Requesting a Complete List of Your Designs!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Niboota, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Niboota Well-Known Member

    No need to apologize!! I know how real life goes. I don't even have time to tour the way I'd like to. I don't have time for a LOT of things I'd like to do actually LOL. If only I didn't have to sleep! You take your time and post your list whenever you can get to it :). Good luck with your presentations!!! I'll send positive vibes out into the cosmos for you!!
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  2. Spextasy Well-Known Member

  3. Brujita Member

    Hello :)
    All my houses are in Maj Dul server, South Qeynos. All belong to my toons and all my toons decorate :)
    Relaxing Garden (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Refuge (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Hotel, Cafe and Casino (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Garden house (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Island Resort (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Cruise Line (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Delight (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Magical Court (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Walk in the City (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Lava House (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Cozy house (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Fantasy (Hall of Fame)
    Water Delight (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Mall and Restaurant (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Arabian NIght (Hall of Fame)
    Brujitas Frostfell Dream (Hall of Fame)

    Brujillas Retreat (Hall of Fame)

    International Cafe

    Bruji Bed and Breakfast (Vacant Unrest)
    Garden of Eden ( Hall of Fame)

    Brujilda at easte
    The Palace (Hall of Fame)
    The Cookie Jar
    Brujildas Blue Sanctum (Hall of Fame)
    Restful unrest (Hall of Fame)
    Brujilda Waterfall Park (Hall of Fame)
    Brujildas Dream (Hall of Fame)
    Brujildas Paradise Tropical Hotel (Hall of Fame)
    A quiet house (Hall of Fame)
    Brujildas Refuge

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  4. Niboota Well-Known Member

    Thank you for adding your list!!
    Is Brujita your decorating name?
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  5. Jawkins Member

    All the characters listed as owners and designer are me.

    Server: Test

    Published Under: Red Velvet NOTD 2016
    Massive Homes - Mistmoore Crags Estate - Freeport
    Owner: Fellgrim
    Designer: Jawkins

    I hope you like red.

    Published Under: Museum of Antiquities & Rooftop Garden
    Large Homes - Magical Academy Housing (6 Room LoN/Fabled Drop) - Freeport
    Owner: Jawkins
    Designer: Jawkins

    Basically an excuse to cram 75+ LoN paintings under one roof. I AM STILL MISSING Maygog Mistmoor and Erollisi Marr LoN paintings so if you have them on Test and you're willing to donate them to the museum let Test.Jawkins know!

    Not published, but FYI:

    Massive Homes - Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep - Freeport
    Owner: Haph
    Designer: Jawkins

    Haph is trying to make a "visual warehouse" of all of the furniture from the essential and advanced carpenter books. A great place to look for the right piece before you go make it.

    Server: Skyfire

    Published Under: All the Marbles
    Massive Homes - Mistmoore Crags Estate - Freeport
    Owner: Redgrin
    Designer: Jawkins

    Another exercise in skinning. Lots of blue and white marble.

    Published Under: Redtap's Escape
    Large Homes - Gorowyn Heights Magical Manor - Gorowyn
    Owner: Redtap
    Designer: Jawkins

    The first house I tried to decorate. Didn't know about the layout editor.

    Published Under: Redtap's Warehouse
    Massive Homes - Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep - Freeport
    Owner: Redtap
    Designer: Jawkins

    Tried to find a use for the Dhalgar recipes by building a dock.

    Published Under Kilbit's Retreat
    Massive Homes - Arcane Acatemy Portal - Freeport
    Owner: Kilbit
    Designer: Jawkins

    I'd like to think this is how a Froglok assassin would decorate.
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  6. Llieam Active Member

    Hello, here is my list of homes.

    All homes are named "By Warehouse", all are on the Maj'Dul Server, and all are located under Hall of Fame.

    Legends of Norrath Gallery
    Legends of Norrath Museum
    Dimensional Pocket
    Research Sanctum
    Fearful Retreat
    Sanctum of Zek
    Storm Tower Island
    Skyblade Casino
    Aerie Kolmas
    Uncanny Estate
    Felwithe Mansion
    Neriak Home
    Opera House
    Darklight Palace
    Maj'Dul Home
    Maj'Dul Tower
    Maj'Dul Library
    Maj'Dul Garden Suite
    Blades Lounge
    Vale Delight
    Personal Dojo
    Halas Home
    Everfrost Grotto
    Mistmoore Estate
    Freeblood Lair
    Dragon Enclave
    Gorowyn Manor
    Fright Manor

    Thank you,

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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That would be Ocobi, carpenter and decorator extraordinaire! Done for a Santa Glug house swap, but I "blocked off" those areas I'd already worked on. She pouted quite a bit at that, but still did a wonderful job. :)

    EDIT: Just checked out my page; the Uwkete place is a 6-room rent-free LoN place in New Halas (not exactly sure what their official designation is), and didn't you recently tour the (FGW) No Escaping the Frostfell Blues place? Was just wondering why it wasn't on my Tour List thing yet... ;->

  8. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Ok, updated my post: Requesting a Complete List of Your Designs!

