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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Ealthina Member

    As I said back in the begging. The fact you all are arguing about so many issues says to me rushed and half-***** effort incoming.
  2. Daarkstar Active Member

    Yes they are still broken, however dark-elf casting speed racial works just fine... same for arasai.
  3. Dixa Active Member

    dungeon mobs need a huge buff. overland seems fine given one does not usually group for trash
  4. Wojo New Member

    Dixa what level are you that you're sitting at 75% mit as a SK?
  5. Dixa Active Member

    that was at level 20, with level 18 and 20 quest rewards/drops (lot of lucky drops) favoring mitigation as sometimes the same item at the same level with the same stats actually has less mitigation on it, and with a 168 physical mitigation buff from a fury's class focused thornskin. without that buff it's about 62%. That thornskin buff scales. it starts at 70 physical mitigation at thornskin 1 and 2, and goes to 168 at 3. not sure where it ultimately ends up I was stopping around 30 with all the classes.

    the key is keeping your gear up to date, probably every 5-8 levels. if I decide to play a tank class come live given how slow the xp will be, I very well spend the time to make and use crafted gear to fill in the holes with quest/drops that are not adequate even if the dps stats aren't all that hot. relying on what will be overpriced broker-sold gear early on will be bad as - like with the eq1 tlp - the server will be flooded with botters and boxers and illegal krono farmers looking to control the economy.
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  6. Wabit Active Member

    humorous yes, dirge (yes, it was Colby) rez ftw. Think after every ^^^ one of us was in the red for health. Also was alot of agro swapping, and my mini dings were huge when we got an add, and I was still getting mentor/unmentor scripts 45 mins later.

    The damage received per hit seemed about appropriate per hit. 2 of us (plate tanks) had HC or better gear (I made it). Would like to test that again but with having more than Ap1 skills for everything.
  7. Wabit Active Member

    Armor is stupid easy to get as plate tank. 20's there is the AQ's. 30's there is the zek/EL quests, 40's there is EF/LS quests. I made my own armor every tier (on beta) and these rewards are usually better. 42 MC gear is equivalent at best to trash drops in Sol Eye.

    Even at 20 mit capped it's not like i could solo even con ^^^ (blue/green ^^ were doable, but not a given). At 50 during launch I could solo just about everything on EF short of Tundra Jack and the epics on my Guard. But I was geared out, and used cure/heal pots (plus solo HO's had a small heal). It doesn't fell like I can do that with the beta rules (can't test it, lack of upgrades).

    I do know I have less solo HP, 6k (53% mit) is about where I am now. Same gear I was 8k, could get 10k solo fabled out.

    figure +30 sta (fabled item) per item at 21 slots. 6 HP per sta. I'll get less than 4k HP from gear, base HP of 3,800. 8k is weak HP total for a decked out tank. Before you go off on the mit % take into the avoidance (~30% from a 50) and HP totals.

    I don't have a problem with the total overall stats. That being said I haven't tested any raids (not enough people to even try). If epics hit for 10k per auto attack raid buffed (basically one shot MT), or they hit for 200 then they are broken.
  8. Dixa Active Member

    time will tell with tanks. however if end game is using conj/necro pets to tank because of their health then something needs to change. you can't nerf their health without giving them some mitigation back though as that would hose summoner leveling. but from the above if 8k is achievable by level 50 plate tanks, then taking into consideration moderate physical mitigation and avoidance their effective health should be equal or greater than the current end game pet health.
  9. Atze New Member

    You are still able to buy the starting Armor you removed from each Character for 1 Copper in the Starting Area. In DLW the NPC Iymstra Do'Vethiervs sells it. Should be removed.
  10. Ucala Well-Known Member

    Awh dang I must have messed up the settings, or my YouTube got shut down, I have some very...odd videos on it
  11. Ucala Well-Known Member

  12. Wabit Active Member

    That would be fully fabled out, figured +30 per slot for stat, full MC is about 22-24 per slot, so about 7k solo HP for MC Guard with ad3 for self buffs. (can't find the armorer books to verify the mit/avoid)
  13. Xorlin New Member

    After putting a raid together for a few mobs last night it seemed like the mit problems are gone in my eyes. The two tanks in the raid didn't seem to have any issues. The pet classes still seem a bit OP, but we didn't compare perfectly. I've been really happy with the fine tuning so far. I'm sure throughout the next few weeks there will be more tweaking needed (there always is). I will agree though, if the conj/necro is a bit broke, I hope we don't have another Ragefire with mage bot armies running around. I have faith in the devs though. With our help I'm sure they'll fix whatever is wrong.
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  14. Jazhara Member

    Could you be more specific? What kind of raid? What was group setup. What mobs did you fight and what lvl were they? Please and thank you =)
  15. Lord_Delita Member

    Is it just the swarm pet DPS that still seems out of wack or are there other issues you still see with conjy/nec in terms of being OP?

    Also, do you guys know what time the server is supposed to go live?
  16. Xorlin New Member

    We had 2 1/2 groups. Guard, Dirge, Swash, Coer, Warden, Assassin - Guard, Wiz, Necro, Swash, Inquis, Ranger (and I forget the rest right now)

    We were all pretty evenly geared. We killed N`'Kzak (42 Epic x3), Dreadwake (42 Epic x2), Acrimoniad (49 Epic x2). I don't have the parses in front of me, but they went a little like this (consistently).

    Necro - 800 - 1100
    Wiz - 310 - 330
    Swash - 290 - 300
    Assassin - 285 - 290
    Next - 280
    Next - 275
    Next - 265
    Next - 255

    Again, I didn't go through and dissect the parse, but the necro doing 3 times the amount of DPS with a little less gear than the rest of the raid struck me as odd. Yes, I'm sure some of you will say "Well the necro is probably a great player etc" and he is. The amount of difference with him and everyone else however, was too great to ignore. IF in fact we were all even, in even gear, and evenly skilled players, it would be pointless to make up a raid with different characters. Sure, there are a lot of discrepancies to take into account here, but I think it's at least something to look into a little more. As I mentioned in my above post, having another Ragefire with pet class armies running around might take some fun out of it. ;)
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  17. Lord_Delita Member

    Anyway to get a breakdown of the necros DPS?
  18. Xorlin New Member

    Yes, let me go through the parse a bit later on (not at home right now) and I'll update the thread.
  19. Ucala Well-Known Member

    personally, and I don't mean to be mean, but it sounds like just a bad raid, before the wipe my 50 illy was parsing an easy 800/900
  20. Xorlin New Member

    Yes, before the wipe some of us were 1000+. In this time around we got lazy and still have really low lvl gear. I'm sure this was also due to the fact that everyone lvled up so fast the only thing you put on what was what dropped while lvling. I also agree it was a bad raid with not the greatest set up due to not having the classes online.

    What I'm trying to figure out right now is how that gap got so big. I'm not complaining or whining, I'm just trying to learn what's going on here to make sure it's not broken.
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