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  1. Niboota Well-Known Member

    I've been wanting to add a list of homes for all the designers I know of to my journal, that way I have a quick and easy way to find them and so will anyone visiting The Evertour Entries. (Also I'm kind of a compulsive organizer. I think it's fun. I don't know why :rolleyes:. ) To save me some time... would you guys possibly be kind enough to make me a list of all the homes you've personally designed (including designer, owner, location, and server), and leave it in this thread, or send it to me here, on Facebook, or in an email, so I can copy and paste it?

    I would be so very thrilled and greatful! If you have a thread with that list here on the forum, you can either include that link with your list (and I'll include it on your list entry in my journal), or just give me the link and at some point I'll use that to make my list! Also any time you design a new home, I'd love it if you'd let me know, so I can keep my list current!

    Here is what I have so far (it's not much). I have a few more lists on my PC, but I haven't made entries for them yet. lists
  2. Valzen Well-Known Member

    *waves hello* to Niboota. :D

    Halls of Fate server.
    All Qeynos side.
    Designer Valzen
    Beisdes using the house portal thingie in Qeynos, each one can be accessed from "Portal House" (Personal Dojo) or "Valzen's Island of Designs" (Tenebrous Island)

    Jazie owner:
    Loony's Bin Big -- Luxurious Kromzek Keep
    Jazie's Manor-ism -- Residence of the Blades
    Cozy Coast -- Dhalgar's Precipice of the Deep
    Jazie's Paradise -- Ethernere Enclave

    Valzen owner:
    Enterprise (Norrath Style) -- Dimensional Pocket
    Shef's Gingerbread Town -- Luxurious Kromzek Keep
    The Blue Diamond -- Affluent Maj'Dul Residence (best to go through leaderboards hall of fame, 1st or 2nd pg)
    Northern Drifters' Lodge -- Snowy Dwelling
    Snowed in Cabin -- Residence of the Blades
    Valzen's Island Estate -- Vale of Halfpint Delight

    Zanzee owner:
    Lion's Mane Manor -- Ethernere Enclave

    Rhava owner:
    Living in a Glass House -- Ethernere Enclave

    Bryla owner:
    Villa Redwood -- Ethernere Enclave

    Tylli owner:
    Granite Falls -- Ethernere Enclave

    Qyven owner:
    Qyven's Lil' Place -- Ethernere Enclave

    Many others have been unpublished and used as storage now. lol
  3. kianne Well-Known Member

    Ohhh you asked for it lool

    all on skyfire all designed and made and decorated by kianneoftroi

    House name
    1. LLamedos
    Guild hall ..

    2. prettyflyz...
    Fairy tale museum..
    Glacial villa ..

    3. kianneoftroi...
    18 lucie street...

    4. Nursemaid **
    Indianna jones and the temple of doom.
    3 walk of the dead ...

    5. Diannah...
    hobbiton by the sea
    3 compassion rd

    6. Kianneoftroi...
    llamedos guild village and notd16
    felwith house
    not published yet

    7. Turnups
    manors of erollisi
    Hallas(mums house)

    8. Ekaterinka **
    ethernere enclave

    9. Katerinzz **
    vampiric retreat
    valour homestead

    reagle and calm

    11. Miorganya **
    a guardians frostfell wish 2013
    vale of the halfpint
    unsure (not troll friendly)

    if you come to visit be sure to let me know as a couple of the places i have done are owned by other people ** and might need upkeep which i can do, i hope you enjoy what ever it is your going to do with everyone homes :)

    Kianneoftroi xxx
  4. Vashte Active Member

    A list of Vashte's designs on MajDul (unless otherwise noted). In no particular order. :)

    *Guardians of Antiquity guildhall, Halas. (Newly renovated this summer/fall 2016)

    (Vashte's homes)
    *Qeynosian Royal Suite" (PUBLISHED), top floor middle door in Fish's Ale House in QH. (contest house)
    *A Secluded Cazic Temple" (PUBLISHED), 15 Tranquil Way, SQ (contest house)
    *Day Spa, by Vashte" (PUBLISHED), 7 Tranquil Way, SQ (contest house)
    *Vashte's Room of Choices" (PUBLISHED), MMCE in Qeynos, hosts travel and adventure amenities.
    *Vashte's Center for Craft Advancement (PUBLISHED), Qeynos Personal Library portal
    *Vashte's Pub, Thurgadin Hall (PUBLISHED, Dev pick category!)
    *Vashte's Gingerbread House" (PUBLISHED), EFSH in Qeynos, built and furnished with only Frostfell things. (contest house)
    *"Vashte's Dragon Dojo" (PUBLISHED), Personal Dojo in Qeynos. Here be baby dragons...
    *The Abandoned Maze" by Vashte (PUBLISHED), a tinkerfest/notd mash-up with a scary end. Tenebrous Isle in Qeynos.
    *Vashte's Design Hub" (PUBLISHED), Felwithe portal in Qeynos. Portals to most of my projects and storage homes.
    *Vashte's Dimensional Garden, UNFINISHED, Dimensional pocket in Qeynos.

