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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Spextasy, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    Now open for business on Maj'Dul - my new broker house - the Lakeshore Shopping District! It can be found under Hall of Fame / Newly Published or Shanette's Hua Mein Retreat - South Qeynos Prestige Portal.

    The Entrance

    The Lakehouse

    The Cave

    The Riverbed

    Thanks for shopping Shanette and Co.! Please come again! :D
  2. Gneaux Active Member

    Definitely going to check this place out!
  3. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Same. Putting on todo list. :)
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  4. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Omg I love to shop - be right there!

    Seriously it looks like a lot of work's gone into that place and I will definitely come over to see it:)
  5. Gracey Well-Known Member

    Nicely done!!! LOVE this house! Those blue rooms are just amazing.
  6. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    Thank you! :)
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  7. Febrith Well-Known Member

    I went to visit and vote this morning - I love the individual colour schemes you have done for each section and yet kept the style consistent - lovely idea too to put all your brokers in one spot like that - I seriously wouldn't have the patience!
  8. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Very cool! Love the way you displayed armor and epic weapons. Very easy to find each merchant. Nice job!!!
  9. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    Thanks y'all! I'd had some comments in my old broker house that it was difficult to find merchants, so I tried to make it a bit easier in this one. :)
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  10. Khiara Active Member

    You know I hate you a lil bit right now...right? I mean in a TOTALLY LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE WAY...I hates you jes a lil bit, precious.;)

    Looks always lady!!
  11. Valzen Well-Known Member

    Will definitely be putting on my touring shoes. Looks fantastic. Well done.... again!

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