Proving Grounds first impressions

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kielex, May 9, 2017.

  1. Kielex Well-Known Member

    I endured this for 5 minutes and I never want to play it again in its current state. I have also seen the insane stat inflated rewards. This is my very worst ever EQ2 experience I ever had. Cancelling all my subs for now.
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  2. captainbeatty451 Well-Known Member

    What was so bad about it? What did you do in those 5 minutes? Sad to see such a negative reaction, but I'm curious as to what caused it.
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  3. Mystify New Member

    Is there any new content or zones besides the proving
    Grounds. If you don't want to do timed quests against
    Another team, seems like we just keep doing the weekly
    And daily quests for ascension...
  4. Uxtalzon Active Member

    Could you be a little more specific? Just a wee bit?
  5. -Soteria- Well-Known Member

    -auto attack not working (not sure if that's an intended bad decision or an accident)
    -if one group finishes, they have to wait for the other group to finish before they can leave... even if that happens to be hours...
    -if a group gets tired of waiting for the other group to finish after they're done and leaves, other groups that queue can end up back in that match on the already cleared side with nothing to do.
  6. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    Those last two points are... quite serious flaws.

    I have a question, is this feature using a group finder function? Can I queue up for a group to run this, or do you have to go in with a pre-made group?
  7. Revel Well-Known Member

    Sure would be nice if they actually playtested content instead of expecting live servers to do it for them.
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  8. Observing Active Member

    You can queue solo, but it is broken. Every time I have done that, I ended in a zone already completed and with only 1-2 other people. It is significantly more important to have a healer (and maybe a tank) than in BGs
  9. Kielex Well-Known Member

    Pretty disappointing how the game update was delayed a month for... this.
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  10. -Soteria- Well-Known Member

    If the auto attack not working is intended, I really wonder why the merchant sells potions that buff your dps mod, haste and multi attack...
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  11. Kielex Well-Known Member

    I really wonder why they implemented 400k ab mod and 40 overcap fervor stuff on this mindless grind content.
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  12. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Always thought these zones are designed like the top ten list from Aether races - you do it with a group, your time is taken and shown on an ingame leaderboard.

    But this seems to be absolutely horrible - no thx.
  13. Vokan Active Member

    WAS THIS TESTED?!?!?!?!
    What a pile of garbage! Someone drops, another person is added, dropped person returns, now in a raid. Mobs then 1 shot you. Cant tell what you are doing becuase no damage numbers exist. Leave BGs? Your stats are jacked!
  14. Bishka New Member

    I am in agreement with the entire thread here. This is not for me. I was expecting to go in with my normal stats and come to find out that there are indeed no stats worth commenting about while in the Proving Grounds. I could not finish the initial quest to gain a Familiar. I could not get in a group that started the zone and finished the zone. I could not finish the initial zone when I queued in Solo mode. This is poor and disappointing.
  15. Tupperbeast Active Member

    Dear Daybreak I would love to ask a question, why you have re-introduced a battleground with such powerful loot. You have not really learned from the time of the pvp. You have to say that was one of the most stupid ideas at a distance and makes the group game in the outer world broken.

    The system had seen some of us at times pvp and it was at the end of the dead of the pvps next to the story with the balance of the classes.

    It is terrible and stupid at the same time to put such power items into a kind of mechanic that has not been matured. So the group game is broken again and people who wanted to play their old or try to get their epic there will hardly find people because now all are back afk or in Battlegrounfd to be found.
  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Wardens are COMPLETELY useless in the zone. On the named fights, throwing every heal I had, including emergenies and the kitchen sink, the group health just kept going down, down down. There was nothing, at all, I could do to keep my group alive. I was a complete and total waste of a slot. We couldn't finish the zone.
  17. Observing Active Member

    /s Going to be a great way to gear up my forgotten alts since they don't need gear
  18. Vokan Active Member

    It also strips prayers and commune, so when you leave, you have to go back to GH and buff. Oh, and it screws up all your stats when you leave. Relogging doesnt fix it either. Good job!
  19. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    Wow, this sounds really broken. I'm pretty much convinced that this game will never have successful, cross-server group finding/matching. :(
  20. -Soteria- Well-Known Member

    yeah, it needs to be taken down until they do some fixes. I queued 3x in a row and got a broken zone each time, sounds like the same is happening to others. I'm not convinced you even CAN get into a good zone at this point, since it seems to prioritize "backfilling" empty/broken zones.

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