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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Wojo New Member

    I have a 50 Conj on PvP beta and disco'd the level 32 and 46 scout pet masters. Willing to bet if I was in that raid against a bunch of people with apprentice CAs the gap would've been even higher. If you have the logs i'd be very interested to see what was carrying that necro's parse.
  2. Primaeval Active Member

    Going to be a lot of re-education for players I think. Some people that played certain classes at end game may remember cast rotations and the like, but those may be completely different than the TLE servers without cast speed, AAs, etc. Completely changes how many classes are played.
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  3. Nickolous Member

    This is what most of us are concerned about as well. This is also what a small minority would love to make happen

    It is obvious, just seeing the Conj and Necro toons killing mobs, and out dpsing wizards all the time, that it is not player skill, or other factors, it is unbalance. Specifics are not required, the Devs have some from /feedback.

    The Devs have stated they are internally testing some things. They need to internally test the Conj and Necro. The peeps testing these toons, that plan on playing one, or boxing many, will not point out specifics, or volunteer class information that is accurate. It has to be done internally. Much potential revenue is at stake here.
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  4. Nickolous Member

    This makes playing mucho funner imo !
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  5. Xorlin New Member

    Out of 163,609/908dps dmg here are the top dmg #s

    Crushing 23,176/128
    Piercing 18,451/102
    Rapid Decay 14,667/81
    Poisoned Spike 13,866/77

    Out of 14 people in the raid, his pet is out damaging as the next highest parser (the pet is apprentice)
  6. Lord_Delita Member

    Kind of lame that they are going to start selling EXP pots after 2 weeks. Will probably just make some people wait to level faster.
  7. Ucala Well-Known Member

    eh it's lame in the aspect when it comes to expacs that increase level cap. I mean if they are gonna allow xp pots from 50-60, why not just allow it to 1-50?
    I know their "goal" for many people here is to enjoy it, I enjoy it at raiding. so I will be one of the 50s within the first few days.
    So I don't care either way, but just saying it doesn't make sense in the long term to not allow something and then allow it
  8. Adjuvant1 Member

    Summoner scout pets are incredibly strong. They're basically a dot that can dps tank a heroic encounter, a "whole additional player" worth of damage. It's too much. Why this oversight when the caster pets are reasonable?
  9. Malorik Member

    Why would they fix it here when they haven't fixed in on EQ Ragefire?
  10. Dixa Active Member

    it's not going to happen, because ragefire didn't have obscene auto attack on all of the classes.

    people are clearly not playing their scouts correctly, or to their maximum.

    what we are seeing from this raid is that the class with the least gear requirements trounced the classes that all have major gear requirements, in a raid where nobody was even half-***** geared. why would you expect ANY other result?

    the fight was likely long, which put sustain into the lich-using necro's corner squarely.
  11. Dixa Active Member

    nobody else is geared. you are comparing apples to zuccini right now.
  12. Galatea Member

    You just side stepped his concern about wizards and started referencing auto attack and scouts and them not being played correctly. Gear and masters sure, but you are too concerned about blankly dismissing possible unknowns instead of finding them out to prove your point.
  13. Dixa Active Member

    i side stepped nothing. summoners are the least gear dependent class in this game because - and especially with no aa's - their dps comes mostly from their pets. their personal dps spells are atrocious. all other classes require more gear than summoners. it's like this on live, and this server is not going to fix live problems. stop and think rationally.
  14. Dixa Active Member

    the gap is big because:

    summoners rely on their pets for the majority of their damage. this is especially evident here where they don't have any aa's to buff their terrible personal dps. however those pets do not inheret anything from their owners so while they will seem strong now, until the class gets aa's it's going to stop scaling as well as the others.

    the rest of your raid was undergeared and playing as classes substantially more gear dependent than a summoner

    missing many key buffs. fury's primal fury on the assassin or ranger would have been huge for either. fury int buffs would have been massive for the casters.

    one raid. one parse. inadequate information to make ANY judgements on class balance when no effort was put in to gear up before an attempt was made and i'm disappointed that so many are jumping to infantile conclusions without thinking.

    if everyone was geared properly, in at least adept level ca's and spells and the gap was still this wide as a percentage then yes - do something about summoner pets. but it won't be, because while summoners are not as gear dependent as other classes they also do not scale as well as the other classes in the same gear without AA's. THAT is just grade school math.

    what i want to know is did you actually kill these raid mobs while this badly undergeared? because if you did, then that is actually a MUCH MORE IMPORTANT AND SEVERE PROBLEM
  15. Wabit Active Member

    We did the epic NB in EL 42x3 i think it is today... 2 group raid, 2 druid healers, like 6 plate tank (we asked for more), dirge and a swashy i think... lots of deaths, everyone out of mana, but it died first pull... yep we're all under geared and with well non-ideal groups. But it's a green mob, it'll be 1 grouped by 50's with gear/spells/decent setup. But again it is a green mob.