    (My other homes not under Vashte's name)
    *Norahild's Longhall" (PUBLISHED), EFSH in Qeynos
    *Nissyl's MMCE, Qeynos - "A Channeler's Retreat" (PUBLISHED)
    *Murzha's EFSH in Qeynos, - "Murzha's Troll Cave" (PUBLISHED)
    *Briesy's Halfpint Vale, FP - "Briesy's Isle by Vashte" (PUBLISHED)
    *Monkeys' Baubleshire Inn room at the Lion's Mane in SQ - " A Gnomish Workshop" (PUBLISHED) (contest house)
    *Daesy's Refurbished Volcano, (PUBLISHED) Lavastorm home in Qeynos on Antonia Bayle server

    (Vashte also has four old story dungeons!)
    CRUSHBONE KEEP: Vashte's Orc Gambling Ring.
    LAIR OF SCALE: Vashte's Infested Gnoll Lair.
    MISTMOORE MANOR: Captured: Lair of Evil.
    POET'S PALACE: A Ticket: Dirge of the Sands.

    *2020 Edit:
    *Vashte's Travel Museum (PUBLISHED) on Rivervale Server, Everfrost Summer Home. This is an renovated version of Norahild's Longhall (my favorite texture theme) converted into a showcase of travel clickies, deity shrines, and my personal base of operations. Feel free to use any of the amenities available if you're passing through. :)
  5. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    *hugs Niboota*

    All of these are Maj'Dul server, All are decorated by me, but some are owned by my alts :

    Wonderland - SQ - Shanette's Ethernere Enclave
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow and The Emerald City - SQ - Lumiera's Ethernere Enclave and Shanette's Dhalgar Precipice
    Happily Ever After - SQ - Shanette's Isle of Refuge
    Shady Pines Asylum - SQ - Shanette's Fright Manor
    Jurassic Park - SFP - Shennanigans' Rum Runners Cove
    The Maj'Dul Menagerie and it's companion home The Oasis Aquarium - SQ - both owned by Schitzophrenia, one is her Mistmoore Crags Estate and the other is her Ethernere Enclave
    A World of Pure Imagination - SQ - Lumiera's Mistmoore Crags Estate
    The Qeynosian Brewing Company - SQ - Oberynn's Oakmyst Glade
    (FGW) The Frostfell Dinner Party - SQ - Shanette's Mistmoore Crags Estate (but you've already been here :D )
    The Reading Rainbow - SQ - Shanette's Researcher's Sanctum
    The Thunder Mountain Hotel - SQ - Khaleesie's Luxurious Kromzek Keep
    The Hanging Gardens of Bertoxxulous (Places of Worship series) - SFP - Bumbelle's Darklight Palace
    The Temple of the Tempest (Place of Worship series) - SFP - Raylann's Storm Tower Isle
    The Sanctum of Solusek (Places of Worship series) - SFP - Felonya's Fearful Retreat
    3 Homes that are published but I never did forum posts for are :
    Shanette's Private Opera House "The Neriak Playhouse" - SQ Portal
    Shanette's Personal Library "The Oasis Bar and Grill" - SQ Portal
    Loganne's SQ Mistmoore Crags Estate "Dead and Breakfast" was my NOTD 2015 Contest Winner! :)

    ETA : Lakeshore Shopping District - my new broker house!

    and finally...

