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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Takya, Feb 27, 2007.

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    I'm sure there was a thread at one time but apparently SOE destroyed the old forums. I just started playing a few days ago and finally chose Dirge as my class. I love to help groups and but I got kinda tired of playing a healer in "that other" game.
    I wanted to see what a Barbarian, Erudite and Ogre looked like in some gear beyond the starting stuff. I have a level 8 ratonga which is very cool so far. I figure if i'm gonna be one of the least played classes may as well be one of the least played races for the class too. (yes i'm a social [I cannot control my vocabulary] hehe).
    Also, do guys get made fun of for playing female toons in EQ2? They look hot in this game and would be nice to look at while leveling (and i'm a dirty old man too).
    If there is already a thread with some pics please link so I don't annoying everyone.
    Thanks in advance. BTW i'm loving this community! Everyone has been very nice.
    Edited title. Realized it was very annoying :-?
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    hmmm, re ta rd gets edited...PC gone overboard
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    Umm, looks like the rat is getting a D-con brunch... :twisted:
    One other question, does a the larger frame (rat vs barbarian) cause issues for healers? I know when i was healer I never targeted the toon, just the bar. I'm assuming it's the same for EQ2. Not that I will get a ton of heals, that goes to the MT.
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    No shouldn't be an issue at all.
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    Murrcury@Crushbone wrote:
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    Murrcury@Crushbone wrote:

    But someone has to do it...
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    Can someone tell me what weapons Murrcury has please :p
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    Without looking him up on Everquest players =P

    It looks like he has a Rapier of Darkness in Primary (MMIS Drop) and a Dirk of Negativity (HoS Drop)...
    Same primary as me, accept I use a Vampiric Axe of Balance in Secondary.
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    Ainwen@Butcherblock wrote:
    you are right on both im next in line for axe i think when it drops sept for its dirk in main rapier in off
    im next in line for that axe if it ever drops again lol got like 7 of them our first 2 times though hasent droped sence
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    Same thing for us. We saw 3 rapiers, and 4 axes...Nothing since they readjusted the loot table.

    Good luck though, its a nice Axe =)
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    Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated.

    Couple of further questions, the Dirk of Negativity is that the one in the offhand with the flame particle effect or have I got them mixed up ? :-?

    Also from what I understand the Dirk comes from a raid zone within the Fallen Dynasty adventure pack ? Could someone please confirm.

    Many thanks
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    Orchid@Runnyeye wrote:
    The Dirk drops in Halls of Seeing, that's a raid zone in Tenebrous Tangle (KoS)
    The red glowing thing is the Rapier of Darkness, which drops in the raid zone Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum (MMiS in Loping Planes -> Castle Mistmoore -> EoF).
    Hope that helps. :)
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    [face="trebuchet ms,geneva"]Thanks very much for the info, much appreciated :p[/face]
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