    Seraph of Stagsx2 47ish in EF: was always a weak x2 (same as Dreadwake). This will be one grouped, I stayed alive for over a minute solo against it. 1 try, avoided roughly half the hits, took 1k damage per hit. I could have just been lucky on the avoidance, but it is blue. Magowhatever in LS falls under this catagory too. These are starter raid mobs, all quest related. Let them stay gimpy to a group of decently geared 50s.

    Kra'Thuk solo: hit me 3500 (autoattack, all the adds hit 1kish)
    Vaz'Gok solo: 2800 & 3k, adds 1200ish (never hit that hard, but his auto attack was never the hard part)
    Venny CT version: secondhand info 2k autoattack (never hit hard, but AE was nasty)

    After the server was wiped, and the slow exp/mit issues many gave up trying to get to 50 and test these things. 2 hodgepodge groups was about all that could be mustered. Gearing wasn't an issue of rares to be had (I have enough figwarts to fully equip 7 mages, pelts for 3 druid/brawler, and myself in ebon, and enough cedar to build a guildhall), spell upgrades would have been harder, but pick the most important 4 for each person. It was the lack of adv TS books to make anything. I think 4 of us harvesting was enough to keep t5 common harvest at 1c, rares at 1g. I gave away several complete sets of HC t5 armor. other crafters were doing similar things.

    I give credit to those who tried, even a **** raid to test things out. And they reported what the results were. All we can do is put what we've seen and done. Not play the, well if this class has this then it'll be better than this class without that, game.

    The extent of my soloing at 50 is 42 ^^^ and the surrounding lizard groups (could do the spiders if i had cure pots) on the steps in CT and a 47^^ giant in EF. If i was ad3 out add 2 levels (guessing, but feels about right). My rough stats I've listed somewhere on the forums. Guards are arguably the most gear dependent class: no heals, none of the cool AA saves, no stoneskins (well 1 maybe), my CAs are lacking, but my gear is acceptable for grouping/starter raids.

    I focused more on the crafting/harvesting/gear aspect of beta. Basically because that is more of a vacuum than random groups with trash gear spell. The last 2 days of harvesting roots and ore nodes (~6 stacks of each) I've gotten 40 root rares, 3 ebon, 2 loam. 5 stacks of trapping nodes 10 rare pelts. Gems 3ish stacks I've gotten 3 of each rare. Wood nodes 18 cedar in less than 2 full stacks. and a total of 6 lustrious materials out of all the harvesting. The roots are a little off on the number of nodes, because at least half of the rares came with a 10 harvest (I got 20 roots, and 3 rares from one node twice). All this harvesting was done after the double harvests were removed from beta. Other mass harvesters have confirmed similar results in game, general chat.

    I have no idea how agro is going to work when people are geared, what dps is going to be. Other tanks I've talked to have said the same thing. All i know from raiding is that the raid window works fine and people can be swapped groups easily.

    I chatted with another person who went through almost all the t5 raid loots and reported individually each item on a per mob and zone basis. He even gave suggested stats for each item based on where they dropped.

    So if you've been ingame the same time as me and watch general chat I've probably been babbling something, but I'll answer any question as best I can. I don't know if we have had any interactions (don't know if this is your ingame name). But I'm happy to share anything I've seen or done, compare notes, die testing random things out (even when there is 0 chance of survival 1g per death repair bill ain't gonna break me). I've asked a few times for a 50 summoner tank pet to test out agro, surviveabilty against. Mentoring down won't work to get an accurate assessment.
  16. Galatea Member

    And I thank you for this, some people are a bit too dramatic about things but thanks for putting in the time and effort into testing and putting the info out there.
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  17. Daeth New Member

    Summoners could be soloing Darathar and Dixa would still be claiming that they are underpowered. Very amusing to watch.
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  18. Syneofeternity Member

    lol +1 to this
  19. Perijn New Member

    It was a fun fight though :)
    Thx for coming !!
  20. Dixa Active Member

    ah yes, internet extremism. new and original.

    overpowered, underpowered - what i dont want to see is people clamoring for change over a single parse from undergeared people. and if they killed a raid mob while that badly undergeared then the encounters need to be tuned. DIKU-based MMORPG 101.

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