Post your necro pics

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-LordBob, Jun 18, 2006.

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    err sorry..forgot to add: I'm asking Larasan and ia~chaos :smileytongue:
  2. ARCHIVED-Sosumya Guest


    Fear the Frog!!!
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    Where do you get this skull-spine thing(or whats the name)?
  5. ARCHIVED-Omgidomms Guest It drops in Unrest
  6. ARCHIVED-LiquidFlex Guest

    Atragon wrote:
    Use the 'Item Database' search utility on this site... or the eq2players site. It will show you anything you want to know.
  7. ARCHIVED-Zarafein Guest

    Thanks was looking for this for some time.
  8. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    My dwarf necro refuses to allow his picture to be taken. Keeps mumbling something about having his soul stolen. Bit rich if you ask me.
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    There's a similar looking skull thing that is treasured.
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    What? No Ogre Necros? If anyone could post an Ogre Necro... that'd be pretty neat.
  14. ARCHIVED-Omgidomms Guest

    Just posted it in the SoD quest, so might post it here too =)
    Pretty neat necro weapon ;)

  15. ARCHIVED-zerfall Guest

    Gee Belltan, what kind of rig do you have that your graphics look so sweet? Really wish I could play with settings like that. Mine look nice, but nowhere near as crisp and detailed as that. Great screenshots.
  16. ARCHIVED-Eesti Guest


    this is my necro dressed in Barrister's Robe,Deathcasters Cap and wielding Wand of Second Life together with Vertabrack
  17. ARCHIVED-Verios-EQ2 Guest

    Here's my Necromancer:

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  19. ARCHIVED-Cica Guest

    Shes only an alt about lvl 33 had to post it cause i love my little arasai necro :)

  20. ARCHIVED-ghettobooster Guest

    Arasai Necromancer at photo shoot with Lord Nagafen

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