    My list is now complete. :)
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  9. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    The Trophy House (Maj Dul Astronomers Tower) belongs to Quiarrah.. The Uncanny Estate and Snowy Dweling do not have names.
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  10. Jawkins Member

    You're also free to visit...

    Test Server

    Published Under Dhalgar's Delight
    Massive Homes - Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep - Freeport
    Owner: Morshel
    Designer: Jawkins

    And if you're ever in the mood to tour Guild Halls, <Haven>, T1 in Freeport, usually has the rent paid.
    Owner: Jawkins
    Designer: Jawkins
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  11. Sharann Well-Known Member

    Here's my list:

    Server: Thurgadin (EU server) - all under HoF:

    - Sharann's modern villa (owner Sharann)
    - Sharann's Hua Mein retreat (owner Sharann)
    - Sharann's creepy beauty clinic (owner Sharann)
    - Sharann's Gorowyn breakout house (owner Sharann)
    - Sharann's Felwithe sweet home (owner Sharann)
    - Sharann's Freeport breakout house (owner Sharann)
    - Sharann's Qeynos breakout house (owner Syah)

    Thanks Niboota! :cool:
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  12. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    All Houses on AB

    Tyrenthas' House 7 Tranquil Way - Commissioned work

    Small Houses - Personal dojo - Shanti - mine - republished

    House of Frostfell - Large New Halas home - Commissioned work - published

    Malevolent Craig - Mistmoore Estate - 712 Hall of Fame - Commissioned work

    My very first house - Moonpanther's First Home - under newly published - republished.

    Tatyna's Dojo.- Tenebrous Island - Commissioned Work not sure if still published so here are a couple of pics.




    Some photos of my other work can be found here:
  13. Kenana Well-Known Member

    Hi Niboota! Here's my list for you :)

    Decorator - Kenana on all houses. Server - Maj’Dul
    Owner: Kenana
    House: Kena’s Townhome at Fish’s Alehouse
    Location: Qeynos / Fish’s Alehouse, Qeynos Harbor, Second floor, First door on right / Also HOF (Creative Recent) #49
    House: Twilight Terrace Desert Retreat
    Location: An Affluent Maj’Dul Residence, Twilight Terrace / Also HOF (Creative Recent) #64
    House: Number 9 Fright Manor Lane
    Location: Fright Manor, South Qeynos Housing Portal / Also Leaderboards /Large Homes (Newly Published) #1
    Owner: Mohram
    House: Oakmyst Village by Kenana
    Location: Oakmyst Glade, South Qeynos Housing Portal / Also HOF (Creative Recent) #80
    House: Druids of Tunare Sanctuary - Qeynos
    Location: 2 Bayle Court, South Qeynos / HOF (Creative Recent) #120
    Owner: Phoxxi
    House: Phoxxi’s Cozy Ratonga Hole by Kenana
    Location : Jade Tiger Inn Room (First door on the right in main residential room main floor #3) / Also HOF (Creative Recent) #72
    Owner: Umbrae
    House: Freeport Militia Officer’s Club by Kenana
    Location: 3 Compassion Road, Freeport / Also HOF (Creative Recent) #88
    Owner: Mortra
    House: The Ambassador’s Townhouse
    Location: 3 Freedom Road, Freeport / Also HOF (Creative Recent) #219
    House: The Ambassador’s Residence

    Location: Mistmoore Crags Estate (Plus breakout), Freeport Housing Portal / Massive Homes (Creative Recent) #9
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  14. Valzen Well-Known Member

    Hello again, Niboota!

    Adding this one:

    Published Under Timbered Villa of the Enchanted
    Medium Homes - Tower of Knowledge Portal - Qeynos
    Owner: Jazie
    Designer: Valzen (Jazie is an alt, so it doesn't matter really. lol)
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  15. Geden Well-Known Member

    All homes are on AB server.

    Published on HoF under Recent Creativity #3 - Cosy Abode - owner Erisad (Lion's Mane Inn room)
    Published on HoF under Recent Creativity #27 - Spaceship Bliox'r - owner Uthanuk (Thurgadin Grand Hall)
    Not published yet due to remodel - Zen Retreat - owner Uthanuk - Gorowyn Heights in city of Gorowyn
    Not published - Tea Room - owner Abscess, designer Uthanuk - South Qeynos (house to the left of the housing portal hub).
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  16. kianne Well-Known Member

    lool looks like you have 2017 all tied up :D xx
  17. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    lol yeah, I don't think Niboota is going to run out of homes to tour for quite some time! :p
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  18. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    (( at the time this was done I was only on Thurgadin. . . Now that I have basically moved to Skyfire do youwant all of those too??))
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  19. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Somewhat of a necro post there - Niboota hasn't posted anything on these forums for 18 months so I think it's unlikely!
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I miss her! Where's she gone? :-/

    Doesn't she love us any more? :(

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