Rare metal's table, Combat Arts 1-70 chart, Master II list and Statistic descriptons.

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED--Aonein-, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Khazaddum Guest

    It is also my understanding (reply to earlier question) that ALL skills for the zerker are in game as masters... even the Bloodlines and Splitpaw... just very rare occurences.
  2. ARCHIVED-Bibe Guest

    blc master was found by a dev team's experiment afaik, not actually discovered by anyone in the game itself.
    Splitpaw goading gesture is not a master, more like a scaling adept 1 taunt (you will notice that 12-14 levels above your previous taunt it will actually be better than your ad3 taunt.)

    btw anyone know where aone is so he can update this post?
  3. ARCHIVED-atjtennis Guest

    He no longer plays eq2 from what I understand
  4. ARCHIVED-BlytheSpirit Guest

    I've unstickied this thread since it hasn't been updated since last May and the information is very out of date (e.g. inks haven't been used for nearly a year). If someone wants to start a new Berserker FAQ or if this one gets updated, the moderators will be happy to sticky it again. :)

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