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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Domino, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Istar@Mistmoore wrote:
    We're talking about different items.
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    DominoDev wrote:
    My main crafting is weaponsmithing. However I do have a woodworker which is also a ranger. Nobody in my guild has ever used any other bow then the ones that are quest rewards. And we are an heavily crafter oriented guild.

    Stormfire is only replaced by the Gnome Security HQ bow, dont recall the exact name, that is a quest reward; most rangers/scouts use Stormfire for 20 levels +. Why ? simply because there isnt any better bow available. The Gnomish Mechanized bow (or whatever its called) is replaced by some other bow also from a quest about level 55+ and then its time to get 12 ppl together to receive Rain Caller as a reward.

    Never, ever, sold one single mastercrafted bow...none!

    I abandoned woodworking at level 40 something because the only thing that I sold was either ammo or totems; therefore I concentrated on weaponsmithing.

    Since you are removing ammo from woodworkers I strongly sugest that you revamp all the bow crafting or you will end up with some very upset crafters. So give them really good mastercrafted bows, something that would not be ashamed in comparison with any of those quoted bows.

    Since we mentioning the bows subject, why not aiming for something new? Like Crossbows? They are a strange absence, should have a high delay but huge damage, and give them to woodworkers same as the ammo for them, which as you aware is completely diferent from arrows. You could even go wild and go for repetition crossbows, some dwarf secret recently discovered, either with ammo clips or gas activated recharge for ammo.

    But whatever you do dont listen to ppl begging to end the arrows in the game, please dont make such mistake, this would turn eq2 into something like a free korean game, where you have a "bag of endless ammo" and charge your bows with air. Keep the arrows for the sake of realism...and woodworkers.

    Good mastercrafted bows and crossbows, worth a tought i think?
  3. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Ortog wrote:
    No ammo is being removed from woodworkers, I am puzzled what your source is for this information, but it is incorrect.
  4. ARCHIVED-Rashaak Guest

    Ortog wrote:
    Your information is severally skewed. She is not removing ammo from WW.

    As far as bow's go. I'd much rather see ALL ranged crafted items get taken care of not just bow's. Not every class uses a bow.
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    Ortog wrote:
    Bows need the same treatment at all tiers that they recieved at t8. I've sold a lot of MC bows, not every bow user is a ranger, and for some the stats on MC outwiegh the DR on the bows you mentioned, particularly the Gnomish. T8 bow selection is far better than the tiers previous as far as MC goes.
    Too bad you quit at 40, Ive sold approximately 150 plat worth of Dizok Bow of Flames, and they continue to sell consistantly. We got a great bow.
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    From looking at the stats here, searching Domino's posting history, and from EQ2Trader's post on the GU45 preview, I'm wondering if it's too late to switch one of the long-delay 2HB weapons over to STR, WIS, INT? We with Clerics who have to solo really like having those 3 stats on SLOW weapons (STR for damage, INT for spell damage, WIS for mana, long delay 2-hander with a large damage range to take advantage of our melee crit Achievements). STR, STA, INT would work I guess (WIS isn't needed as much soloing), but still... seems like a gap in stats. STR/WIS/INT exists in 1HB, but not in 2HB where it is more useful. Heck, I might try one of the STR/INT weapons (dump the 3rd stat) but I'd prefer to have the 3rd personally.

    This may be WAY too late in pointing that out (or others hopefully have before me) but when finally taking a long look at these stat tables, this seemed to be missing.
  7. ARCHIVED-Prrasha Guest

    I threw in a /feedback on the Test_Copy server about that... the only current difference between the war maul, war mace, and spiked hammer is the graphic. Same stats, same delay/damage. Two of them should change to something else.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    My view is it's never too late. I'm still hoping that one or two of the 1hb staff weapons will be given back to fighters.
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  10. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    Prrasha wrote:

    I don't know how I missed that, but I'm so glad!
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    The combination I can't seem to find in the list and which both my Paladin and Mystic would like would be 1H and 2H STR/AGI/INT or STR/AGI/WIS. For soloing, those particular combinations would be most attractive.

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