hua Mein Retreat - SQ prestige portal. Also medium homes on the LB's for now. :)
  16. Vashte Active Member

    The houses listed in the first section (minus the guildhall) are all owned by Vashte. The 2nd section is owned by the alt mentioned. The dungeons are all Vashte's, too. I might have been distracted in my proofreading! :)
    My page? Oooooh! :D
  17. Sannuye New Member

    All houses are on Maj'Dul and the decorator is Veredithis.

    Name - House - Location
    Cherna - Manors of Erollisi, New Halas
    Danyel - Mistmoore Crags Estate, Qeynos/ Residence of the Blades, Qeynos/ Planetarium Portal, Qeynos/ Thurgadin Grand Hall, Thurgadin/ Library Portal, Qeynos
    Emay - Silver Leaf Inn, Kelethin
    Hesshia - Ethernere Enclave, Freeport/ Lower Tenements in Timorous Deep
    Llandrea - Ethernere Enclave, Qeynos
    Mrowl - Tenebrous Tangle, Qeynos
    Osrik - Etherenere Enclave, Qeynos
    Phaelen - Maj'Dul Suite, Qeynos
    Sannuye - Mistmore Crags Estate, Qeynos/ Ethernere Enclave, Qeynos/ Researcher's Sanctum, Qeynos/ Dojo Portal, Qeynos/ Vacant Estate of Unrest, Qeynos
    Tahki - Uncanny Estate, Freeport
    Tanarius - Ethernere Enclave, Qeynos
    Thayle - Hua Mein Retreat, Qeynos
    Trillin - Tenebrous Portal, Qeynos
    Veredithis - Mistmoore Crags, Qeynos/ Isle of Refuge, Qeynos/ Silver Leaf Inn, Kelethin/ Ethernere Enclave, Qeynos/ Residence of the Blades, Qeynos/ Opera House, Qeynos/ Kromzek Portal, Qeynos
  18. Rivenly Well-Known Member

    Since I've returned to the game I've published a few, all on the Stormhold server, under the name Rivenly. All of my old designs have been lost in time it seems- although random pictures can be found on various decorating sites and the archived forums. I think the only one that's received an official Niboota Tour has been the Frostfell LFC entry.

    Blue Frostfell (LFC) - Lion's Mane Inn room- Castleview Hamlet, SQ
    Misery's Clubhouse- A large Maj'Dul Residence
    Peace- Manors of Mithaniel, Frostfang Sea
    A Halfling Cottage- a simple Maj'Dul apartment

    More coming soon!
  19. Febrith Well-Known Member

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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    As far as alts go...Excel (or any spreadsheet program, really) is my friend. ;->

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