Pictures of different races as dirges

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Takya, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Masquerade@Splitpaw wrote:
    Thank you for posting that Masquerade. Innoruuk sends word he is pleased with your representation of the master race.
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    Here's some pics of my dirge Ramie from Venekor


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    OK, hopefully this works. Never posted a picture to the boards before. Yes, I'm a Troub, but we all get (mostly) the same gear.
    This is my normal gear. Weapons are wurmslayer and absolution. Gloves, forearms and boots are the PvP set gear. legs are nightchord, chest is tunic of shadowed songs, shoulders are Vhalens. Relic hat.
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    [size="small"][face="verdana,geneva"][size="x-small"]I think the only right decision is to play a cute litte Ratonga [/face][/size][/size]:p [IMG] [size="small"][face="verdana,geneva"][size="x-small"] [/face][/size] [/size]
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    Vadek@Valor wrote:

    If only I had realized that when I rolled my dirge...

    I'm wood elf though :-( (see sig below) or picture Nadjira (previous page), only redish hair and no face paint/tattoos/markings/whatever.
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    yes, ratonga.
    here's more of my dirge after getting lucky on loot for a week straight.
    (dkp has hit the floor...)

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    Seritaph@Kithicor wrote:
    My lvl70 Dirge on Vox, Serenade.

    And the baby PvE version of her on Bazaar, Medea.
    Both devoted followers of Innoruk, of course. ;)
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    MY TURN!!!
    MY dual Weilds ;)
    1 Hander
    Close up!
    Can you tell me what cloak this is =P Hate the look but nice stats lol.
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    [p][size="medium"]Gnome Powah![/size][/p][p][IMG][IMG][/p]
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    Here's me at level 30, wearing my newly acquired level 30 armor.

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    Seritaph@Kithicor wrote:
    Very elegant, almost makes me want to forget the Koada'dal paladins, but you've got to do something about the face-fungus.
  15. ARCHIVED-Winterborne Guest

    Unfortunately, due to the more "delicate" features of the elves, the face fungus is the only way I avoid getting tells like, "You want to group, or are you going to just stand there looking smokin' hot!" and "What's an elf like you doing in a cave like this?"
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    My new dirge sporting his Mastercrafted gear (which hopefully I'll eventually learn to make the most use of). The pic is a little dark I see, so I'll brighten it up when I get home.
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    We dirges are a handsome lot.
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    Rizcarn wrote:
    where did a dirge get a cowl? Would be very interested in that...
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    Heres an old one but a funny one, weve been to serious so far:

    Click me

    Also we should get this thread stuck up already
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    Not to hijack, but can anyone show a picture of full Requiem gear? or has it already been linked and it disappointingly looks exactly the same as the relic?

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