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  1. Widdles New Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House Size: Massive

    Name of Home: Widdles Magic Tavern Estate
    Decorator: Widdles
    Owner: Widdles
    Date Published: February 13, 2021

    This is my first published home and my first fully decorated home. I have always loved the Estate of Unrest and couldn't wait to decorate this house and clean it up a bit. If you visit this house please tour it all the way to the bottom as I decorated the entire house. I wasn't able to pay as much attention to the outside as I would like due to item limits, but I hope you all enjoy your visit.

    Feel free to stop by the Tavern and have a drink on the house

    Thanks for visiting
  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Aw, man, even with Expanders you ran out of room? :-/

    It's true that's only another 300 slots, max... :-/

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  3. Galya Member

    erver: Maj'Dul
    House size: Massive Mistmoore Crags Estate

    Name of Home: Decorator's Storage Solutions
    Decorator: Galya
    Owner: Galya
    Date Published: 02/28/2021

    I just finished this and wanted to get some input. Like many decorators I struggle with an overload of items. Here is my solution. I store items in my unused places! This is my primary storage also for furniture item and I have added a nice apartment in the rear. Signs above the doors direct to the various places.
    Hope you like it! It does also have portals to my other homes, that are also open for viewing.

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  4. Kaylabear New Member

    VISIT THE MISSISSIPPI QUEEN RIVERBOAT by Phreesia and Say Hello TO Captain Mark Twain!
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Grats! :D

    "Mark Twain
    It's two fathoms deep below
    Mark Twain
    See the gangplank start to show
    Mark Twain
    Play those banjos as we go
    Down the Mississippi
    'Round the Gulf of Mexico..." :)


    P.S. One film I might recommend, though I'm not sure how easy it is to find these days, is a Will Vinton Claymation stop-motion animated movie called The Adventures of Mark Twain. It's set in 1910, where one Samuel Clemens is an older guy, about to set off (ostensibly, at least in this cinematic universe ;->) in a really fancy airship, to chase down Halley's Comet. "God decreed that those two freaks came into the world together [1835], and it is fitting that they should go out together." Three other characters were the real Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, and Huck Finn. Others -- do make an appearance on the airship where Tom had led the other two in stowing away, thinking it was a good idea at the time... ;-> --U.

    EDIT: Oaky! Just watching your video tour of this place (I got a chance to see it while it was still a WIP, and I'm impressed with how it turned out!), and since I can't say anything there: those propeller things on the sides of the bay windows are the paddlewheels, for a paddlewheeler. I don't remember how close passengers were allowed to get to them, but it's a not bad depiction of them. :)
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  6. Aloriana Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House size: Massive (Storm Tower Portal)

    Name of Home: Stormy Beach Living
    Decorator: Aloriana
    Owner: Aloriana
    Date Published: 3/6/2021
    Comments: So I've been away from the game for a hot minute, and finally came back and decided to re-try my hand at decorating again. My character is a paladin so the storm tower isle posed a bit of a challenge when trying to create something for a "good" toon. Decided to forego sticking my toe in the waters and dove head first into a build from scratch and stuck with a modern upscale beachy feel. The door in the tower will take you back to your guild hall, so unless you want to leave, don't click it. I hope you stop by and show some love and let me know what you guys think.
  7. Lunarosa Well-Known Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Large

    Name of Home: LToDE By: Lunarosa (Warning: Spooky)
    Decorator: Lunarosa
    Owner: Assassinsnyper
    Date Published: March 9th 2021

    Comments: This house is a present for my husband (Assassinsnyper). It's been in the works for about 5 years and then I seriously started working on it last year in June I think, and it's finally finished! The full name is "Little Town of Dreadful Encounters" But I couldn't fit that and the "By: Lunarosa" in the title so I shortened it to LToDE. It's a spooky house but there are no jump scare zombies, so don't worry about that. When visiting please turn off your torch to help keep the dark ambiance. And, if possible, try to stay in first person view when entering the room you don't need the portal for (it helps with the effect). Kianne has said that she would like to make a video of it and I will create a post for that when she does. Thank y'all for checking it out :)
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  8. Elynor New Member

    Server: Halls of Fate
    House Size: Large

    Name of Home: Try On Brewday Fashion! (Timorous Heights - Gorowyn)
    Decorator: Elynor
    Owner: Koyye
    Date Published: 3/10/21

    Comments: I started setting up a personal space to design & organize outfits for all my avatars. After experiencing the frustration of shopping blind on the broker for matching items, I decided to create a display area to try on outfits. Anyone can come in, see all the pieces, and shop - either in my crates or someone else's. There's no obligation to purchase anything - it's all in the spirit of convenient fun. After Brewday, I will unpublish so I can get outfits ready for the next festival - I'll likely change the decor and republish. Hopefully, I'll have more Tailoring levels and more items to choose from. Maybe I'll even get around to doing something interesting with the Outside areas (only the interior is fit for touring :)) Bubbly Brewdays to y'all!!
  9. Tarania New Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Medium

    Name of Home: Forgotten Rest (Qeynos - Dimensional Pocket)
    Decorator: Bellana
    Owner: Bellana
    Date Published: 04-02-2021

