Pictures of different races as dirges

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Takya, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-GrlGmr Guest

    Not enough DEs in this thread. This is my dirge alt, currently level 60.

  2. ARCHIVED-Meunayil Guest

    Wow, this complete lack of the greatest race evah is making my head hurt.

    Will post a screenie when I get home from work ... crap is that the boss?
  3. ARCHIVED-DarkCurse7 Guest

    I still love this look =^.^=
  4. ARCHIVED-DarkCurse7 Guest

    sorry new to posting. let me see if i can get this on my profile
  5. ARCHIVED-Lancestorm Guest

    Xarana@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Whar armour is this? Looks sweet
  6. ARCHIVED-DarkCurse7 Guest

  7. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    Here is some old pics before ROK came out of my dirge " width="15" height="15">
    Ill have new ones later.



  8. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    This is a few pics with my dirge and his epic weapon with a new look ;)


  9. ARCHIVED-Tilin Guest

  10. ARCHIVED-emodirge Guest

    nice pics, Tanarion! didnt know our epic had such a cool trailer graphic hehe.

    nows my turn! i love this robe graphic ^^

  11. ARCHIVED-Crimson Dragon Guest

    final EoF look...


    he's got a little captain in him.
  12. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    Thanks yeah i didnt know until i did a raid and looked at it closely lol so i took some screenshots.
    Nice look your self i like the robes also myself.
    Madrat Nice look but get with the ROK look gosh =p
  13. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    Ahhh you so copied me lol !
  15. ARCHIVED-JerronBlacksilver Guest

    Another High Elf Dirge? That's un-possible! (Fear my red hubcap shield!)

  16. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    Nice look man i got the natural aegis from woushi i like that one better hehe gay hub cap =p
  17. ARCHIVED-JerronBlacksilver Guest

    I covet the natural aegis...I've killed wuoshi, but it never dropped for me =(
  18. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    First time kill got it ;)
    Im waiting for VP sheilds.
  19. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

  20. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    Nice look man ;)
    But your colors going crazy on your new look hehe =p
    Sorry i like to match -.-
    Well here is my look atm.
    And the second one i use.

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