Rare metal's table, Combat Arts 1-70 chart, Master II list and Statistic descriptons.

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED--Aonein-, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-KagnarLOH Guest

    Level 63 is missing Bloodbath (( Whirl upgrade))
  2. ARCHIVED-TheBohbo Guest

    Your 64 Master 2 choices are not correct. Demolish should be replaced with Bloodbath.
  3. ARCHIVED-Endymion1977 Guest

    Level 57 Taunting Defense is incoorrect. This spell does not root
  4. ARCHIVED--Aonein- Guest

    Everything should be upto date at the current point in time this game is.
    Please reply if you see something out of place.
  5. ARCHIVED-Rousso Guest

    Thanks for this table and all your hard work Aonein! This is the best skill/class/rare summary for any class on the forum. You are a real asset to the community and I truly hope SoE does not run you off with the next round of nerfs!
  6. ARCHIVED-minionofdeath Guest

    Aonein, a few spells I noticed missing are:

    Goading Assault - 20 - Splitpaw. Taunt spell that can be purchased from a splitpaw merchant once you've done a few quests.
    Unyielding Will - 35 - Bloodlines. The exploding heart one that revives you then kills you 30sec later.
    Vicious Embrace - 35 - The other Bloodlines spell that's a quest reward that only works on vampire mobs.

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  7. ARCHIVED-noexi1982 Guest

    maybe i missed it, but i didn't see juggernaut level 65 spell that gives u more dmg and more critical chance but leaves u very vulnerable
  8. ARCHIVED-Cownose Guest

    Is it true that LU 24 made it so you can no longer use rough jasper ro palladium clsuters etc. to make adept IIIs? As far as I cna figure it out only the old inks and loams can make these.
  9. ARCHIVED-WiseOne Guest

    Correct, You can use the old inks, otherwise have to have loams now.
  10. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

    Yea...i am lvl 43 and have a useless Rhodium Cluster I guess. Based on this thread I was asking who can make me an Adept3 but everyone was saying loams now are what is needed. Is it any type of loam? Is it different loams for every tier? At lvl 43 which loam is it I need?
  11. ARCHIVED-Rish Guest

    The loams are:

    T1 - Solidified Loam
    T2 - Alkaline Loam
    T3 - Malleable Loam
    T4 - Ductile Loam
    T5 - Fused Loam
    T6 - Alkali Loam
    T7 - Spongey Loam
  12. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

  13. ARCHIVED-demonwrym Guest

    have to say this is prolly the best post ive seen on any of the forums very usefull and friendly i recently rolled a zerker and find i use this often for premaking spels and just basic info im also a level70 alkey and read this forum often and am willing to offer any input if needed just ask

    jackyl 70 alkey
    demonwyrm 48 zerk
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  14. ARCHIVED-xenocyst Guest

    Missing --- 65 Juggernaut : decreases all physical and magical mit by 1300 and defense/parry by 39 each in exchange for increased offensive crits and base CA damage
  15. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

    This a great resource. I wasw wondering if the rares for spells can be updated?
  16. ARCHIVED-Trynnus1 Guest

    First off - THANK YOU VERY MUCH. As posted by many this is an excellent resource for all the zerkers. It was my bible from lvl 50 forward (after I found the thread).
    I would like to suggest 1 addition - Can we start to compile a list of which spells have Masters in the game including which r Master II avaliable. I just hit 70 and want to know which ones actually drop as masters. I have all ADP III with 2 as masters and want to slowly get them all.
  17. ARCHIVED-Pnaxx Guest

    Maybe it would be a good idea to find where the Masters drop too. I have seen a web page for that in the past, but not sure where it was.
  18. ARCHIVED-gfxdk Guest

    Best list of CA's that's made so far. Simple and good.

    Well done :)
  19. ARCHIVED-Shaenar2004 Guest

    I have just returned to Norath after being away for over a year.

    After a short sally into the firey heat of the Sinking Sands, I advanced my skills to the 52nd level.

    Imagine my surprise in gaining no new skills.

    And it was a surprise - where was my Brutal Pledge, insolent Give and Warcall.

    Soooo - has my transfer from Splitpaw messed me about or have these skills just been dropped or changed. Any ideas :smileysad:
  20. ARCHIVED-Khazaddum Guest

    Must now scribe your spells.. you will no longer get the App1 version of spells after 51.

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