Post your necro pics

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-LordBob, Jun 18, 2006.

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    Hope this works :)

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    The last one was too small :)

  5. ARCHIVED-MysidiaDrakkenbane Guest

    Still not looking like a necro, yet, but I thought this set of pics were cool anyhow. This is in RoV.



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    'Daryth tells the guild ,'no, those boots dont match, they would look terrible with my outfit!'

    <3 Agenda
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    Thats so wrong agenda!!! :)
  9. ARCHIVED-KittenClaw22 Guest

    Here is a screenie of my half pint gnomish gnecro standing in Chel'Drak's mouth:


    And here is a perfectly timed screenshot right after I cast a buff on my tank pet:


    Nothing too special about this screenie, but I just like it, I call it my glamour shot:

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    Look at that sexy gnome! ^^^
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    "Seek death and it finds you."

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    where do i get spiffy hat? :smileyindifferent:
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    70 Necromancer of Onyx
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    where do i get spiffy hat? [IMG]
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    It would be really cool if people could list what they are wearing. I see laot of robes I'd like to have but i have no idea what they are!
  17. ARCHIVED-titleman Guest

    Fae FTW lol. If only they could betray.... *sigh*
  18. ARCHIVED-LazyPurple Guest

    Fearskin robe
    Robe of Dark Despair

    Pani's Robe My favorite!
    PS. If anyone has a pic of the new Necro Robe Robe of Spirit Siphoning or any pieces I'd be happy to drool on you! I'm dying to see what it looks like!

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    this is Twitches Mcgee your friendly nieghborhood Rat-cromancer


    /duel ftw!!1!
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    Which nightshade is that if you don't mind me asking? it's been bugging me since i read this post. heh
    Thanks :)

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