    The Harry Potter Experience - 12 homes total -
    Hogwarts Castle - Maverique's SQ Mistmoore Crags Estate
    The Ministry of Magic - Maverique's Thurgadin Grand Hall
    Hogwarts Classrooms - Quigonne's SQ Mistmoore Crags Estate
    Hogwarts Common Rooms - Cedrice's SFP Mistmoore Crags Estate
    Hogwarts Grounds - Quigonne's SQ Ethernere Enclave
    The Quidditch Pitch - Cedrice's SFP Ethernere Enclave
    Hogsmeade Village - Severess' SFP Maj'Dul Vacation Suite
    Diagon Alley - Jupitera's SFP Court of the Master
    Knockturn Alley - Jupitera's SFP Mistmoore Crags Estate
    St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries - Severess' SFP Mistmoore Crags Estate
    12 Grimmauld Place - Lumiera's SQ Uncanny Estate
    Malfoy Manor - Shanette's SQ Vacant Estate of Unrest

    All of my homes can also be found via my portal home, "Shanette's Showcase" (Medium Homes) [IMG]
    which also houses 2 separate rooms for portals attached to my Harry Potter Experience and Places of Worship series.

    You are quite welcome to tour any and all of them that strike your fancy. I promise they all have guild hall doors!
  6. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Edited to post my list:

    Owner/Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: An Erolissi Villa
    House Type/City: A Simple Maj'dul Apartment/Maj'dul
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner/Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: Daes Boutique & Inn (darn title won't allow apostrophes)
    House Type/City: 3 Walk of the Dead/Neriak
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner/Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: (FGW) Arasai Arboretum
    House Type/City: Vacant Estate of Unrest/Freeport
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Massive Homes

    Owner: Daemora
    Decorator Gisella
    House Name: FFHHS2015 by Gisella
    House Type/City: Maj'dul Merchant Apartment/Maj'dul
    Server Maj'dul
    (Was in HoF but had to unpublish and need to replace/return hard to get items to Gisella)

    Owner: Daemora
    Decorator: Adelyna
    House Name: FFHS15 by Adelyna
    House Type/City: Seafarer's Roost Royal Suite/Freeport
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner: Emelea
    Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: Emelea's Frostfell Village
    House Type/City: Kromzek Keep/Qeynos
    Server: Maj'dul
    (Was in HoF but had to unpublish, currently waiting to do minor renovations before republishing)

    Owner: Pvsspvss
    Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: Seeking Sanctuary
    House Type/City: 3 Walk of the Dead/Neriak
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Large Homes (was in HoF but had to unpublish/republish)

    Owner: Pvsspvss
    Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: A Retreat of the Sisterhood
    House Type/City: Mistmoore Crags Estate/Freeport
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner: Pvsspvss
    Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: Pick Me! Pet Emporium
    House Type: Dungeon Maker dungeon
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner: Fyreskayle
    Decorators: {DVC} Daemora, Vasciagio, Ceyarrecks
    House Name: Fyreskayles Jurassic Safari by {DVC}
    House Type/City: Isle of Refuge/Freeport
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner: Tinkerbbell
    Decorator: Daemora (for 2015 Maj'dul Frostfell House Swap)
    House Name: Adelynas Winter Fortress Retreat
    House Type/City: Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep/Freeport
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner: Twistedtwixie
    Decorator: Daemora
    House Name: SSHHS2015 Daemora (Should be named Nightmare Before Frostfell, hehe)
    House Type/City: Gorowyn Six Room/Gorowyn
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    Owner: Audrasprite
    Decorator: Daemora (for SSHHS2014 Frostfell House Swap)
    House Name: A Frostfell Mansion - Snippet (Snippet is my alt whose house was being decorated in the house swap)
    House Type/City: Residence of the Blades/Qeynos
    Server: Maj'dul
    Leaderboards: Hall of Fame

    I have started posting screenshots of homes I have decorated on Photobucket, though currently the list there is incomplete. The url to my photobucket is Screenshots/story
    (apparently when you click the link it takes you to a somewhat blank page, and you need to click the link at the top left that says 'back to album' to get to the album.)
  7. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    I just upkeep my rent on my Doeminucis family Manor in Frostfang Sea in the Skyfire server if you want to tour it, sorry I haven't been on for a while by being busy in RL. ;)

    and also I have this one too on the AB server if you want to tour it also. just payed up the rent too. :D

    "1-A Lion's mane Apartment by Tenchigirl"

    name: Tenchigirl

    location: Lion's Mane Vestige Room - the willowood in South Qeynos

    server: Antonia Bayle

    Published? yes, under hall of fame, name "1-A Lion's mane Apt by Tenchigirl"
  8. Niboota Well-Known Member

    *waves back*
    List posted! Let me know if I made any mistakes!
  9. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the updates!! Let me know if I made any mistakes!
  10. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Page up! Let me know if I made any mistakes! Also the titles/names of 2 of your homes is missing.
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  11. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Hi Vashte!! Thank you for this list!! However there is no owner listed for some of these homes... Could I bother you to add them? :D

    Also your page is up! Let me know if I made any mistakes!!
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  12. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member


    For your considerations. Question though: Are you expecting collaborative efforts here too? or just solo?

