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  1. Stellacious Member

    This is the place to announce your newly published creation! Don't let your hard work get lost in the crowd. Post here that those wishing to visit can find you with ease. Have you announced under other threads? Move your announcement where it can be found. Announcements only please! Comments on actual homes should be sent directly to the owner in-game and/or vote for the home during your visit.

    Have a guild you are particularly proud of? Announce here that your hall is open for visitors.
  2. Stellacious Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Medium

    Name of Home: Sprocket Spectaculaire
    Decorator: Stellacious
    Owner: Stellacious
    Date Published: 11-15-2020

    Hi all! (The above format will help us find places) This sprocket creation is the last personal house Stellacious will be publishing. There are just so many new decorators out there that need the recognition for their labors. Clients who wish to have their homes published, will of course continue. Thanks to all for the support I have received over the years! Stellacious:)
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  3. Stellacious Member

    Server: Skyfire
    Guild Name: Moonlight Mylitia
    Guild Location: Antonica Dock, Restored High Keep, Tier 3
    Guild Decorator/s: Stellacious

    Comments: Stella's guilds currently stretch across the following servers: Skyfire, AB, MD, HoF, IoR, and Thurg. Even though it is a "solo" guild, it may be buzzing with friends. Fellow deco from other servers who have created "visiting" characters are welcome to join and have a base camp for their visits anywhere you may like. Each hall is unique in it's location and decor, and all are open to visitors. Reach any Stella in game for an invite to any location. This main location is Stella's home base of operations! Stellacious :)
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  4. Starwhysper New Member

    Server: Maj'Dul
    House size: Large

    Name of Home: Starwhysper's Thanksgiving
    Decorator: Starwhysper
    Owner: Starwhysper
    Date Published: 11-18-2020

    Comments: Come on over and spend thanksgiving with me! <3 (and vote if you can =P)
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  5. Jems Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Large

    Name of Home: Saunahouse
    Decorator: Jems
    Owner: Jems
    Date Published: Nov-08-2020

    Comments: This is my home base as well. Clicky portals to everywhere, food and drink you can click to get pieces of, all of my collections and everything dear to me. I've also made it my dream house by putting an Estonian-style sauna in the backyard you can enjoy on a cold, snowy Halas-ian winter night. My home away from RL.
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  6. Dasi Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: Events throughout the year, dads place
    Decorator: Labbiel
    Owner: Kindhearted
    Date Published: Nov-21-2020

    Comments: My dad still plays (72 and blind in one eye) and is a hoarder, he got this house many years ago when it first released. (Felwithe Mansion) He had filled it from top to bottom (900 items) all thrown in areas in the house, Tinkerfest dumped one spot, NoTD in another, etc. He asked me to make it pretty for him and to keep all the events going on in the house. Thus, "Events throughout the year" was born. Please come take a look and if you like it, please vote on it. (yes the chess score is real, my dad and husband used to play chess in the house. dad started moving things on accident and putting them back the best he could, I haven't found all the "moved" blocks, so some building blocks might show "off" heheh gotta love him :) )
    Thank you
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  7. Dawnmeadow New Member

    Server: Antonia Bayle
    House Size: Small

    Name of Home: Takamishu's Dojo
    Decorator: Aunaste
    Owner: Takamishu
    Date Published: 23 November 2020

    Comments: A lovely little dojo/home for a monk in training. I've been playing since 2005 but this is my first ever published house. Hope you'll come have a look! :)
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  8. Ashlie Active Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Large

    Name of Home: Questina's Non-NotD NotD House
    Decorator: Ashlie
    Owner: Questina
    Date Published: 12-06-2020

    Questina is a quest only toon, only gaining xp from doing quests. In that vain her houses are decorated in themes using the quest rewards and merchant items purchased using currency obtained doing the quests. This is her NotD House. She's not a big NotD fan, but she has every NotD quest reward, merchant item, and crafted item in this house except for the mounts you were able to get from throwing pumpkins. I hope you enjoy the house.
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  9. Jems Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House size: Massive

    Name of Home: Ethernere Estate
    Decorator: Jems and Stellacious
    Owner: Jems
    Date Published: 12-10-2020


    Hello everyone! I wanted to announce my first ever large scale original build! This is the house people may remember me annoying them with as I looked for an interior designer! Well, Stellacious really helped me on that score.

    I did the house and the grounds, and Stella did the majority of the interior, my contribution to the inside is predominantly on the second floor.

    I hope you come to visit and take a look, because I am quite proud of this first effort. I am already chomping at the bit for turning my next ideas into reality!
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  10. ellypso New Member

    I wanna list mine but it's a suite. It's ellypso's frostfell party.
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  11. Aabari Member

    Server : Maj' Dul
    Size : Massive
    Name : Mines of Madness
    Author : Aabari
    Decorator : Aabari
    Published : 01/09/21

    Notes : Make your way through the Mines of Madness and try not so go mad yourself in the process
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