    Comments: Came back to EQ2 in December, and this is my first real published "house". I got this house from LON years ago and was always kinda at a loss with what to do with it, so it was just storage for a very long time. TBH, I was having a pretty bad depressive streak, and this was the idea that came to me. Just this lovely forgotten cemetery in the void. It's a far cry from perfect, but I'm pretty proud of how it came out. I'd love any feedback. The book at the entrance has its story.
  10. Sinafe Darkchyle Inquisitor/Carpenter

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House Size: Massive

    Name of Home: Casino Nocturna (Freeport - Secluded Sanctum)
    Decorator: Sinafe (Sin-ah-fay)
    Owner: Sinafe
    Date Published: 04--2-2021

    Comments: Welcome to Casino Nocturna! Enjoy a drink at one of our two bars, have a bite to eat at the Nocturna Steak Hibachi Grill, dance the night away on the dance floor, beat your friends in a game of billiards, celebrate your epic adventures in one of our VIP suites and of course bring some plat to play at the table games and slots!
  11. Kareena Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House Size: Medium Homes

    Name of Home: Enchanted Oasis by Kareena
    Decorator: Kareena (Ka-ree-na)
    Owner: Kareena
    Date Published: 3/27/2021

    Comments: Come get lost in this dramatically colorful enchanting oasis. Choose between two cushioned seating areas to reflect or rest. Enjoy all there is to look at. Take a trip through the rainbows to the Travel Hub. Visit enchanting walks and wonderful views. You won't want to miss this!! Experience something you'll never forget!!
  12. Rangarlord New Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: Luxurious Kromzek Keep 2.0 by Zaoc
    Decorator: Zaoc
    Owner: Zaoc
    Date Published: 4 / 9 / 2021

    Comments: This is my first fully decorated and published house. I had alot of fun (also some frustration, but I guess thats part of it) decorating this Kromzek Keep. I have included some images on another thread here , but best is to see ingame ofcourse. All welcome !!!

    Kind Regards,
  13. Ephras Active Member

    Server: Halls of Fate
    Location: Mara Estate (Qeynos Capitol District aka SQ) ( 733, -20, 198 )
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: Ephra’s Mara Estate Home
    Decorator: Ephra
    Owner: Ephra
    Date Published: 16 April 2021


    I didn’t want to overload the zone so I placed about 600 items (of 900) consisting of house actors, mannequins, animals, plants, lights, boats, and so on. I got some ideas from visiting other homes, so thank you to those players with decorated homes willing to share their ideas.

    I published a Walkthrough in the Rawhide Leather Notebook you’ll find inside on the display stand near the entrance. Follow the Walkthrough or explore on your own. Enjoy!

    With the soothing sound of running water, and the melodious song of birds by day, and the symphonic sound of nature by night, it truly is a peaceful place to be.

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  14. Chiffon Active Member

    Server: Isle of Refuge
    Guild Name: Serenity
    Guild Location: South Qeynos, Tier 2
    Owner: Rose
    Guild Decorator: Stellacious
    Completed: February 2021

    Comments: Serenity is my personal guild on IoR and Stella decorated it for me. I asked her for a wood elf/fae type of guild and she delivered more than I ever could have imagined! The hall is open to the public, so please come visit and take time to enjoy the peace, serenity, and ambiance.
  15. Komatus Active Member

    Server: Skyfire

    Newest: Gnome's Observatory
    Medium Sized

    The next are either massive or large sized and were up once a while back and have had stuff added. Recently reposted.
    Komatus's Wonderous Manor (has breakout on balcony)(in Famed now)
    Komatus's Wildlife Refuge (in Famed now)
    Hexallena's Massive Manor (has breakout on balcony)(in Famed now)


    Komatus (guild leader of Talon and Claw Guild which is a nice looking guild(wink))
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  16. Valandra Member

    Server: Halls of Fate
    House size: Massive (Personal Grotto - Freeport)

    Name of Home: Exotic Aquatic
    Decorator: Blueferrel & Vexaliah
    Owner: Vexaliah
    Date Published: 4/19/2021
    Comments: We had so much fun working on this project. I really feel like this public aquarium captures alot of the different landscapes of Norrath! Please stop by and thank you to all in advance!
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  17. Stellacious Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: PiggyPenPen
    Decorator: Stellacious
    Owner: Daltharr
    Date Published: May 7, 2021

    Comments: Yes there is a cute pig here and house for his owner that puts you nearly to the top of this Mara home. Owner was not expecting such a grand build as he had never seen any work of Stella's. He did want a view of the ocean for his crafting area and he got his wish.
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  18. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Server: Thurgadin
    House Glacial Villa Halas
    Owner: Norgrimm
    Decorator: Quiarrah
    Not Published

    Comments: A Dwarven Bachelor Pad hidden in the icy Mountains of Frostfang Sea. All the comforts of home without all the elaborate frills.
  19. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Server Skyfire
    House: Vacant Estate of Unrest
    Owner: Bellatryx
    Decorator(s): Persephanie, Quiarrah and Sookie
    Date Published: May 16 2021 (newly published after first publishing for NOTD 2020)

    Welcome to the Memorial Mansion and Speakeasy. Come and be entertained and pay your respects to the parents of Quiarrah (me) . . . this is not a Farewell . . . it's a "Until we see each other again". So let the Party ensure. . . raise an Ale to Dennis and dance a jig for Wanda!
  20. kurghan Active Member

    Norgrimm has now published bachelor pad