    All on server: Maj'Dul

    The Royal Sea Phoenix*
    Galleon of Dreams
    owner: Lakataskeyi
    designer: Ceyarrecks
    location: Qeynos

    Norrathian Estate Library
    Uncanny Estate
    owner: Fyuri
    designer: Ceyarrecks
    location: Qeynos

    Liv' 'Inn Stone Museum
    Thurgadin Grand Hall
    owner: Fyuri
    designer: Ceyarrecks
    location: Thurgadin

    *already EverToured

    Collaborative project(s) edit:
    Fyreskayle's Jurassic Safari (Maj'dul server)
    Isle of Refuge
    owner: Fyreskayle
    designer(s): Daemora, Vasciagio, Ceyarrecks "Team DVC"
    location: Freeport

    {#Top Secret-in-progress-SSSHH!!!#}
    owner: Ceyarrecks
    designer(s): Daemora, Vasciagio, Ceyarrecks "Team DVC"
    location: Qeynos

    {#Top Secret-in-progress-SSSHH!!!#}
    owner: Vasciagio
    designer(s): Daemora, Vasciagio, Ceyarrecks "Team DVC"
    location: Qeynos

    {#Top Secret-in-progress-SSSHH!!!#}
    owner: Daemora
    designer(s): Daemora, Vasciagio, Ceyarrecks "Team DVC"
    location: ?probably Freeport?
  13. Niboota Well-Known Member

    I look forward to adding your list!! And I fixed Emelea's name! Thank you for letting me know about that!!
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  14. Niboota Well-Known Member

    *hugs back*
    Yay for the all important guild hall door!!! It's very important!!

    Page up! Let me know if I made any mistakes!!
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  15. Niboota Well-Known Member

    I'd prefer to have collaborative designs as well, yes! :)
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  16. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    Just one! Jurassic Park is owned by my alt Shennanigans, not Shanette. And it's in SFP not SQ. Perfection otherwise! :D
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  17. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Page up! Let me know if I made any mistakes! Also I will add your collaborative homes if you add them to your list :). Be sure to include the names of the other designers with those!
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  18. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Fixed! Thank you!! :)
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  19. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    You're quite welcome. :)
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  20. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Niboota you did me a big favour by posting this topic - I just found a house I'd forgotten to republish after the last server merger so thanks!

    All the homes that are currently published are on the Thurgadin server, all have a guild hall door in them and have been designed by Febrith:-

    Febrith's Estate of Unrest Hotel - Vacant Estate of Unrest - Qeynos - Febrith

    Feb's Fancy Frostfell Hideaway - Snowy Dwelling - Qeynos - Febrith

    Feb's Last of the Snows - Oakmyst Forest - Qeynos - Febrith

    Feb's Happy House of Heartbinding - Uncanny Estate - Qeynos - Febrith

    Feb's Garden for All Seasons - Library Portal - Qeynos - Febrith

    Feb's Temple of the Faceless - Lavastorm Portal - Qeynos - Febrith

    Feb's Faydark Ministry of War - Ethermere Enclave - Qeynos - Febrith

    Feb's Unseen Botanical Research Library - Arcane Adademy - Qeynos - Febricea

    Feb's Fae-Style Honeymoon Hideaway - Rum Runners Cove - Qeynos - Febrimski

    Feb's Darklight Palace & Gardens - Darklight Palace Portal - Qeynos - Febrimski

    Feb's House of Shiny Happy Things - Maj Dul affluent residence - Maj Dul - Febrimski

    Rimski's Island Refuge - Isle of Refuge - Qeynos - Febrimski

    Rimski's One for the Boys - Tinker Isle - Qeynos - Febrimski

    (FWG) Feb's Wonderland Department Store - Dhalgar Precipice - Freeport - Febatrix

    Feb's Fine Fasthold - Dhalgar Precipice - Qeynos - Febrith

    Stout's Tranquil Retreat - Isle of Refuge - Qeynos - Stout

    Coming soon (TM)... Feb's Magical Multiverse Mansion - Dimensional Pocket - Freeport - Febrilana
    and Feb's Thurgadin Garden House - Thurgadin Grand Hall in Thurgadin City - Febrimski

    I haven't made a proper portal house as yet but a number of these homes can be access via The Purple Portal Place which is a section of Feb's Fine Fasthold at the Dhalgar house.


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