Pictures of different races as dirges

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Takya, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-emodirge Guest

    very nice, tanarion!

    what armor are you wearing in those 2 pics? the chestpiece looks sweet as hell.
  2. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    emodirge wrote:
    Well the first look would be.
    Chest- Tunic of sorrowful songs. Which drops off last named in freethinkers.
    Legs- Links of the DragonSlayer. Those are a fabled drop off the last named in vaults of eternal sleep
    Boots- Verdant boots. Dont think thats right name but i know verdant is in it. Bought off Broker.
    Shoulders- Blood Splattered something lol. Bought those off broker also.
    Forearms- Little crafted piece to hide the forearm look cloth piece.
    Gloves- Ancient Iksar gloves from a legendary quest in jarsath wastes. From the scorpion people ;)
    2nd look would be.
    Chest- Same as first one.
    Legs- The mastercrafted swiftcloth level 72 armor for cloth classes.
    Boots- Same as first.
    Shoulders- Sly trickster Something again lol. Broker bought.
    Forearms- Same as first.
    Gloves- Would be the Ferrite gloves from the 70+ crafted armor.
    There you go
  3. ARCHIVED-Windowlicker Guest

    Tanarion@Guk wrote:
    Copied you? Your missing parts of the set :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    Zahne@Mistmoore wrote:
    Yes this is true hehe.Their just not on the broker =p

  6. ARCHIVED-Chaosfairie27 Guest

    My little Dirge, she is lvl 71 now. [IMG]
  7. ARCHIVED-v3l0ct Guest

    Here's my pre-RoK look. I don't have any shots of current but will work on it.



  8. ARCHIVED-Ladro209 Guest

    Nice look Xilaz. May I ask what chest and boots you are wearing?

    I am trying to complete an RoK look that is dark/regular blue and I have all the pieces except chest and boots. Any suggestions on buyable/quested blue chest and boots from anyone would be apprecitated.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    Since this is pre ROK his chest has to be nightcord which drops in labs off of vyemn.
    Now i know since ROK the mastercrafted chainmail i think it is.Has the exact same look.
    His boots i got no idea cuz i dont see em =p
  10. ARCHIVED-Ladro209 Guest

    Tanarion@Guk wrote:
    Hmm, I have RoK Mastercrafted chain, it is red in color though.
  11. ARCHIVED-Giland Guest

    I believe the different sets have different colors.
  12. ARCHIVED-v3l0ct Guest

    At the time I had the nightcord boots and vhalen's boots so depending on which I wanted to wear at the time. If you have RoK mastercrafted then the only things that have any color to them are the shoulders and chest piece, the rest is dark (not black). Now if you get the quested ornamental chain then it's red. I have trooper scale boots now which are blue and red but I usually tend to wear leather sets for the look of it. I'll take a couple of shots and post just for comparison.
  13. ARCHIVED-Ladro209 Guest

    I found a T7 ferrite (non rare harvest) chest that looks exactly like the nightcord in your pic. I realized the boots I was wearing are already black, just had red ones showing in the appearance tab for my "red" look. The blue look is completed for the time being, I will post pics when I am on a better computer then my laptop.
  14. ARCHIVED-Beldin_ Guest

    New look of my Dirge since today. I liked the look of the new 77 mastercrafted legs, after that i searched the broker endless for a breatsplate,
    and then i finally had to change the color of wings and hair to fit to that ;)
  15. ARCHIVED-Hugsnkissums Guest

    that 77 set does have a decent matching breastplate, but you need a chromatic essence to have it crafted by an armor crafter who's got the recipe. Does anyone else have a hard time finding crafters, any crafter across the board, who's gone out of their way to get those recipes? I swear, a huge amount of crafters on LDL don't know they exist...Just the other day I had to explain to at least 3 provisioners where and how to get the new stuff...
  16. ARCHIVED-Beldin_ Guest

    I know a crafter who could make the breastplate, however he was not online that day. I also checked the preview with one that was in the broker and i must say i really like the outfit with the BP i have now much more ;)
  17. ARCHIVED-mindygoth Guest

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but she's too cute to be left out :)



    My lil pint-sized diva :)
  18. ARCHIVED-Kelticdragon Guest

    Here is a Piccy of my Ratonga Dirge and her pet Cowgaroo


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