Rare metal's table, Combat Arts 1-70 chart, Master II list and Statistic descriptons.

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    No need to bump, but thanks for the thought Tapright :smileywink:. Its a sticky.
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    Dunno if this was recently changed or not, but i got wallop and destructive rage both when I dinged 47.

    Wallop is listed as 47.6 :p
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    I'm still waiting for my 'Berserker Enrage' @ lvl 48...
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    The spell can be made but you have to scibe it, its bugged i believe.
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    Enlightened Aonein Amillion ( retired )
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    Adding some things that may not have been picked up.

    Knee Break has an added stun effect which Stomp does not have. Especially good for caster mobs.

    Battle Chant and Screaming Fury are stackable. At level 41, BC adds 173hp, SF addes 285hp for a total 458hp together.

    Sunder adds more hate, but Enrage almost always, if not always, makes you go berserk.
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    not sure if this helps you but i have gotten Dehydrated opal off a lvl 22 Mob in Crypt of betray a named Beetle amakrahan or something similar:)
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    Yes, for some reason this level 22 or so beetle that is a normal ^^named drops some nice items when you kill it. I received a singed glove(tailoring rare) and a dehydrated opal along with an Adept 1 and piece of medium armor. Armor wasn't Fabled or anything, but was still better than most drop pieces I see from nameds.
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    You will notice the drops in CoB are classed as Tier 4 items, seeing as you cant equip some till low 30's. Tier 4 is lvl 30 - 40.
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    Also the harvests in BSV (blood skull valley, the raid in commonlands for th last part of greater lightstone) are t4 (140 skill). Since the mobs are lvl 25ish it makes it easy to harvest if you dont mind a few dozen orcs fruitlessly trying to kill you while you harvest.
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    Not all adept 3s upgrade appropriately. Example : the app4 version of War Chant is better than the Adept 3
    Upgrades i have been pleased with to Adept 3 are Tides of War, Violent Promise, Relentless Battering and Bully.
    I have a Mutilate Master and it rules.
    Thinking of upgrading Raging Blows, No Quarter, Destructive Rage,Stunning Roar and Vanquish. If anyone has upgraded these spells and were pleased with the result please let us know.
    Also it would be nice to tag specific upgrades as broken, like War Chant.

    Mordicus 47 Zerker
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    First I would like to thank on your excellent post. While looking over the skills list I noticed that not all skills were listed. I noticed that War Wounds, Unyielding Will, Intervene and Stand Firm were missing.
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    Propably because those are fighter / warrior skills, and are not berserker only skills
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    This is in regards to the lvl 48 spell Berserker:Enrage...

    I've looked everywhere for this spell, all over Qeynos at all of the scribes and trainers and I just can not locate it. I even logged in my alt that's based out of Freeport and I still could not find it even off of the NFP trainers. Did this spell get removed since it was bugged or did I just miss it? Positive confirmation one way or the other would be greatly apprciated everyone!

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    There should be few posts about this spell, but lets say it in this thread too, it's called fury on those merchanrs that you bought "fun" spells from, and when you scribe it you get infuriate, as App II
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    I know that the spell is called Fury App2 but when you scribe it should read as infuriate. I've looked at the trainers, and I only see one Fury app2 and it dosn't have a required skill of 220. I'm lvl 50 and the only fury I have found is grey to me. I have that fury at adept 1 to boot. If I go to the trainers and buy the only Fury spell I see there that has a mastery of 160 I think (at work atm) it will auto update to infuriate? That's why I was asking for postivie recent confirmation on this spell...I ran around the other day and looked at all the fury's I found for sale off of all the scribes and I couldn't find a one that had a required skill of 220. Thanks for the reply though!


    Just a quick update, went to the trainers in Elder Grove and bought the ONLY fury spell I saw there even though it was grey to me. Tried to scribe it and it said that I already had it. It would appear that this spell as been removed from the game at this time I guess. Just wish I could find the blasted thing so I could retire my lvl 20 class defining ability lol.
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    Just a update, I was able to find it in Elder Grove from the trainer. It wasn't what I was expecting though so I dismissed it for awhile until I seen someone else write here hehe. I was expecting it to replace our lvl 20 class defining skill....Focus Rage. It doesn't and I guess nothing ever will /sigh.
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    Just bought a spell called furious counter off of the broker, its a level 50 spell, however something unusual, i cant scribe it and it wasnt automatically added to my knowledge book. Might wanna look into this, its a level 50 zerker spell, thnx.

    Mordicus- Lucan-Dragoons

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