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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-LordBob, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-LordBob Guest

    im tryin to decide what race to make my necro and i just cant decide.(im going purely on looks)
  2. ARCHIVED-LiquidFlex Guest

    Dark Elf !!
    The Drow are the essence of evil. ;)

    (ya ok so I'm biased... and?)
  3. ARCHIVED-latrocinor Guest

    Eurudite (sp?) necro with my new master pet :) level 36
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  4. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

  5. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    High Elf FTW!!
    This one's a fun shot too:
    And of course, the oblgatory Opulent Dress pic:
  6. ARCHIVED-Eesti Guest

    Dark elf is the only way to go ;)
  7. ARCHIVED-KorathDrake Guest

    Id usually say Dark Elf, but after seeing that Erudite with his summon, i have to say they have a much more damned sould look to them :p.
  8. ARCHIVED-latrocinor Guest

  9. ARCHIVED-Darkglow Guest


    Dark Elves FTW

    Lord Doompa Forvever
    Nightmare Keeper of Ethereal Legacy
  10. ARCHIVED-Trayla Guest

    Based on the pictures shown - Erudite definitely won that contest. I really wouldn't have thought they could look so evil!
  11. ARCHIVED-Gomora_Toad Guest

    I'll skip the pic posting since my necro isn't really necro-y looking. Unless you're viewing his original model, which is fugly enough to cause fear, suffering, and death... but that's not quite the same thing...
    Anyway, you really can't go wrong with a Dark Elf, but if you want something that is a bit less overdone traditional, try an Iksar, Froglok, or Ratonga. With the colors (especially if you go with a pale grey) and patterns tweaked a certain way you can give them a very ghastly, dead sort of look. IMO, the current class helm graphic looks spiffy on Iksar and Ratonga, too.
  12. ARCHIVED-Tharangus Guest

    That's me on the right... :smileyvery-happy:

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  13. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Iksar FTW.
    I will have to try to dig up a pic.
  14. ARCHIVED-Mentla Guest

    Pre-betrayal, but cool as norks none the less:

  15. ARCHIVED-Serica Guest

    I have one ^_~

    This is Zesra, eater of Gnomes! I'll repost though, I hope to have the class helm soon! The sycthe she has is the Ribcage Sycthe from the Silent City which I use for evil looks!

  16. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Yeah personaly bias but even told by other people the class hat looks best on the Iksar.
    But everyone knew that already anyway . :smileytongue:
  17. ARCHIVED-Mentla Guest

    My Fury bought that Scythe on PvP for the cool looks :)

    Which quest is it pls?
  18. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    I like Eesti's pic best so far. The lighting, etc. It's just cool.

    And my robe right now... sucks, so no pic from me until I get a better-looking one. ;)
  19. ARCHIVED-dragontamer619 Guest

    Here is my necromancer. =) Frogloks FTW!

  20. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    Here's a guildie's gnome back when she frequented Runnyeye. She's well beyond this level now.

    Edit to reply to Mentla's question: The scythe is one of the options you can choose for a quest reward after you complete the Silent City access quest inside the Living Tombs. To get the quest, right-click the monkey on the left as you enter the Living Tombs. Fun quest, fun zone.
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