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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Takya, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Prub Guest

    Ok I have a question, I just started using profit reborn (yes I know I am way behind ) but I took my screen shot after using the UIs screen shot quality setting for video. Curious how come my particles are not showing as strong as others? my MoA is not showing up (which to me realy isnt a big deal) .. is there something I am missing?
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  3. ARCHIVED-spark Guest

    The MoA graphic effect was taken out of game when EoF came out i think.
  4. ARCHIVED-Wilko1981 Guest

    [face="trebuchet ms,geneva"]The MoA 'Glyph' was removed from the game around the release of EoF, many people who play in first person view found that it obstructed their vision. I personally liked the glyph and wish they had added a enable / disable tick box instead :-([/face]
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    Hiya :)

    I don't know if you actually wanted a Ratonga picture - but she's just so darn cute I had to post it anyways.

  7. ARCHIVED-Yo-Gha Guest

    my halfling dirge in action :) and waiting for someone..something...
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  9. ARCHIVED-Rizcarn Guest

    Here is just your normal Irresistible Kerran
  10. ARCHIVED-Takya Guest

    Thanks for all the pics they're are great. The bard community overall is awesome. There certainly a few issue with the bards, but people still love their toons. Not a ton of griping/in fighting like on other boards. People actually have good discussions about mechanics and what not. Can't wait to get grouping and see the world of EQ2.
    Keep posting pics if you want. I want to see more! :D
  11. ARCHIVED-Wilko1981 Guest


    More pictures required. Well heres my little halfling, and yes I use SOGA, otherwise she looks like a butch lesbian who ate a few too many pies, i'll settle for the angry school girl look instead :cry::roll:


  12. ARCHIVED-Winterborne Guest

    Seems like the SOGA models are very popular. Nice looking dirges by the way, all of you. Of course, I will look far superior being of the Teir 'Dal bloodline, but that just goes without saying.
  13. ARCHIVED-Daarom Guest

    Female Woooodelf
  14. ARCHIVED-Lint26 Guest

    I hate SOGA halflings they look to much like little elves.
    It makes me cry that others can look at me like that :cry:
  15. ARCHIVED-Wilko1981 Guest

    Lint@Runnyeye wrote:
    Trust me, its far far better than how my character looks with normal model :shock:

    Besides about time we had an uptodate screenshot of you Lint with all your Requiem set ;-)
  16. ARCHIVED-Crimson Dragon Guest

    this thread needs more ratongas in exotic locations....


    i need new pants... :(
  17. ARCHIVED-Wilko1981 Guest

    purple plant > purple pants I feel your pain...
  18. ARCHIVED-icybiohazzard Guest

    Me my helm is Fearling-tot so dont hve it showing :)

  19. ARCHIVED-Lint26 Guest

    Orchid@Runnyeye wrote:
    Unfortunately COIL has only really had any real success in EoF zones for the past couple of months and in that time the RNG hasn't been kind, our clerics and mages are pretty happy tho.....
  20. ARCHIVED-Dijitalis Guest

    Lack of Dark Elf ! :shock: Only created char on 27th of February so erm, no EoF set loot yet, although even if it was my main at the start of EoF I woulda still only seen 1 piece.


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