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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-LordBob, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mentla Guest

    Forgot to post mine once I finished betrayal. Here she is showing off her new horse :)

  2. ARCHIVED-hatefullintent Guest

    Well here is my Ratonga Necro,

    And with the hat :D

  3. ARCHIVED-Darian04 Guest

    [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]... now I wanna make a ratonga. That looks sweet
  4. ARCHIVED-LUE Peorth Guest

    Yup, Ratonga are the best by far. With their hood showing, a big badass grim reaper lookin' dude backing you up, you look like pure evil. Nothing beats that. I just started mine so Im not even going to bother posting pics, he still sucks.

  5. ARCHIVED-Omgidomms Guest

  6. ARCHIVED-cavv Guest

    soon as I get my computer back up and running I will post some full sized pics for everyone to drool over.
    Ratongas FTW
  7. ARCHIVED-Wilko1981 Guest

    Yup after seeing a Ratonga Necromancer I had to roll one. I can't wait to get him higher up tho.
  8. ARCHIVED-cavv Guest

    OK finally got off my rear end and took some screens, witness the awsomeness that is the Ratonga Necro!
    With mask, quested version has yellow horns, both kick [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]
    Have to show off my rugged good looks once in a while, relax there is enough to go around
    And for those times when I am just feelin plain ol evil, or I am trying to hide from a particular lady

    Seriously I don't even have great stuff, toss in a mark of the awakened,
    claymore staff and some relic gear and I would be too awsome to show in public,
    I might have to retire just so I don't cause mass hysteria, if these pics don't make you
    live your every waking moment to be a Ratonga necro than you should cancel
    your account now...seriously now.....look they are just gonna nerf whatever you pick
    so cancel.....daggonit just don't pick my fur color and tatoo......aaaaarrrrggggghhhh!!
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  9. ARCHIVED-Tokamak Guest

    Just to show you all that I really am a hottie

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  10. ARCHIVED-amazing j Guest

  11. ARCHIVED-Sir Alex Guest

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  12. ARCHIVED-cavv Guest

    ^ you suck /jealous
  13. ARCHIVED-johnathanbtn Guest

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  14. ARCHIVED-LadyMidnight Guest

    I love my Ratonga necro! She's grey with black spots...doesn't get any more sinister than that...cept when SOE decides to make all the master crafted robes of that level white *shakes fist at sky* Dark Elf necro, while cool, is so over done...Go Rats!
  15. ARCHIVED-LlaineDuBois Guest


    For lack of a better pic, here is Linessa the Koada'dal Necromancer. Cuddles is in awe, he is easily impressed.
  16. ARCHIVED-Robotika Guest

    even though it's hard to look evil in white... here's a pic of my Necro Froglok.
    i really feel that Frogloks make excellent Necromancers. they just seem more evil.

  17. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Heres Malignx, the carpet is Djinn Bracelet of the Sky(before people ask). The robe is Netherworld Robe, again from the Djinn Master.


  19. ARCHIVED-Jeffmaster Guest

    Dark elf is just awesome
    My friend Succube on Nektulos server looks awesome
  20. ARCHIVED-Verios-EQ2 Guest

    Could anyone possibly tell me what gloves are in this picture and how do I get them? heh


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